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Many nudists enjoy nudism on holiday or, eventually, over some weekends, and it’s completely normal. Most people have a busy life, with their jobs, family, hobbies, etc. Hence, nudity and nudism may not be experienced at other moments than holidays. If you’re a seasoned nudist, this is something you probably have already experienced. If you’re new to nudism or are a closet nudist, this part is for you. It will help you move outside of your walls and discover nudism as it really is, a wonderful and comfortable experience.

The Full Day Experience

Imagine going through the gate of a nudist resort for the first time. You’re excited and apprehensive at the same time. You’re greeted by the gatekeeper, naked, who welcomes you and offers to walk the grounds with you, and offer you to get naked if you want. You jump on the occasion and go on a tour with him or her. Every time this has happened to me, I felt joyful and so well. Walking naked outside with another nudist is a fantastic experience we tend not to realize fully when we become a seasoned nudist.

As the day continues, you go to the swimming pool, play a game of volleyball or mölkky, have a drink at the bar and meet new people. During all those moments, you were naked and came to realize everybody else was too, although nudity is never the center of attention. Nudity is the de facto state of dress (or undress, shall I say) and, voilà, you don’t notice it anymore.

At one moment, the day ends and you’ll need to go back to the textile world. The second you dress up again, you come to realize you miss something. Yes, you read well, when you add a piece of clothing to your nudity, you subtract something. Adding comes with a loss. Antoine Lavoisier, a French chemist, said that “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. Adding clothes subtracts freedom. Removing them adds freedom. You need to spend a day entirely naked with other nudists to realize this incredible truth, clothes take your freedom and comfort away.

For many nudists, me included, clothes become annoying when you could choose to be naked. You may ask when could you choose to be naked? Simple answers: at the beach, at a friends barbecue, at the pool, on a hike, at the gym, at home, of course… And this comes clearly after a day (or more, as we will see later) spent naked. By spending a day naked, you will understand why our body has been designed through millions of years of evolution to be uncovered. You won’t understand rationally, you will understand physically. Being naked is the most comfortable outfit that we have.

Now, if you have the opportunity to extend that day and spend one or many more, grab it and discover the joy of spending many days in the buff.

Enjoying Overnight

I remember my first naked weekend experience. Not having to wear anything for a full day, a night and another full day was incredible. I not only felt alive, I felt me for the first time. Nudity was my preferred outfit from far. That weekend sealed my life as a nudist.

Now, before going into some of the details of spending a whole weekend naked, two things to know: first, it’s a blast, second, it’s highly addictive. Now that you’re warned, here are a few tips to spend the best weekend of your life and the first of a long series.

Pick your date, the place and book! Nothing’s like a well-planned weekend.

On the day, pack as little as possible. When I say as little as possible, I mean in terms of clothing. You’ll probably need clothes to get where you need to get, then, the best is to leave it to this. If you intend to practice some sports that require gears, like running, tennis or golf, just pack the bare minimum (pun intended). For instance, I love running, so I pack a pair of running shoes and socks, and swimming, so I add goggles. That’s all! Add towels, a hat, a toiletry kit to your suitcase, and this should do the trick. If you fear to be cold in the evening, you will use the clothes you wore for the trip. If you plan a party on the Saturday evening, pack a pair of shoes and some jewels. All in all, all that you need should fit in a cabin suitcase.

If you drive to the place, stop halfway and get naked to end the trip in the buff. I generally leave already naked, this adds to my nude time.

If you can, arrive early and leave late to maximize your nude time.

On the weekend, enjoy your nude time. Participate to organized activities, have a glass of your preferred beverage with friends, and have fun!

A Delightful Holiday

The best weekends are those who start on Friday evening and ends on Monday morning. But Fridays and Mondays can be any other day of the week. You can decide to spend any other day of the week and why not the whole week or month? Moving from weekends to holidays is a natural move. Adding to this that there are hundreds of resorts, campsites, beaches across the world that await you, there’s no good reason not to enjoy fully nudist holidays.

Tip – If you don’t know where to go. Nick and Lins, from Naked Wanderings, propose great naturist tourist guides and reviews on their site.

Why not add a nudist dimension to your next holidays? I sometimes hear that nudism holidays can be expensive and limited to people who can afford them. However, my experience shows that they aren’t more expensive than textile ones. You have the choice of campsites, resorts, rental homes, at the same price as any other textile place. 

