Working Naked Day, Crafting the Perfect Nude Home Office


Happy Working Naked Day! Today is a fantastic opportunity to revel in the liberating experience of working in the nude, breaking free from societal norms even during professional hours. I’m excited to explore the celebration of Working Naked Day and offer some practical tips for setting up an ideal home office conducive to naturism and productivity.

Acknowledge the Day

Working Naked Day isn’t just a quirky observance; it’s a celebration of freedom. It was created a while back by the home office expert Lisa Kanarek, at a time working from home was uncommon. In Lisa’s words, working naked was a metaphor to freedom from the corporate office. For nurists and naturists, it’s not a metaphor anymore and working naked means working without clothing. Here’s a great opportunity to enjoy the freedom of nudity and to talk about it around us. Acknowledge the day with a positive mindset, recognizing the joy and benefits of working in the nude.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

As someone who has been working from home for a long time, and a seasoned nudist, I encourage you to ensure that your home office is well-organized and comfortable. Invest in an ergonomic chair and desk to create a productive yet comfortable work environment. And make yourself at home with the feel of a productive office space!

If possible, take advantage of natural light to create a bright and vibrant workspace. This not only boosts your mood but also connects you with the outdoors, complementing the naturist experience.

Invest in productive and professional office equipment, such as a quality mouse, keyboard, speakers, mike and video camera. These small adjustments can significantly enhance your overall nudist work experience.

Temperature Control

Maintain a comfortable room temperature. Adjust the thermostat to your preference, ensuring a cozy and conducive atmosphere for nude work. However, we all know that heating can be costly. Here are 2 simple tricks to help enduring winter time in the nude, without breaking your budget:
– Invest in a foot comforter and a good pair of warm slippers.
– Have a robe or a shawl that you can cover your shoulders with. 
These two transforms the experience of a day working in the nude in a cool room.

Regardless of clothing, staying hydrated is crucial for productivity. Keep a water bottle at your desk to ensure you remain refreshed throughout the day.

Another tip about having a naked day: take frequent breaks to stretch and move around. A nude stroll or a brief yoga session can be refreshing and contribute to your overall well-being. I generally work in chunks of 30 to 50 minutes, followed by a 10-minute break. During this break I go for a short walk, do stretching exercices or just go and have a coffee! This may be counter intuitive at first, but it boosts your productivity big time!

Reflect on the Experience

Take a moment to reflect on your Working Naked Day experience. Share your thoughts on your blog, social media or here on Nude and Happy to inspire others to embrace the freedom of nudism, including in their work lives. For me and many others, naturism extends far beyond a few weeks of holidays. It’s a lifestyle that can be embraced and enjoyed daily. This day is a door to a new experience that can transform your life for the better!

Remember, the essence of Working Naked Day is about shedding societal norms and embracing the authenticity of who we are. Here’s to a productive and liberating day at your nudist home office!

For more information about working naked from home and creating a great naked space, refer to my previous post, Working From Home, the Productive Naked Way.

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  1. I only wish this was something I could do currently. My job requires I’m physically at the office though. But have been able to have Zoom meetings during my normal off time hours that means I can be nude as we’re both nude at home more often than not. But doing housework, whether its normal everyday work or honey-do-list things like painting, window cleaning, is so much better when done nude.

    A few years ago, after discovering nudism and starting to embrace it, my wife actually did a phone job interview while she was nude. And while I can’t prove it of course, feel that she was more comfortable, more herself, during that interview and her nudity actually helped. She now works from home quite often and while she can’t always be nude she does when she can.

    Working nude is a fantastic way to make working or completing tasks a lot more fun also. I hope more folks try it. It is worth it!

  2. I’m a semi-truck driver. Is it OK if I work nude today? I do have a sign that I often put in the passenger side window that says “Don’t look. No pants!”

  3. What you have said is very correct. Naturism is a lifestyle which have to be practiced daily. Working naked is one of the many a tasks which can performed in Naturism lifestyle.

  4. you are definitely right. Nudism is not at all a few days of vacation. Maybe it is initially but then it grows and becomes something that slowly fills your life and transforms you completely. It is one of the most beautiful joys that life can grant. I’m not lucky enough to be able to work naked, but when the weather conditions allow it I tend to go to work with the bare minimum, a shirt and trousers, with nothing on top or bottom. It’s not like being naked obviously but unfortunately I have to make do. It would be nice one day to be able to live naked all the time. Keep spreading and popularizing nudism, the world desperately needs it.

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