10 ideas for a naturist lock down


I just heard that over one third of earth population is now locked down… Crazy! So if you read this post, there are good chances you are stuck at home alone or with your family. My number one advice to this lock down is to get naked! Staying at home does mean you can forget your clothes. Not only you will avoid laundry (one chore less), you will enjoy the comfort of your birthday suit and if the rest of your household is not naturist, it’s a great opportunity to convert them! Nevertheless, once naked, here are ten ideas for a fun, non boring, naturist lock down:

  1. Setup a daily naked routine
  2. Read and share naturist magazines
  3. Play board games in the buff
  4. Have a nude coffee chat over a video call
  5. Watch movies you never had time to watch
  6. Start a naturist blog and journal
  7. Plan your next naturist holidays
  8. Try new cooking recipes
  9. Workout naked
  10. Have a naked drink

Over the next days, I will dig into those activities to provide details, pointers and additional ideas, so you can enhance them, make them your own ones and share them with your loved ones.

Naturism is a lifestyle that knows no borders, no colors, no sexes, no religions, no discrimination. Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. During these difficult times for all of us, we need more than ever respect and naturism can teach us this and increase our awareness of the fragility of mankind. Let’s get naked together in the confine of our home and share the awesomeness of naturism with the rest of the world. Peace, nudity and respect!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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I have been nudist for years, if not forever, and member of FFN and APNEL. I am not from a naturist family, although my parents introduced me to naturism in Croatia, as a kid. I think this discovery of nudity has been the turning point. I created this blog to share my nudist experiences and the reasons why I am a nudist.

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