Becoming a Nudist – Conclusion


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This is it. You’re at the end of this book. At the same time, you’re in the middle, or at the beginning, of your nudist journey. Nudism is a lifestyle and a journey of discovery. Writing that book made me discover many new facets of nudism and expanded my nudism practice. I had to read, to share ideas and to carry some new experiences. The net effect was I expanded my nudism by talking to more people about it and share it with new friends.

I know, and experienced, unfortunately that nudism is still frowned upon by many, seeing it as a manifestation of a perversion. For those people, being nude equals being an exhibitionist, or worse, a sexual predator. But nudists know this is wrong and gross. Therefore, our daily duty, as nudist and naturist, is to educate others about nudism. We need to explain what nudism is about and what it’s not. We need to share the many benefits of nudism whether physical, psychological or emotional. We must invite people to try nudism and experience it, as I do believe that, eventually, nudism can’t be fully explained without being tried.

I often compare nudism to learn how to ride a bike. You cannot learn how to ride a bike by reading a manual, watching videos or talking to cyclists. You can only learn how to ride a bike by trying, falling and trying again until you understand. Nudism is almost the same. You cannot understand nudism fully by reading a manual, watching videos or talking to nudists. You can only understand nudism by trying it, first alone, then with others. 

Some people don’t want to try to ride a bike because of the fear of failure. Some people don’t want to try nudism because of their strong beliefs. Those beliefs are generally built on fear. The day they accept to go beyond their fear and undress, first alone, then with others, they not only discover their fear was immaterial, but they discover nudism is really fantastic and generally embrace it, either immediately or after a few hours.

If this book has helped you have a better understanding of what nudism is, then my goal is reached. Now, I urge you to push the doors of a nudist resort, campsite or club. Even if you’re scared, go! As you’ve read in the previous pages, nudists are friendly people. They will welcome you and will make sure you have a great experience. Nudism is for every body and everybody. Don’t wait, just go! You will never regret it and it will transform your life!


Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!


  1. It has been so wonderful to follow along with each chapter and section while this book has come together. Thank you for doing this, Marc. Looking forward to sharing with others!

  2. Thank you for this book. I have thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. The book and this site is truly inspirational. If more people could read this then nudism would not be so confronting for them and there may be more acceptance of nudism and we might get closer to it being seen as normal. I can only be nude at home but my wife accepts it and I accept that she does not wish to join me. It has been wonderful for my mental health and I have even seen some improvement in my Parkinsons maybe due to the psychological benefits. More people should give it a go. It might be better for them than they think.

  3. Congratulations Marc. Your writing always looks effortless, but that just shows how much effort and care you put into your thoughts. I am so glad you have finished this amazing book, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. It has been a great inspiration for me.

    • Thank you very much. Yes, there will be soft and hard copies. The whole book is currently under the editing phase, that will take a few weeks, so all mistakes can be corrected and some text will be rewritten for better readability. I’ll let you know 😉 4 books of the Nudism series are currently published and available on Amazon:

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