Should I Sleep Naked? Yes, Start Tonight!


This post might be the shortest if I simply answered this question with a resounding yes, due to the comfort that nudity provides. Sleeping naked is comfortable, very comfortable. However, a large number of people put on pajamas, nightgowns or shorts and t-shirts to sleep. What are these clothes really for if they have any use? And why not just do without them? Are there any benefits of sleeping naked? It’s the answer to these questions that you will find here and that will hopefully make you ditch your pajamas, nightie and other nightgowns.

Sleep naked. A habit that, even more than your sleep, could revolutionize your entire life.

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The uselessness of nightwear

One could philosophize for ages about the usefulness of clothes in general, including those some people wear in their beds. Clothing has a dual function: to protect and classify socially. Protection is its most logical function. The clothing protects us from the cold, the rays of the sun and the attacks that our body can undergo. Socially, it helps position who we aspire to represent. The suit and tie makes, for example, the professional. Clothing can also obey religious precepts, we think of the veil or the cassock.

All this applies during the day, but at night, protected by a sheet, a blanket or a quilt, what is the nightwear used for? Quite simply, nothing. It is reminiscent of the toddler’s onesie, which we know can get out blankets while sleeping. The baby should be protected and his body temperature maintained. It is the same for children who can also drop their blanket or find it in a ball at their feet.

One third of the population prefers to sleep naked, a phenomenon that tends to spread globally due to its many benefits.

However, for teenagers and adults, even if the blanket is pushed back during the night, it is possible to recover it and protect yourself with it. The sheets then play the role of protection. The other factor behind the use of sleepwear is habit. For many people, the feel of the tissue on the skin is necessary. This is then psychological protection.

What about the social side of clothing? Between the bathroom and the bed, the pajamas or the nightie then allow you to wander. And while at it, whether these pajamas or nightie are “sexy”. We then find the garment that embellishes, which positions the taste of the person who wears it. However, if you live alone or with your family, unless you want to remind your spouse and your children that you are a woman or a man of taste, quite unnecessary fatuity in my opinion, it is strictly for nothing but to satisfy your ego.

For all those who sleep with pajamas or nightie, it is not uncommon to find their private parts compressed by pajamas with the belt twisted or with a t-shirt or nightie crumpled around the neck. The garment is then particularly uncomfortable. Last but not least, especially for those who wear panties, shorts or briefs, these allow bacteria to macerate and lead to various medical problems such as vaginal yeast infection or decreased sperm production.

The benefits of nudity

Nudity and naturism in general have many benefits, both physical and psychological. When it comes to sleeping naked, that is, getting warm in sheets or under a duvet, nudity has others. Some are so obvious that ignoring them can be damaging to your own health. Here are a few to consider.

  • Fast and convenient. When you have spent the day in clothes, why put on your pajamas or nightie to go to bed after undressing? If you are in the habit of showering before bed, dry yourself off and crawl under the sheets naked. It’s so much faster and more convenient. Same in the morning, directly in the shower, without having to undress. And then, side effect, you reduce the volume of detergent used due to less frequent clothes washing.
  • Comfort and relaxation. Nudity is comfortable. In addition, it seems that naked you fall asleep faster. No clothing that bothers you in the middle of the night.
  • Better temperature regulation. Our body is a wonderful mechanism that has its own temperature regulation mechanisms. Pajamas and ‘nighties tend to increase body temperature, causing increased production of cortisol. This stress hormone results in more restless nights, more anxiety and is suspected of promoting overweight.
  • Good skin health. With the increase in body temperature, sweating occurs. In pajamas or panties, it is captured by the fabric and maceration, especially in the crotch and under the armpits, may occur, causing bacteria to grow.
  • Melatonin and growth hormone. Sleeping naked without hindrance increases the production of melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone. This may explain the increased quality of sleep and faster falling asleep. In addition, the body is also said to secrete more growth hormone, slowing the aging of the skin and improving overall health.
  • Accept your body. Being naked and doing naked activities allows you to accept yourself as you are. Even if you are naked under the duvet, the psyche plays its role and your self-confidence increases.
  • Body to body. If you are in a relationship and your partner is sleeping naked, what could be gentler than pressing your skin against their skin. And who knows, this is a way to revive a low libido.

