What parts of our mutual anatomy may we reveal to our counterparts to feel comfortable with them?


This is a fun post to explain our various areas of coverage, as well as areas that can be “open & free” to others. It begins with her body showing her how to be comfortable with both her top & bottom anatomy, then shows the only part that would ever need covering on our (men’s) anatomy.

I set it up like I was instructing a class, mostly to our textile opposites.

I always request your honest feedback and your own personal POV on my topic, how I relay it, and if you see my point while you inform me of your agreement or otherwise.

Are you ready for this enlightening fun post?

As a nudist, I cover nothing so that I feel open & free” and liberated while experiencing the true freedom that I believe only nudism can convey.

However, just in case a textile joins in, I am going to address coverage for all intents and purposes as it pertains to “concealment of our body” while proving that there is really only ONE area alone on only one of us that seems logical to me to cover at all. To break these visitors, or textiles, in I would like to enlighten them about my newd lifestyle gradually, in case they aren’t quite ready to expose their genuine authentic selves immediately. I would like them to acclimate themselves gradually to the utmost feeling of ultimate freedom at their own comfortable pace. 

We all reasonably presume that the average person in developed societies of recent years is comfortable baring our “common” parts as “proper” exposure to the public eye. The “uncommon” parts only half of us have is the primary focus today and is what I am interested in learning and informing you about. 

Men have typically believed that the area “below the waist” and “between the legs” should be totally private. While ladies, on the other foot, believe they must cover not only her same area, but the public should not see the area on her chest, namely her mammary glands only.

Keeping in mind, when I speak of the chest area, I am referring specifically to the fact that only the areola /nipple is common to both of us, yet this, oddly enough, is the very part that asinine and ridiculous regulations cover, per most laws in the US.

The nipple or areola is our mutual anatomy while the breast is not! The very reason that breasts should be hidden not the nipple

Areola & Nipple, Common to BOTH!

Let’s take a lady since they are always first.

As we allow her to get comfortable joining us, in her natural form, allow me to continue explaining that, even though these are common to both of us, most irrational laws and illogically absurd statutes require them to cover her upper body. However, now that she knows these are actually common to both of us, I’m sure she will graciously remove the top part of her “shame shield.” I feel if you must cover anything, it’s the breast itself. But that would not make much sense either.

Not the nipple!

The breast is the component that’s NOT common to both of us, but the nipple is.

Point being, that our common parts don’t need coverage.

Logical enough.

Think about it.

Feet, hands, ears, etc. don’t need coverage since they are all common to both of our beautiful anatomies.

It makes NO sense to me, especially from a logical POV.

So why does our all powerful clueless government force our lovely counterparts to conceal her areola? 

Now, I know most of you are probably taking in the elegance of the entire breast, but just focus your attention on the darker tip of the breast.

Strictly The areola.

Please remember that while our components all have various shapes and sizes, the parts themselves are still equivalent. 

As an example, 

take my favorite part, our feet. 

Lovely cute little sweet feet!

They are all the same,

toes always in the same place on the very end, while our feet, a long flat part that connects the toes with the heel at the other end.

Yet, they are all different,

Well, what’s different everyone?

Strictly our….

Drum roll, please !!!


So, as I demonstrated, most of our features are identical!

Whoops, I said “most.”

Didn’t I?

We all know that there are a couple of components that are not identical.

I believe we all know what they are.

First of all, we guys have our infamous, “junk” downstairs.

The forbidden package that contains our big strong love muscle and our 2 family jewels.

Does anyone know why it’s called junk?

As for you gorgeous ladies, we just covered, or should I say uncovered”, your chest area. So, since we don’t have these two areas in common, they are the only areas that “must” , using that word loosely, be hidden.

As you can see, we only hide the uncommon parts, right?

Well, really……No.

Im very sorry to say.

Again, there’s always an exception to every rule. 

Considering this, what am I referring to?

Our only common part that’s still concealed for some unknown reason.

“Calling on you in the back with your hand raised.”

Your rear end?

Yes, absolutely correct! 

Or the gluteus maximus, 

Or simply our ass.

This one is self-explanatory, further clarification being superfluous.

However, some inside info to relay to you all, it’s interesting to observe that to my knowledge, it’s not covered, pardon the pun, in any regulations or statutes. Even in my jurisdiction, they require us to cover our pubic region, with a fully opaque covering, saying absolutely nothing about the rear. I will also remark that most of the time it’s also censored in the media.

Case in point, when I posted a link in redditt to my “Bi guys are more manly” post, there is a lovely pic of a female, uh…“ass” & I was told that I must “post a warning that there would be nudity in my post.”

It floored me!

I didn’t even know how to respond!

As we are indicating right here, it’s a COMMON part of the body!

Why does a group of Bi……men?…..have to be warned about nudity of ANY kind?

Will grown men (or ANYone) be harmed or injured by viewing a goddamn pic?

Why is it even hidden…. if it’s COMMON to both of us?

We just spoke about this very appalling mystery a few moments ago!!

Ok, all of you, just checking to see that all of you are still with me, almost done now.

So far, you ladies should now have self-confidence upstairs and we have now found a part of our bodies that’s common so we shouldn’t need to hide it.

Now, as we work our way around to her front, we can see…..

wait a moment!

