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As we’ve seen in the previous pages, nudism often rhymes with holidays. However, for many, nudism is a lifestyle, an “art de vivre”. Hence, it can be enjoyed daily. No need to live in a nudist community to be a daily nudist, as we’re going to see in the following pages.

Expanding Weekends

It’s Monday morning as I write those lines, enjoying a coffee, writing on my couch. As you may guess, I’m naked, but what you may not know is that I’ve been naked for the past days, have enjoyed prolonged nude time, and will continue enjoying nudity until I need to go to my office (yes, I have to work in a textile environment … at least for the time being). My point here is nudity can slip from the weekends to the week days, and become part of your daily way of living.

Being a daily nudist doesn’t mean you have to be naked every day and live in a nudist setting so you can go shopping naked for instance, although some people do it. Being a daily nudist means that you consider nudity as a state of being that you accept during weekdays, if not seek. Hence, my proposal to let it slip into your life after a nude weekend, or just a nude night.

I encourage you to sleep naked. A lot has been written about the benefits of sleeping naked. You can read my post, Should I sleep naked? Yes, start tonight! When you wake up in the morning, don’t dress! Just continue doing what you have to do entirely naked: brush your teeth, prepare and have breakfast, plan your day, etc. Plan to behave this way after a nude weekend so it slips into your next day naturally. It will sound and feel easier.

What if you live with somebody else who isn’t a nudist? Have a discussion about nudism and ask for permission to be nude. It may be an awkward discussion at first. It may require some additional education (share this book) but it generally ends positively. Once again, at least in my experience. The one important point is being open, respectful and act naturally. There’s nothing wrong with being naked and being a nudist. It’s the perception we have and others have about nudism that makes the situation awkward. So go for it, and let nudity slips into your daily life.

Daily Nudism

I’ve been a daily nudist for so many years I don’t remember when it began. All that I know is I slowly slipped from weekends to daily naturally as I realized that not only nudity was comfortable, but that, most of my daily activities didn’t require any clothing. And it was far before lockdowns, work from home and remote work.

When you think rationally about daily activities, you come to the natural conclusion most don’t require clothing. In cold days, you may need to get dressed, but let me share one very important idea. An important way to fight climate change is to insulate your home better so you consume less energy to heat it. Being able to be naked all year round inside without spending a fortune in heating is a consequence of a good insulation.

Of course, you will probably need to get dressed to go outside (yes, it can be really cold) but this is a constraint that we need to abide by. Life is made of compromise. However, you shouldn’t compromise nudism when you can be nude. I’m nude 365 days a year. Not all day long, but I spend what I now consider a majority of my time (more than 12 hours a day on average) entirely nude. This makes me a daily nudist. I’m not writing this to brag, but to share that daily nudism is easily obtainable as long as you make nudity your preferred choice for daily activities when and where you can. Still not clear on how to enjoy nudism on a daily basis. Let me help you with this list of daily activities that do NOT require any form of clothing:

  • Sleep. This is a no-brainer for me and many nudists. Add another blanket if you feel cold, and no there’s no hygiene issue if you take a shower or bath before jumping under the sheets.
  • Watch TV.
  • Work/Play on your computer/tablet/phone.
  • Read.
  • Have breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  • Prepare breakfast/lunch/dinner (wear an apron if you need to fry food).
  • Do house chores.
  • Play board games.
  • Meditate.
  • Workout.
  • Discuss with friends and family.
  • Have a drink.

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea here. Almost anything you can do in the vicinity of your home doesn’t require any form of clothing. Of course, you may not have thought about nudism before today. The fact is that once you’ve really understood the value of nudism deep under your skin, it will become so natural to shed your clothes to live your life, that the question of being naked or not won’t even need to be asked again. You will naturally decide to make nudity your preferred state of dress.

Manufacturing Nudism Happiness

Going to the beach, chose a nude one. Going to a barbecue, ask if you’ll be able to be naked. Going on holiday, chose a nudist resort. Going on a hike, hike naked. Like with the previous list, I can go on and on, and I’m sure you get where I’m going. Choosing nude whenever and wherever you can is awesome. But … wait, you think I’m obsessed and not every nudist wants to be nude everywhere and anywhere?

Yes, I’m obsessed, totally obsessed. I’m obsessed by choosing activities, situations, and people that will maximize my happiness. Psychologist Tim Bono, in his book Happiness 101, provides the following simple equation:

Happiness = What you have/What you want

When you look at that equation, it appears that if you have little and want a lot, your happiness is low. On the opposite, when you have a lot and want little, your happiness is high. This is the typical vision of material haves and wants, that leads to wanting more when you start having some. Marketing and the consumption society play on this simple equation to make us want and buy what we don’t have (and for some get indebted).

Same happen with nudism. The more nude time I have, the happier I am. However, the more nude time I have, the more nude time I want. So, we’re in a kind of a dead end here. Another author, Mo Gawdat, ex-Google executive, has proposed in his book, Solve for Happy, another happiness equation:

Happiness >= Perception of Events – Expectations of Life

This equation reads the following way. Your happiness is greater or equal to the perception you have about events in your life minus your expectations of those events and of how life should be. If your expectations are high and your perception low, you mind end up with a negative happiness, which to me equals sadness and even depression.

If we apply this to nudism, if I almost never expect to get naked in most situations, but I force myself to ask for permission and if given it increases my perception of the time spent, if not, I still enjoy my time. The rule of thumb here is to have low to average expectations and keep the ability to be positively surprised. Hence, any additional nude time is additional happy time. Nudism manufactures happiness increase, not happiness itself. It may sound a little bit artificial at the beginning but when incorporated to your daily life, it becomes a habit, nude possibility adds to your current well-being and happiness (perception), without being always required (expectations).

Of course, this applies to many other aspects of life and I encourage you to read both books to manufacture happiness your way. Manufacturing happiness is something I’m doing daily and stack up nudism to daily activities, as we’re going to see in the following part.

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  1. Hi Marc,

    Your latest article is as enlightening and thought provoking as ever. If believing that: “choosing nude whenever and wherever you can is awesome”, suggests that one is obsessed, then I’m happy to be accused of being an advocate! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and will continue to look forward to your ‘awesome’ contributions to the cause of universal acceptance of nudity.


  2. Hi Marc I live on the North Norfolk coast here in the UK, but we can suffer from the wind coming off the sea. Alas Marc that doesn’t stop me being naked wherever and whenever I can. An ideal summer would be constant 30 degree sunny weather. I’m only two miles from a nudist beach and other beaches where I can walk naked. Sadly this time of year I’m a house nudist. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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