How To Set Nude Year Resolutions That Work


Get ready for the new year, and make nude year resolutions that work with this proven method.

An article from lifehack earlier in 2021 helped me refine the way I’m doing new and nude year resolutions. I’ve tried many methods from various gurus, implemented various tools over the years, and came up finally with a very reasonable set of steps and disciplines that I’m about to share with you to apply to your nudist life and to everything you aspire to be, have, and do. Of course, because this is a nudist blog, I will focus on the nude year resolutions, but the method works brilliantly for me in every facet of my life.

Before going head down though, I recommend that you set a time on your own in a cosy place with a relaxed atmosphere. I generally set between two and three hours in my calendar, prepare a jug of green tea, and let everybody at home knows that I cannot be disturbed during that time. If the weather allows it, I go outside, otherwise, I stay inside in a couch or comforter, next to the fireplace. For this specific exercise, I use a beautiful paper notebook, but you can use your computer or tablet, it’s really your choice. The most important thing is to be really comfortable and allow you some time ahead. Icing on the cake, I always perform this exercise in complete nudity as it’s nude that I feel my true self. Ready? Let’s go. Here’s my success method in 8 steps.


This is the funniest step of all. I start by reviewing last year list of resolutions and look at those I could not reach successfully. I then decide if they are still relevant. If so, they are the first items on my list. Once done, I enter my crazy wish mode and list all that I would like to achieve this year and in subsequent years. At that moment, I have no limits. I list everything that I wish to have, be and do.

I know that for many people, listing everything they want to have, be and do may seem stupid. What if I want to purchase a tropical island? Shall I write that? Well, you may decide not to list the really crazy ideas. However, life has taught me that sometimes the craziest dreams and ideas are the one that fuel your energy. Even if you need to realize at a later stage that all those crazy ideas come at a cost: cost of acquisition and cost of maintenance, forget those for the moment, just list them.

Tip – List of the ideas you would love to realize this year, even the craziest!

Some ideas are longer terms than others, and you will need to plan the steps to reach those goals and resolutions. Hence, my simple recommendation is to mix the crazy with the realistic, the long term with the short term. You may end up with acquiring a tropical island while at the same time spending 2 weeks at a nudist resort, or just having a nudist barbecue at home on a regular basis.

List your goals
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Some of your resolutions may be small, like for instance to go for a daily 15 to 30-minute walk or run, five times a week. Some will be bigger and involve more resources, like renovating your lounge or acquiring a new campervan. The importance here is to not limit yourself and list what really, really makes you happy and will stretch you a bit.

To help you, I recommend that you browse the 50 new year’s resolutions provided by lifehack or read my book 101 Ideas to Increase Nude Time and Nudist Friends. I’m sure you will find tons of ideas. Write, jot down, put everything that you would love.


Once you feel you’re done (don’t worry, you’ll find more ideas along the way), comes the time to group those ideas into categories. I have 5 main categories to my goals and resolutions: personal, financial, health, professional and nudist. My personal goals relate to family, friends, community and personal matter, like taking care of the house. Financial relates to finance, investment, and revenue, including how much I want to earn and save. Fitness relates to sport, health and well-being. Professional relates to my work and professional achievement, including company profit, hiring, and managing. Nudist relates to all my nudist activities, including this blog and my books, naked hikes and nudist holidays.

grain categories
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Your category may be different, it’s up to you. You may want to add a community or church category, or a spiritual one. Choose what makes sense for you. For instance, Lifebook, from Jon & Missy Butcher, uses 12 categories: health & fitness, intellectual life, emotional life, character, spiritual life, love relationship, parenting, social life, financial life, career, quality of life, life vision. Another example comes from Robin Sharma, who has 8 forms of success: inner, physical, family, career, economic, community, adventure, impact. Although I love those different categories, I think that when it comes to resolutions, I realize that less is more and with the 5 I have, I can cover all those categories and focus on what really matters to me on this given time.

Tip – Keep your categories simple and meaningful to you!

You may also question the nudism category, as it relates to the personal one. True in a sense, but nudism represents a lot for me and I chose to make it a special focus as it makes me really happy. Once again, chose what matters to you.