Actually, we can’t see her front, as she really has nothing to show or conceal since all of her equipment is internal. The vulva contains everything of importance; therefore, it is the only visible feature down there on hers. Besides, if there’s hair down there hiding the vulva, there is nothing visible, so there’s nothing to cover. 

Considering this, we can now recognize the complete irony. She has nothing to cover anywhere, yet they require her to hide 2 parts, BOTH her upper and lower body.

Divine female beauty, especially 2 & 11! WOW!

Do you all agree?

All right, I believe she has been “uncovered” extensively. 

Now, I know you guys thought I forgot about you, but I always save the best for last. Now, we will plunge into the most private area ever known. We guys are the ONLY ones that have anything to cover, “if coverage is even needed at all?” The only area on either sex that is exclusively private is our manly package. It is NOT common to both of us, so if anything really needs hidden, it’s this alone on us guys.

But go ahead, in proving that you’re gentlemen and jump in with both balls, and show her you have nothing to be ashamed of, & reveal yourselves!

We shouldn’t allow the ladies to have all the freedom of being bare by themselves. Let’s show her we support her and show her everything we have.

Nudists will always attest and declare, without question or hesitation, that there is absolutely nothing any of us have, that we need to be embarrassed of or ashamed of in either of our exquisite bodies.

Both of our alluring bodies have their own inherent sublimeness, for he gave both of us a precious & divine gift for our stay down here and we should cherish it, while in NO way being ashamed of displaying it with total pride, instead of constantly being embarrassed of it.

Always remember 1 very CRUCIAL & IMPORTANT fact while we are all down here…..


See nudity above? What’s the next element you see? SEX or ELEGANCE?

As long as we all indefinitely expose it in a clean, respectful and tasteful manner, with ABSOLUTLEY NO sexual connotations, in time, they will learn to separate, disgusting, tasteless sex, from clean, wholesome tasteful allurement and refinement.

Afterwards, perhaps, we all can finally live in a charming world with the freedom of choice, for our very first time!!

Always remember, our shapes and sizes are meaningless, while accepting others for who they are, inside.


That was intense.

I hope that you all have a better appreciation of our anatomy, now.

Now that we know we are all equal, let’s all go out by the pool while we shed our fake facades being “open and free” together and respecting one another as our brothers and sisters with open arms while foregoing any judgement.

Thanks for your attention, and

Love you both,

Christopher “CJ” Jeremiah

Image by Ralf Seemann from Pixabay

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Christopher Jeremiah
True "Buff-man" living on the west coast transplanted from the east coast in New York. Was reborn nude on July 8th, 2018, and composing persuasive essays ever since. I am passionate about exposing the world to the numerous benefits of nudism and convincing everyone to at least try it once. Their lives could change for the better as mine did on the date of my transformation. I still have a very long arduous journey ahead of me, every step I take. I have experienced only 1 nude beach so far, and I plan to sail the seas on an all-nude cruise as soon as possible. I have been writing for your enjoyment as well as therapy for me. I am trying to share the love of the lifestyle. I love getting comments on my writing so that I know you are reading my work and can improve my writing so that more of you will want to partake what I compose. I totally enjoy the freedom and openness of being nude, or as I say, "open and free" See more of my material on my site Christopher Jeremiahblog.com no space Love ? Christopher CJ Jeremiah


  1. Great post ! So.nicely stated ! Yes you are so right we have nothing to hide! Everyone has seen it we all have it ,so why worry about it.. why worry if its seen ?. Most do.not stare at it they look the other way. I had a woman say once it made my day I wasn’t expecting to.see this but im.glad I did.thanks hope to herefrom.you more!

  2. Hi Chris. I’ve been a nudist for almost 60 years. I live naked indoors, but as I’m in the UK can only be naked outside in warm weather. Fortunate to have a nudist beach only 2 miles away and lovely remote sandy beaches to walk along. Been a nudist for so many years when I’m on the beach I don’t realise I’m naked.

  3. being ashamed of genitals is wrong.
    Only when I’m completely naked do I feel I truly respect myself and my body. Personally, having also freed the genitals, thanks to nudism, took away all the anxiety, fears, shame, normalized that part of the body, making me more free, making me proud to be a male. I hate underpants because it’s the symbol of our body shaming. Getting rid of underpants is healty for the body and for the mind. There’s nothing wrong to showing our femininity or masculinity, it’s natural and frees us from complexes, body-shaming, fears and morbidities.
    Greetings from Italy.

    • Boujournio!
      I know I must have spelled it wrong but I get an a for effort.
      I wish we could have freedom of choice in the world to unite us all. I’m sure Italy is much easier than USA to be open with the beautiful person who can bare it all.
      Hello from the USA

      • You are wrong. Here in Italy it is much more difficult, because the beaches for nudists are very few (fifteen or maximum twenty in the whole country), moreover complete nudity is badly seen and most people consider a naked person a maniac or a pervert. Most people will call the police if they see someone naked.
        No it’s not easy at all in my country.
        For the rest I share everything you wrote, nudism really transforms you and changes your life. The day of my nudist rebirth was July 5th 2017 and for me it became a date to celebrate, like a 2nd birthday. I don’t think sex is something to condemn, it is part of our nature, the important thing is that it remains something private, not public.
        Thank you for your greeting, however, which looks more like the French XD
        In Italian it is similar “buongiorno” and in Italian the letters j-k-w-y-x are never used. They are not even present in our alphabet. Thanks for the nice words and have a nice naked day (if possible).

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