Working From Home, the Productive Naked Way

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If like millions of people you have the ability to work from home, even if it’s one day a week, here’s are simple advices of why and how working from home the naked way. But before jumping to the crux of the matter, I want to let you know that I’ve been working from home for many, many years – even before the pandemic – and have been working from home naked since I’ve had the ability to work from home. Being a nudist for ages and being mostly naked when home, working from home always means working naked from home. Along all these years, I’ve come to create a very comfortable and convenient working space to be able to carry creative work, conference calls and productive focus work, while enjoying the comfort of simple nudity, all day long.

Getting Organised for Full-Day Nudity

If you’ve already spent entire days naked on holiday or weekend, a transition to working naked should not be big of a leap. Although, being if you happen to sit in front of a computer the whole day, you may become cold at times. A lot of questions arise if you have to answer phone or video calls. Hence, having a full day naked at work requires a little bit of organisation, to ensure it’s a pleasant experience that you will want to live as frequently as possible.

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You may ask, what’s really different from a clothed day? Here are a few things you need that comes to mind:

  1. A towel to sit on. I prefer sarongs, but it’s a matter of taste. A towel works perfectly well.
  2. A shirt/t-shirt that you can quickly put on in case of a video call where bare chest is not an option.
  3. A robe if you feel cold.
  4. A cover-up if you need to step out or open the door, and cannot be naked.
  5. A pair of flip-flops/light shoes to go and walk around.

Those are the five basic pieces of clothing I keep at hand when working naked. Most of the time, I don’t need to prepare them as my home office has a drawer with my nudist work attire. I make sure, generally over the weekend, that I have fresh towels, ready shirts and sarongs, so I can always walk confidently naked to my office for a productive day, without having to worry about my daily schedule. Nudity allows me to increase my productivity. I estimated it provides a 1.5 to 2x increase in productivity. How do I do this?

Getting Organised for Full-Day Productivity

Whether I have a three-hour slot or a full day, I always look for a productive day, as I know how I will feel after such a day. Here’s my simple routine to ensure my time is well used. First, time needs to be planned. As I use to say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So the day should always start with planning. Before going into my simple and effective 5-minute daily planning method, I want to take one step back and emphasize the fact that productive days are part of productive weeks, part of productive months, part of productive quarters. If you want to know more about my goals setup and planning method, go to my post How To Set Nude Year Resolutions That Work. My 5-minute daily planning is aligned with my goals in the five categories that matter to me (personal, financial, health, professional and nudist). Here how it goes.

1- Check if my weekly goals are progressing and pick the one that will need to be prioritised on that particular day.

2- Go over the to-do list of activities/results that has been decided for the week.

3- Plan each activity at a specific time of the day. This requires to move the activity from the to-do list to your calendar and decide on the time you allocate.

4- In your planning, plan 2 slots for reading and answering emails. Close your email clients outside of those slots, except if you need to send emails as part of a specific activity.

5- Always keep 10 to 20% of the day open (around 60 to 90 minutes) to be able to respond to unexpected solicitations. If your day cannot accommodate all activities, push some to the next day.

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Those 5 actions should not take more than 5 minutes of your morning and will set the tone for the day. The tone is around getting things done, and particularly getting the right things done, the ones that will bring you closer to your short, mid and long-term goals. One question that I have often is what happens if I finish an activity before the end time I planned? I have two options: either I start the next activity earlier or I indulge and take a longer break.

If my energy is high, I start my next activity. If my energy is going down, I take a break and will generally go for a short walk outside. As we will see in the next part about focus, exercise should form part of your work day. So when an opportunity presents itself to do a little bit more, I generally do. But it’s up to you. Alternating work and exercise will increase your focus.

Getting Organised for Full-Day Focus

Focus is key to productivity. There are a few foundational elements to focus: mental concentration, lack of distraction and time limitation. Let’s start with the later.

There are tons of studies that show that your attention drifts away after 45 to 50 minutes maximum. This duration will form the basis of your productive focus. You can use a timer to automatically track your time, like the one below.

Set 45 minutes and start executing. I love this cube as it shows 5, 15, 25 and 45 minutes. I usually start a 45-minute streak followed by a 15-minute break. This allows to get to a full hour of high productivity. The second pillar of productive focus is to cancel distraction. This means no social networks, no phone and no mail.

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There are a few ways to do this, including apps or services if you cannot resist and need a stick. However, here’s my to-do list of actions for high focus:

  1. Stop your email app. Yes, no mail at all. The best way to use email is to block two slots for emails (see previous part). As soon as you’ve finished reading and answering email, shut down the app. But what if my focus activity is to write an important email? Use a word processing application, then cut and paste to an email when done. If for any reason, you need to keep your email client up while writing this important email, turn off email notification. This snagging feature is the best focus killer of all.
  2. Shutdown all social network apps. Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and others have desktop apps. Shutdown them! You’re waiting for an important message? Don’t start a focus session! If you’re serious about getting focused, you don’t want to wait for a message or delay your answer by the length of your session.
  3. Turn off all notifications. Whether email. application or social, your attention needs to be directed to your task, not to a ping or a banner!
  4. Put your phone on airplane mode. With this mode, no more phone calls, no more notifications, no more internet. It’s simple, quick and efficient. An additional step is to leave you phone outside of your office, if you can, or in a drawer.
  5. Close the door of your office. If you happen to have an office, inform your colleagues that a closed door means focus time, and that you should not be disturbed at the exception of existential reason. If you’re in an open space, have a do not disturb sign to inform others that you’re focused. But wait, we are talking about working from home, why should I bother? Well, if you live alone, don’t. But if you live with others, do bother!

Doing those few things will propel your focus forward. The last pillar is an unwavering concentration. A lot of people are talking about “being in the flow”. The flow is a mental state where you’re deeply focused. The word “flow” was coined in the ’60s by the psychologist Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who wrote many books about this mental state. When you’re in the flow, your brain works at its peak and your productivity soars.

To be in the flow, your task and goal need to be clear. When you’re about to start your task, do those three simple things:

1- Close your eyes and visualise on your mental screen your task done and feel the satisfaction that goes with it.

2- Breathe fully and deeply three to five times, following your breath as the air goes in your body and leaves it.

3- Put a bright smile on your face and commit to your task.

From there, open your eyes and start working on your very task. Of course, as you work, your brain and attention may drift away. This is normal. If you practice meditation, you know your attention is constantly drifting. Don’t resist! Just come back. Don’t blame yourself! Just come back. The more you practice focus this way, the easier it gets and you’ll get things done faster and faster.

A last personal word on concentration and flow. Sometimes I need silence, sometimes some light music, sometimes upbeat music. It really depends on what I crave when going into focus mode. This is why I keep my noise-cancellation headset always charged and at hand. As I write this post, I’m sitting on my bed, early morning, listening to the birds chirping. This is my kind of silence.

Working from home has become more common than a few years back. Working from home does not mean to be working less or being less productive. It means working differently, while being as productive as we would be if at the office, if not more! It also means being able to work naked. However, I truly believe working from home should have as its inherent goal to be more productive. The few advice I gave in the previous lines are drawn from my experience of working productively from home. Those are the things I’m doing, to do all that I have to do. It requires some preparation and discipline, but it’s a low cost to pay for highly rewarding results. As usual, don’t hesitate to share your own experience in the comments below. We all become enriched by others’ experiences!

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  2. a very thoughtful write-up as how to manage & ease our daily tasks by adopting the discipline & by organising the time available. Very much attention is paid to productivity when working from home & having nakedness comfort…

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