If you’re using a computer, you can cut and past your list items in the various chosen categories and if you’re using pen and papers, use color pens, attribute a color to each category and circle each item with the right color. Doing this, generally new ideas come to mind. Because you’re reviewing your list to categorize items, some relationships built in your mind and new ideas spring. Note them down and categorize them at once.


At that moment, you should have a fairly long list of categorized items. Now comes one of the hardest steps: define priorities and pick the ones you are really going to achieve in each category. Before you commit to pursue any of the goals you listed, stop for a moment and ask you if you really want to achieve it (this should be a resounding yes) and why you want to achieve it (it should make you happy and proud, as well as generate a feeling of fulfillment and progress). It’s important that your goal is aligned with your core beliefs and is making you happy. If it’s not, you may be willing to forget and drop it when things get rough.

But, what if your resolution or goal is longer term? You have to break it into chewable chunks. If you want to acquire this tropical islands, you need to think of how you can reach this? You’ll probably need to search for it, to get the necessary budget to acquire it and to maintain it, and so on. So break it into small chunk of goals to achieve. It’s a phase that will be necessary to plan your goal achievement. If some of the resolutions do not make you smile or you feel they are not top of mind for you, tick them off. Keep only the ones you really want to achieve.

make a choice
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Now, pick the one goal you want to achieve for the coming quarter for each of your category. Plan one goal per quarter. And yes, this is really what you can do if you are confident enough you can achieve your first quarterly goal. One resolution per quarter per category. However, you need to focus only on the current quarter. So look at what you really want to achieve in the first three months of the year. Each category should contain one resolution that you feel is achievable and that we’ll make you happy.

Tip – Keep only one goal at most per category. You will always have time to add more later if you achieve it.

I know we all want to do more. However, it’s critical that you pick only one thing. If you hesitate between two or three, pick one, and list the others in the coming quarters. It’s also critical that you pick something that you feel you can achieve. If you feel it’s too hard, you are set to fail and you’ll find excuses not to have reached it. You chose pick something that you feel is achievable while it requires some efforts. This is where the planning phase is crucial, as we are about to see.

Take you time, ponder, think, correct and feel really happy once you’ve picked what you want to achieve. Personally, at that moment, I switch my computer on and open a OneNote page to set my goals for the year. It’s a simple table, like the one below:

Long term

My yearly goals

Note that below the four quarters, I list my long term goal or goals to keep them really visible all year-long. Those are the tropical island style, the ones you will need more that one year to reach. Now, if you set the goals as above, you have set 20 resolutions for the year, which is humungous! This is the reason you need to pick one per category at most. If you feel you need to pick less, do so. You may want for instance to focus on one personal and financial goals for Q1, then on a professional and nudist ones for Q2, etc. The most important point is that you feel you can achieve them. Don’t try to overpromise and aim at underachieving. Do the opposite: underpromise and overachieve!


it is said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Planning is crucial to avoid to the max the problems you may encounter along the way. It’s not a success guarantee but a way to monitor progress and to help you make the right decisions along the way. If you don’t know yet how to achieve your goal, don’t worry. Very few people know how to achieve something they’ve never achieved before.

However, we have an incredible tool: the Internet. You can find everything on the web, including the right community to help you along the way. This may require some extra work and research, and may not be achievable in the timeframe you’ve allocated for this resolution setting exercise. Don’t worry and plan some day in your calendar for those research.

Tip – It takes always longer than expected.

If you think it will take two hours, plan four! Just double everything in case. However, don’t strive for perfection. Analysis paralysis can stuck you in the planning phase. Once again, make a decision, use common sense, but don’t neglect this step.

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Planning is thinking about the different steps and milestones. If you want to start a blog for instance, you may want to start by researching available training on youtube, going over the various blogging platforms, decide on the name, list a couple of posts you may want to start with, decide about the frequency of your posts, choose a tool, work your social media engagement plan, and launch your blog. Each step of my plans can generally be executed in a week or two, rarely more. The weekly successes will help you stick to the plan.

