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7 Proven Ways to Spend More Time Naked


If, like me, you really enjoy nudism and naturism, you may be looking for opportunities to shed your clothes and wander in your birthday suit more often. If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been a naturist/nudist for many, many years and have a passion for nudism and naturism. This led me over the years to do my best to put nudism and naturism forward whenever and wherever possible. This also led to some awkward discussions, weird looks and lost connections, but the rewards are far greater than these obstacles.

Through my willingness to be naked more often than not and seize any opportunity to make it a naked opportunity, here are 7 ways I’ve tested for you that will extend the time you can spend naked, while encouraging others to join. Having others joining you on your nudist ventures is an important side benefit, as I believe the world needs more nudists! The more the merrier as we say, the more the safer as well, particularly in public places like beaches or trails. So here are 7 proven ways to spend more time naked.


When I was a kid, my mother kept telling me that if I don’t ask, I won’t get. This created the habit of asking questions when I wanted something or was puzzled. Many nudists, me included in some occasions, are scared asking if they can get naked. They fear the weird look, the awkward moment and the risk of being labeled as a freak.

Let me tell you something when it comes to share that you’re a naturist and would love to get naked if possible: you will get weird looks, you will have awkward moments and you will be labeled as a freak. Don’t think you’ll be lucky and won’t get them, you will. Case closed (or clothed), just accept it and move on! However, in more situations that we can initially imagine, once you get beyond the weird look and the awkward moment, you will be granted permission. The most surprising fact is yet to come, though: you may be accompanied by one or more people, who did not dare to ask (it’s a great way to discover that more people are actually naturists).

Think about all the situations when and where nudity is possible: at a barbecue, at the beach, on a boat… Almost any private outdoor party can be a nude opportunity. Almost any hike can be a naked hike. Every swimming pool party is a nude opportunity. So next time, move beyond the fear, the weird look and the awkward moment, just ask and I’ll bet you will have more yeses than nos!


You have holidays coming? You think about a weekend at the beach? You accept a friend’s barbecue invitation? Make those naturist events. You can decide to put naturism at the center of your activities and plan around it. Many people will think this is too restrictive. I agree it should not be the only determining factor, depending on your tastes and things you want to do or see. However, it can be a criterion. I personally think it should be a criterion if, like for me, naturism is a passion. Not that no naturism should lead to no trip, no beach or no barbecue. But, by putting naturism as a criterion of choice, it will influence the decision and tweak the choice.

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It’s always a surprise to put a pair of naturist glasses on things and places. It helps you discover new naturist places, people and activities, sometimes in locations you would not think about. Sure, it may not be possible to be naked every day, every time, everywhere. Reach out to a nudist and naturist community (more on this later). Nudists and naturists are all over the world and can guide you to great nude-friendly places.

With careful planning, there will be more naked days ahead that you’ve first imagined. Particularly if you continue reading and apply one of the other tips. Every day is a blank page, write your story the way you decide! Naked!

Just do it!

As I age, I tend to stop overthinking about situations and listen more to my inner wants than my inner doubts. Nike has this slogan: Just do it! It’s simple though profound at the same time. It reminds us that we exist only when we are doing things when we are acting upon our wants and needs. Wanna get naked? Just do it!

Of course, you need common sense and judgment. However, if you think you can, just do it! It may require permission, just ask then! Once permission’s granted, just do it! It’s really fun to realize that most of our limitations are really in our minds. We might not do it because we imagine the bad consequences. The reality is that bad consequences almost never happens. We’re stopped by the “what if bad consequences happen”. We should be moved by “no consequences at all”. Don’t overthink, just do it!

Reach out

There are thousands of clubs, associations and groups of naturists around the planet. Send a mail, place a call, explain who you are, what you’re looking for and potentially how you can contribute. Meeting other naturists open many opportunities to spend time naked with like-minded people. The more naturists you interact with, the more opportunities you will have to spend time naked.

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Another wonderful side effect of reaching out lies in meeting seasoned naturists that may have gone though all the questions you may have in your mind. Having someone to provide answers will comfort you in your choice and will open even more opportunities to enjoy social nudity.


If you have a soul of a leader, set your own group, gather your tribe and initiate your nude movement! You don’t need to have a large group to organise an event, two makes a party. You’re thinking about organising a dinner at your place. Invite your nudist friends and make it a nudist dinner. You’re thinking about a hike in a nearby natural park. Send an invitation to your hiking group and nudist groups and make it a clothing-optional hike, mixing nudists and textiles.

Those are two classical ideas, but any opportunity of group activity can and should become a naked group activity, or even better I think, a clothing-optional group activity, where people have the choice to go naked or clothed. It will help nudists to get accustomed to be around clothed people and textiles to be around naked people. Shame will vanish quickly and people will realise more acutely that nudity is totally normal and natural.

If you’re not sure where to start, the better is through your nudist community, be it online or in the physical life. Just through an idea and let things roll on.

Default Choice

Nudity is my default choice temperature permitting. As I sleep naked, I step out my bed naked and will spend my day naked if I can. It’s a conscious choice I’ve made years ago. When I’ve the choice to be naked, it’s actually not a choice, it’s is a default choice, one for which I don’t need to make a decision. Like Mark Zuckerberg t-shirt and hoodie. As he does want to waste time and energy on make what he calls “frivolous” decisions, he always wears the same t-shirt and hoodie.

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When I can be naked, I don’t make a decision, I get naked. I actually rarely “get naked”, I just “stay naked”. My days always start naked as I sleep naked, do my workout or go running naked, prepare and have my breakfast naked, and plan my day in my home office, yes, you guessed it, naked. If I don’t have to go out to meet a customer or run errands, I will stay naked. If the place I go to is a naturist or naturist-friendly place, for instance the beach, a friend’s or a stop to start a hike, I drive to it naked. The moment you decide on your default choices, they stop being choices, they just become who you are, what you do and how you behave.


My last tip is to expand your nudist opportunities by sharing art! Everyone is a creator in a sense. Whether you write, sing, paint, dance, or any other form of art. Why not express your art with a touch of naturism? Or plenty of it. Start a nudist blog, form a nudist band, give naked art class. Be the nude creator you want to be. As I’m writing this post, I sit naked on my couch, facing my garden, not only enjoying what I do, but benefiting from the comfort of my nudity and the satisfaction of sharing ideas about my passion.

Creation is a craft of passion. It’s generally something you love to do. Creating about nudism and naturism brings love and passion together. There’s nothing more satisfying and powerful. Furthermore, I believe the world needs more nudist creators. The world needs more exposure to simple, natural and social nudity. We’ve been born naked, nudity is our natural way of being, let’s share this creatively with the whole world!

Here we are. Thank you for reading my post. I hope this will provide some ideas to enjoy more of the nudist lifestyle, an incredible freeing, natural and comfortable lifestyle. Nudism and naturism are lifestyles that are open to every body and everybody. They focus on respect, wellbeing, inclusion, benevolence and comfort. They are also fun, social and friendly. Once you step into them, your world opens wider and you want more of them. If you have comments or want to share ideas about nudism and naturism, feel free to comment below so readers can benefit from them. Have a great rest of day and I hope you will enjoy it as naked as possible!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!


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