If after listing these many benefits of nighttime nudity, you are still reluctant, ask yourself what you have to lose to try? Not much in fact. At worst, you’ll find it a little weird, as you won’t be used to feeling the sheets against your naked body. Your little inner voice will tell you that it’s not okay to be naked. Let her speak. No one sees you, no one is shocked by your nudity. If you feel a little uncomfortable the first time, that’s okay. Let this feeling slowly fade away and enjoy the added comfort of this natural nudity. After a few days, try putting on your pajamas, shorts, panties or nightie. This piece of fabric will seem incongruous and it’s a safe bet that you will drop it for good this time.

A first step towards naturism

Sleeping naked also has another side benefit. It is a possible gateway to naturism. Indeed, by sleeping naked, you get used to your body and to new sensations. Once the taboo is broken, you will quickly appreciate the comfort of nudity. You may then wish to continue your experience off the sheets.

Blogger Naturism Girl explains How to become nudist? She recommends starting at home by learning how to feel well in your body. Sleeping naked is a possible first step. There is a crucial point in my opinion to realize during this first step: nudity is normal! Once you admit it and understand the benefits in your sheets, assume that there are many more outside your bedroom. Nothing should prevent you from living naked in your home, then venturing outside, preferably in a naturist center, to discover communal nudity.

NNaturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.

International Naturist Federation

Nude and Happy is exclusively devoted to naturism and nudism. You will find there many ideas on naturism and nudism, to be nude without sexual connotations. Sleeping naked is therefore a possible gateway to this comfortable, natural and completely normal lifestyle. Society, culture and religion are at the root of our unhealthy relationship with our bodies. In these times of climate change, we realize that we have strayed from nature and its principles. Restoring nudity to its normal character helps reduce our ecological footprint to live in harmony with others and our environment. Becoming a naturist is not enough in itself, but it is also a step towards more respect and tolerance.

Don’t delay, don’t procrastinate, start sleeping naked tonight. If you can, get naked while reading this article. Feel the comfort that nudity provides and discover the incredible happiness of shared nudity. It may take a while for you to become completely comfortable with your own nudity. The first night may also be the trigger. Don’t stop there and keep going. Please feel free to also browse, subscribe and comment on this blog. Good nights naked!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. I’ve been sleeping in the nude since I was a teen and the few times I’ve been forced to wear underwear or worse yet pj’s were the worse night sleeps I’ve ever had. I even wore nothing to bed while I was raising my 4 boys. The clothes bunch up when I turn over bind in the most uncomfortable places. Frankly, I’ve no Idea why anyone would want to wear anything to bed.

  2. Great article! I totally agree! It’s utter nonsense to wear clothes in bed. You already have bed clothes so any other form of clothes are just uncomfortable and unnecessary. And sleeping naked has been the perfect gateway to nudism for me. I started sleeping naked about a year ago and for a few months now I’ve been trying nudism out at home. Since I started being naked at home I no longer feel stressed and I’m much more comfortable without clothes. So I’ve decided to make nudism a permanent lifestyle change. Probably one of my best decisions ever, if not the very best!

  3. My wife and I have been sleeping nude for the better part of our 30 years of marriage!! We both TOTALLY recommend sleeping nude!

  4. It’s not so easy. In this case I am speaking from direct experience.
    If you are not used to sleeping naked you feel agitated, aroused a mix of sensations that literally prevent you from sleeping and often force you to get dressed. I speak from personal experience, if you are used (as I was, before becoming a nudist/naturist) to sleep with a sore spot, going to bed naked immediately is perhaps not the best solution and you risk spending a sleepless night. The best thing is to get your body used first. This can be done by removing a single piece of clothing (example: removing pajama pants). In this way it will be possible to fall asleep anyway. Once you get used to sleeping without pajama pants, you can remove the top but always by removing one item of clothing at a time. Then you can move on to eliminate underwear but always gradually (first tank tops, then underwear). All this allows you to get used to the nakedness of the body gradually and requires only a little good will and a week / max 10 days of time.

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