However, keep in mind that things will happen and your initial plan will probably change over time. It’s natural and normal, like nudity! Don’t expect everything to be engraved in a marble stone. Be flexible. Where should you capture your plan, your steps and milestones. I’m using Microsoft To-Do, but there are a myriad of similar tools like Trello, Todoist or Google Keep. Chose the one that will integrate seamlessly with your calendar, as you can then have a central tool to manage your calendar, tasks and reminders.

I create a specific list for each category. I have then five lists: personal, financial, health, professional and nudism. For each list, i create a task that corresponds to my resolution and for each, I create the steps of my plan. Because my To-Do lists are sync’ed with my phone and Outlook, I know I will never miss a reminder, and will have a simple way to go over my resolutions for the quarter.


We tend to achieve more goals when we have an accountability buddy, somebody we can share our successes and also our struggles. It can be your best friend, your spouse, your sibling or anybody you trust and trusts you. Trust is an important component of this step as you’re going to share personal goals and resolutions, and it’s core to your growth, whether or not you reach your goal.

Pick an accountability buddy and walk her/him through your resolutions and plans. Ask for feedback and include it in your plan. Then agree that you will meet once a month either face-to-face or over zoom to go over your progress. Agree as well that if you struggle, your buddy will spend some time, even if it’s only 5 to 10 minutes, to make you think and provide some help. Last but not least, ensure to include her/him in your celebration. It does not need to be a big thing, but it needs to be fun and memorable, as we’ll see later.

friends sharing
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Feedback is important when you share your goals and steps. Ask your buddy for “brutally honest” feedback. If she/he feels your goal is too small or too big, she/he has to say it, provide her/his reasons and make you work on an alternate plan you and her/him feel you can achieve. You need to agree on the goals and plans, and on the review schedule.

Tip – Welcome feedback even if it’s sometimes rough.

Let’s pause here for a moment. If you reached that point, brainstormed, categorized your list, prioritized your choices, planned the steps, and exchanged with a buddy, you’re far away from most people who just make new year resolutions because it’s something to do. With this simple method that will consume a few hours of your time, you’re ready for a gorgeous nude year! Now, let’s move to the next step, execution!


Robin Sharma, the leadership guru, wrote that “ideation without execution is delusion“. I totally agree with this simple and powerful sentence. Hence the importance of the accountability buddy. but it’s not enough. You need to “walk the talk”, to execute the plan. Here’s a simple tip to move to execution mode.

Every morning, before starting your working day, review your to-do list and include your daily tasks into your calendar. For instance, if you need to search for available training on youtube, book 45 minutes in your calendar for this. I use 45 minutes, because It’s my optimal time I can remain focused on a task, before going for a 15-minute walk, stretching or coffee. Pick the duration that works for you. Some people work in chunks of 20 minutes, other go for an hour, use what works for you.

Tip – I’m using a cube timer to stick to a 45 minutes slot, like this one.

execution mode
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If after your 45-minute chunk of time you have not finished what you were doing, plan another chunk of time the next day. There’s nothing wrong about not finishing what you have planned. The important aspect is to make progress. Another one is to make a decision to stop at one point. In the previous example, you can actually spend months looking for videos on YouTube. At one point, decide enough is enough. You will never be able to get everything done perfectly, but you need to keep walking and move to the next step.

This is the reason review time is so important.


In almost any business, there’s time to review employees and managers’ performance. Do this with your nude year resolutions and you will experience sensible improvement toward their achievement. If you have an accountability buddy, you need to set time in your calendars so you can discuss successes and struggles. Most of the time 30 to 40 minutes a month are enough. Here is what works for me and many people who achieve most of their goals and resolutions.

Daily review

Every evening, before calling it a day, review the tasks you planned, scheduled, and executed. Either a task is done and it needs to be ticked, or it’s not yet finished and it needs to be scheduled in a subsequent day. This should take less than five minutes every day. When a step is done before you expect (this happens, yes), you can consider scheduling the next step as soon as possible if you have some available bandwidth. If not, stick to the original schedule.

