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I’m publishing this post on January 1st 2022, so it’s ample time to wish all of you a wonderful Nude Year 2022. Yes, a new and nude year, a year during which nudism plays an important part, when you include friends and family into your nudist life, when you hold the hand to a textile to make him or her discover our incredible lifestyle. Let 2022 be your nudest year ever. If you haven’t read it, I advise you to go over my post entitled How To Make Nude Year Resolutions That Work that may put you on the path to have your best nude year ever! To a wonderful nude year! Enjoy, share, expand nudism!

You made it until the end of this book and you have decided to become a nudist or have already become one. Fantastic! If this is what this book helped you decide, then you made me a happy writer, as my goal is to bring as many people as possible to nudism. So of course, you may ask what’s next, as it seems we covered almost every aspect of nudism?

Well, let me tell you that, as I previously shared, nudism is a journey. It begins the day you get rid your clothes intentionally in the privacy of your room or bathroom (it generally starts there) and never ends (well physically it will end the day you die, but what happens after death is a controversial topic on which I have really no opinion and no expertise). It’s a journey, because the more you practice it, the more you read about it, the more you talk about it, the more you learn about it. It seems crazy that such a simple thing, being naked, creates so many linked topics that it’s a never-ending discussion. 

The fact is that I’ve been a nudist for so many years, I’ve written numerous articles on my blog, a few books and am still amazed at the blog posts, podcasts, books, videos and many other content that are produced daily around the theme of nudism and naturism. It’s a never-ending story, hence a never-ending journey and discovery. Why is so? Probably because it’s linked to our humanity. The moment you’re curious about humanity and its incredible diversity, then you don’t have enough of one life to discover its many facets. So goes nudism. The moment you undress for the first time, you never end to meet new people, to read new topics and to wander on your nudist path.

However, because, as opposed to nudism, this book has an end, here are three ideas for your what’s next questions. Those three ideas are simple and can be practiced almost daily. They will broaden your horizon and make your life more fulfilled. I wish you a wonderful journey in nudism!


Enjoy nudity as much as you can. It’s incredible how excited we are about novelties and how indifferent we become after a few days or weeks. Routine makes extraordinary things looks dull. Joy transforms even dull activities into fun and extraordinary ones. Nudity brings Joy. Joy brings extraordinaire.

This brings an important aspect to me about nudism. If nudism doesn’t make you joyful, stop and reflect. Maybe you’re not comfortable because your neighbors can see you. Maybe you’re not comfortable because you still have reservations about nudism. Maybe you’re not comfortable because your spouse doesn’t embrace nudism. Nudism should make you joyful, like any other activity you really love doing or state you really love being in.

It happens to me that getting naked increases my anxiety. It can be just a friend who said she didn’t care, but her body language was saying something else. It can be the fear of being seen is stronger than the comfort you feel. When that happens, I generally stop, think and decide to continue or get dressed. And yes, if getting dressed makes my anxiety disappears, I know it may just be a bandaid, it could also be something deeper, generally linked to a hidden fear or apprehension. The further you go on your nudist journey, the less you feel this and eventually got totally at ease with erasing those nasty feelings. I don’t know if I will ever reach a level of awareness that makes me 100% joyful when naked. What I know though is that it makes me 99.9% joyful, and that percentage fills my joy bucket enough to enjoy nude time alone and with others.

Talking about others, the next idea is to grab every occasion to share nudism ideas and activities with friends, acquaintances and family.


If nudism brings you joy, you need to share this joy. Saint Luke wrote in the Bible that “Give, and it shall be given unto you”. In other words, give joy and you will receive joy. You will actually receive more than what you gave. This is true with nudism. Give the joy of nudism to others. Some will refuse it, some will query it, some will accept it.

We sometimes hear that nudism isn’t for everybody. I believe the opposite. Nudism is for everybody, but everybody isn’t ready to receive the gift of nudism. If everybody were ready, such a book would be useless, and nudism wouldn’t even be a topic. One of our duties as nudists is to share that gift we received from a friend, our parents or strangers. My gift to you is this book, the words I’m typing on my keyboard and my unconditional love of the incredible lifestyle.

Writing about nudism is one of the ways I have to share with strangers, friends and family that nudism is fantastic and explain its many benefits. I also talk about nudism, share books and magazines about nudism (my personal library has a section dedicated to nudism), and invite others to get naked with me when they come home. I have no expectations when I share what nudism is about (refer to the happiness equation in the previous chapter), but if accepted my perception of the event increases and so my happiness. Share the joy, whenever and wherever you have the opportunity to do so.

Robin Sharma, the leadership guru, says that “Action delayed is greatness betrayed”. I truly believe that action leads to satisfaction. If you want to talk about nudism and some random thoughts or fear want to stop you from doing so, it’s a great indicator that you should actually push a little bit yourself to talk about nudism. I came to believe over the years is what we tend to resist are the things we must accomplish. If you feel resistance, great! Welcome it and walk past it. Simple idea, not easy to do, but fulfilling and rewarding. This will allow you to expand your life and your nudism practice.


You have a nudist friend or a few nudist friends? Great, you’re a group. You heard about a nudist organization or group, and think about becoming a member? Great, send mail or place a call. Every organization has a great need for available arms and minds. Not only you will make new nudist friends, you will actively participate in the expansion of nudism.

Nudist federations, organizations, and groups help promoting nudism through various actions. Because they have a legal basis, they’re heard and mostly respected. They provide visibility to nudist actions and help normalize nudism. They provide mode nude time, more nude opportunities and more nude activities.

So if you want to spend more time nude, meet new friends, expanding your nudism by joining or creating a nudist organization is an easy solution to do so. Do it today, look for the nearest group or organization, look for their website, place a call, send mail, meet people and if you feel there’s a fit, become a member. Easy, simple and fulfilling!

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Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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