Straight from the bat, holidays are a perfect occasion to discover nudism. It’s an immersion in a place that provides a safe haven to get used to being naked, seeing naked people and realizing that not only nudity is completely normal, but experiencing it at our own pace, when coming from a textile world.

Although, it’s normal for many new nudist to stay clothed for the first hours or day, I encourage to leave your clothes as soon as you arrive. Nothing will happen to you because you’re naked. It may feel uncomfortable, even very uncomfortable, at first because you will think everybody will look at you because you’re naked. You will, however, quickly realize nobody cares nor look at you, for the simple fact that nudity is the de facto state of dress of everybody. Naked, you’re one of the nudists. Clothed, you’re suspicious. Just jump and go naked, and lock your clothes for the whole week.

Read the last sentence again. This is my joy when I’m spending nudist holidays. I hang my clothes in the cupboard and forget them until I leave. Nudity is my choice. Of course, what happened if evenings are chilly? It really depends. The more you stay naked, the more you’ll get used to colder temperature as your body features temperature regulation, that is generally not working well due to our usage of clothing. The moment you stay naked, your body will relearn to use its temperature regulation and you may be surprised to be able to stay naked in colder temperature than expected. One trick is to always wear shoes, as cold can come from the feet. Yes, it may sound weird, but I experience this daily and always wear flip-flops, slippers or Vibram 5 fingers when naked. If you’re too cold, a t-shirt or a robe will do the job as the feeling of cold often comes from the chest.

Beyond nudity, enjoy holidays to do all that you have to do, hike, bask in the sun, shop, cook, go to the restaurant, etc., entirely naked, the whole week. The first time you go shopping naked or go dining, you will find this strange, then it will become your new normal. The moment you stop thinking about your own nudity or others’ marks the line that you’re ready for daily nudism, as we will see in the next part. However, weekend or holiday nudists aren’t inferior nudists as I don’t believe in gradation in nudism. As long as you enjoy a few days or weeks of nudism, it’s really fine and you should be really happy and proud, you’re part of this wonderful family of people who broke harmful social norms and enjoy the freedom nudity offers.

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Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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  1. “Imagine going through the gate of a nudist resort for the first time. You’re excited and apprehensive at the same time. You’re greeted by the gatekeeper, naked, who welcomes you and offers to walk the grounds with you, and offer you to get naked if you want. You jump on the occasion and go on a tour with him or her. Every time this has happened to me, I felt joyful and so well. Walking naked outside with another nudist is a fantastic experience we tend not to realize fully when we become a seasoned nudist.”

    YES! This paragraph was so spot on for us. My wife and I just had this experience last month, and it was incredibly liberating. We have already scheduled another similar vacation away, now at an internationsl resort.

    Your writing is such a great representation of this process in life, Marc, quite a gift to the community. Many thanks.

  2. The first time I got nude, I went to a camp. I always wanted to go for years. Some of my friends told me they hate wearing clothes. I watch videos of nude resorts and I wanted that type of life. So I finally went. I arrived and I was going to turn around when the gate lifted up. As I was going into the parking lot, I saw a few people walking away and saw their butts. I first thought of this was wrong then I saw that it was in the open and it really looked natural. I walked up to the desk and a nude woman greeted me. She was one of the most friendliest person I had encountered. As she stood up and shook ky hand, I realized she was very comfortable being nude. A nude man walked out and was making a joke that he didn’t have pockets. She told me they are into complete nudity and privacy there. I went back to my vehicle. I took and deep breath and wanted to be like those nude people and be comfortable. In 2 seconds, I took off everything and walked back to the desk. I was completely nude, even no shoes. I went back talking to the woman at the desk. It felt great. My worries in my life seemed to be little now. I was at peace. I spent the entire day hiking and talking to people. I didn’t want to put my clothes on ever again. So when it was time to go home, I left my clothes on the floor of my vehicle and drove home the same way I was all day. I finally had to put my clothes on the next morning. Some people asked me how to take that leap. I tell them they have to go all in. The biggest obsticle to overcome is your mind. No one cares who, what or how you are. Just enjoy being nude with others and that is all that matters. I would love to move on a nude resort.

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