Weekly review

The last day of the week, spend a few minutes reviewing your achievements for the week. You can do this just after your daily review and it should not last long. However, it will provide a view of where you are and the progress you made. You may however realize that you’ve not made a lot of progress and feel discouraged. Don’t beat you up! Plateauing is a fact of life and feeling you are not progressing is normal. Nothing to be worried about. Even 1% is a progress. Just stick to the discipline!

review time
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Monthly review

This should be set into your calendar, preferably with your accountability buddy. Go over your priority goal in each category and look at the progress you made, the struggles you had and your learnings. Are you on track to reach your goal? If not, what should you change or where do you need help? Be honest and receive feedback with positivity. It’s a moment to review the plan, add steps, change some, in other words, adapt!

Tip – Review also means change adapt, and execute.

Quarterly review

Like the monthly reviews, the quarterly review should be scheduled in your calendar. It replaces the last monthly review and focuses on goals achievements. Normally, you should have reached one or many goals on your quarterly list. Those should be proudly ticked. What to do with those you have not reached, yet? Well, you have two options. First, your priorities may have shifted and you decide to forget this resolution. Nothing’s wrong with that, this is life happening. Just make sure you are 100% OK with abandoning this goal. Second, you just reschedule it to the next quarter, and move back to the prioritize and plan phases.

Yearly review

This is the one I love the most. As for the planning of the next year, I generally sit relaxed with a cup of green tea of coffee, naked in my couch and review all those ticks, feeling good about what I achieved during the year. It’s a moment to review some pictures taken. You can also create a yearly photo album that will sit in your library, reminding you of all your achievements. It’s a great way to pump up your energy when you feel down or plateauing. Just open last year album and see all that you’ve achieved.

Reviews are a great way to receive feedback and incorporate key learnings along the way. It’s also a time of reflection about what matters in life, as your goals need to be aligned with your life goals and beliefs. Finally, it’s a simple way to track and make progress, and set milestones to celebrate!


Victories have to be celebrated! Even small ones, or shall I say, particularly small ones. Whether you want to have a drink, get fine food, go to the movies or have a romantic time, just spend some enjoyable quality time. The site Stunning Motivations is providing nice ideas to celebrate. Here are some I find easy and powerful:

  • Get a small gift for yourself. Go and purchase something you really wanted, you now deserve it.
  • Involve others. Invite some good friends to share a good time and your victory.
  • Food, snack, and coffee. Indulge with your favorite comfort food and beverage.
  • Pray and be grateful. Be really grateful for what you accomplished, it’s a stunning victory. Note it down in your gratitude journal if you have one.
  • Do something you really like. Time is the most precious asset we have. Celebrate by doing something you love. I generally indulge myself to a nude walk in the countryside.
  • Deliver an award. You can order awards and trophies for a few dollars. Get one that you can put on your shelf on display to remind you and others of your achievement.
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I really love those little celebrations. They mean a lot to me and to my accountability buddies. They serve as anchors when time gets rough and rough times there will be, and remind me of all my past successes and help me go through.

Tip – Plan celebrations in advance, you’ll look forward to having them.

Voilà, this is it. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s more of a discipline than hard work. It’s something that you start doing in autopilot once you realize its many benefits. It does require a little bit of time at the beginning, but later, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, it’s a matter of minutes. However, those minutes will literally transform your life and you’ll call the time spent an investment. Now to close, here are my nudist resolutions for this year (the ones in my nudism category):

  • Q1 (Winter): Edit and publish the book Becoming a Nudist
  • Q2 (Spring): Edit and publish my four French nudist novels
  • Q3 (Summer): Spend a week in a nudist resort and do 5 day-long nude hikes
  • Q4 (Autumn): Prep and write a new nudist series, ready for Nanowrimo in November 2022
  • I’m adding another goal every quarter that will only necessitate some planning but little to no effort: spending at least 20 days per quarter entirely nude (weekends, holidays and work from home). I will just have to flag each day as having been spent nude or clothed. A day is considered nude when it involves at least 22 hours of full nudity or, in other words, tolerates clothing for less than 2 hours.

As you can see, these are not Everest like goals, but delivering them will set my nudist life on a happy trajectory for me.

I wish you all the best for your nude year resolutions and don’t hesitate to share them as comments below. I’ll be happy to be your accountability nudist buddy if you happen to need one!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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