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As we are in the festive season, I wish you all a wonderful festive season. Enjoy it, and use it to introduce nudism to others!

In the previous pages, I gave you a list of daily activities you can pursue without being clothed. Let’s dig a little bit about this topic, as it’s sometimes a source of external and internal conflicts about nudism and nudity. What can you do in the nude, and what should you not do?

No Protection Required

When it comes to nudism, I have a fairly simple point of view: all that doesn’t require security protection can be done clothed. When you think for a few seconds, there are very few activities that require protection. No, I don’t advise to fry food without an apron. No, I won’t play ice hockey without protection, No, I wouldn’t weld metal without protection.

However, yes, I would hike naked. Yes, I would garden naked. And yes, I would play pétanque naked. You see the trend here. You apply common sense and shed your clothes when they provide nothing else than the famous “modesty” layer.

You quickly realize this is the case of a vast majority of daily activities. Social and cultural conventions impose clothing, nothing else does. As we’ve seen in the previous chapters, human evolution has made our body to be naked. Modern human minds have clothed it.

I’m not advocating we come back to Neanderthal ages, I’m just saying that common sense should guide your choice and when nudity becomes an option and no physical protection to your body is required, you can choose nudity. 

Every Activity Can Be a Nude Activity

Yes, as the title of this section says, every activity can be a nude activity, and actually should be a nude activity. I’ve written a book entitled 101 Ideas to Increase Nude Time and Nudist Friends. It gives you a detailed list of 101 activities you can perform naked from cooking to playing board games to hiking to sailing.

Some are obvious, like swimming or just lounging in the sub. Some less so, like having a naked Christmas or visiting a museum. What they all have in common is they’re normal, daily or special moment activities. All can be done clothes free. You may frown and find weird the idea of doing some of those activities entirely naked.

It’s true that when you start your nudist journey, you tend to do “normal” nudist things: lounging, swimming. But when you decide to continue on this journey, you start doing other things: watching TV, cooking, having lunch, etc. This is particularly true when you spend time in a nudist resort or camp park. It’s also true when you meet other nudists who have gone further on their nudist journey.

You can then add one, two or three more activities to your nudist list. The second you start one of those new activities, it may feel strange, and then it starts to feel normal, which it perfectly is. You will soon realize that all those activities can be nudist, should be nudist and will be nudist. The freedom and comfort of simple nudity will come naturally and you will enjoy every day nudity.

Enjoying Everyday Nudity

I’m a daily nudist. Millions of people are across the world. Either by choice, like me, or by culture, like some of the indigenous tribes. Nudity is my first choice. I don’t brag about it, I don’t do selfies about it, I just write about it because it’s my joy to write about nudism. Writing is one of the nudist activities that I do on a daily basis, either for posts and books, or professionally when I need to prepare documents and presentations for customers.

It’s a lifestyle choice in the end. I could wear a shirt and a pair of trousers, but I feel so much better entirely naked that I don’t choose anymore, it’s who I am, a simple daily nudist. It may not be your choice and you may remain a holiday nudist. This is fine. However, I want you to think about this simple idea: if you enjoy nudity on holiday, why not enjoying it in your daily life?

If you enjoy nudity on holiday, you’ve broken some social and cultural barriers and I find it’s great. Think about what holds you not to enjoy the freedom of being nude on a daily basis. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re just used to be clothed at home. Maybe it’s the idea that your spouse, kids or neighbors will find you weird. Maybe it’s the idea to share the idea of nudism with the people you’re sharing your living space. Maybe it’s that you thought about it and threw the idea away as you find it weird.

The reality is it’s not weirder to be naked on a daily basis than to be clothed. It’s all about social convention and what people may think about you. A lot of people don’t know I’m naked on a daily basis, I’m not shouting about it, I just do it. I’m just encouraging you to do so because I know it’s increased my happiness and life satisfaction by a magnitude. So, that I don’t consider being clothed when home anymore. It’s just the way I feel happy.

I want to leave you on this idea. Nudity makes me happy. Nudity makes many nudists happy. Nudity may make you happy. Try it! Daily! What will lose? Nothing but your clothes and a few inhibitions. I wish you a wonderful journey in nudism, the best possible lifestyle on this planet!

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Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Photo Dudenopants, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Good points made, Marc. Yes – I choose to live naked as much as possible and practical. There really isn’t much you actually need clothes for! I probably wouldn’t describe indigenous tribes as nudists, though. Nudism is regarded as a belief system or sub-culture in our Western society. Indigenous tribes are naked not because of any belief system, but rather it’s just normality for them. I dream of the day when living naked is normal for our culture too, and “nudism” will disappear.

  2. Hey, that photo is my late wife Kristin – nice to see it used. We “donated” several images to Wikimedia with the goal of trying to normalize nudism.

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