Naturist Lock Down Idea #7 – Plan Your Next Naturist Holidays


One day, this strange time will be behind us and we will be free again to move. So why not chose where you’re going for your next holidays? And while we’re at it, plan for naturist holidays. Full days when you can be free of not wearing anything but a bright smile. Naturist holidays are by far the best holidays IMHO. Why? Here are 5 reasons why nakation is the best vacation.

Yes, naturist holidays have even a name: nakation, for naked vacation! Nice, isn’t it? You can even show off when you’re back. Where did you go on vacation? We chose a wonderful nakation spot this year… Nakation? Yes, naked vacation! And voilà, you not only shared where you spend you holidays, you came out as a naturist. Hole in one

Look for a spot

Not sure where to go? Nick & Lins, the wandering naturists, have you covered. They have a full suite of Naturist Destination Guides. It’s a wonderful set of guides describing the great places, clubs, resorts and beaches in various countries. Sold each $2.49, it’s a treat not to be missed.

Naked Wanderings - Ultimate Naturist & Nudist Guides
The Naturist Guides from Naked Wanderings

Another way to spot places is your naturist federation website (go to, if you’re not sure about the web site of your federation). They generally have a list of official naturist and nudist resorts in the country. For instance, if you wish to visit France (it’s naturist haven), you can go to the website of the FFN and pick your spots.

A lot of those places have websites and some virtual tour. A great way to discover the place and its surroundings. Do not hesitate to ask for advice on Twitter or Reddit to other naturists about those places. Those who went will be willing to help.

Book the spot

Do you still hesitate? Why not sending an email or giving a call? By the quality of the answer, you’ll be in a better position to judge the resort. And you’ll be able to ask about the activities both inside and outside the club.

Personally, I like active holidays, when I can run, hike, swim and visit the surroundings. So the more, the merrier. Another important aspect is to pick the right chalet or camping place. Striking the right balance and finding the right place is critical to wonderful holidays. For instance, do you prefer being close to the swimming pool? Is the place quiet? Is there a supermarket inside the compound so you don’t need to shop outside (hey, getting dressed sucks)? Ask all those questions before commit to a firm booking.

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But once you are set, make a down payment and secure your place! There’s nothing worse that calling a few days later just to know the last spot has just been booked. Booking early sometimes leads to a lower rate. Early birds get the worm!

Plan ahead

Voilà! Dates are set, booking is done and paid, you’re all set for a wonderful nakation. Now remains a few questions that need to be answered before closing the front door to drive/fly/ride to your destination:

  • Packing for naturist holidays. I answered this question in the post How to travel: what to pack for a naturist resort break, with the help of LiveShareTravel. But, I have one piece of advice: travel light and pack very little.
  • Learning a few words. Better to know a few words of the local language if you go in a foreign country. I use the app Duolingo to learn some words and sentences two or three months before the trip. That way, I gain a better understanding about the culture, can ask people in the street for direction in their own language and meet new local friends.
  • What to visit. You can stay naked the whole holidays within the resort/camping or venture around. Although I tend to maximize my nude time, I love to visit the country. The best way to avoid being stuck at the last minute is to check what is there to visit and book any visit that require advance booking. Some places are really crowded in summer and early morning is sometimes a great time. And it allows more nude time in the day. Last benefit of early planning your visits: you do not need to think and battle over what to visit during your holidays.
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If you follow those simple steps, you are well set for a great naturist holidays, the best holidays that exist. I wish you a great naked time and I look forward to reading your comments and ideas in the comment box below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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