8 Tips to Keep a Nudist Lifestyle while Temperatures Decrease

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As the Northern Hemisphere is heading to Autumn, the temperatures are slowly decreasing and may go below a threshold where we cannot be comfortably naked. Well, this is what common sense would dictate. However, even in winter, even if we need to heat our house a few degrees less to decrease our carbon footprint and cope with rising energy pricing, we can still enjoy nudism, both inside and outside. Yes, contrary to popular belief, even by seasoned nudists and naturists, you can enjoy naturism and nudism all year long. Here are 8 tips to do so, particularly when getting and staying naked may prove difficult due to colder temperatures.

1. Get Used to Cold

This is probably going to surprise you, but you can support much colder temperature than you imagine. It depends on what you’re doing and to what degree you are cold averse. I often run naked outside while it’s less than 10 degrees Celsius and work indoor while the temperature is close to 19 degrees. Over the years, my body has adapted to colder temperature. Of course, I won’t be able to support cold for a long period of time, particularly if I’m not moving. However, you can push your own limits by challenging yourself to expose your naked body to cold temperatures for a few minutes.

For instance, I often go for a short walk in the garden in the morning, while the temperature sometimes is closed to freezing. It feels really cold the first few seconds, particularly when you’re coming from a warm indoor, but if you move with confidence and walk briskly, you will get used to the cold and will find the exercise invigorating. When it’s really cold, wear gloves, warm shoes and a woolly hat, it makes a big difference and you can stay naked outside longer. When I run naked in winter, I always wear gloves and a hat.

A great way to get used to the cold is to go for naked hike in winter. Pick a day without wind and some sun. Start clothed and walk fast. After a few minutes, peel one piece of clothing and put it into your backpack. Continue every time you feel a little bit warmer until you’re fully naked, with just your shoes, gloves and hat. Generally, you can get naked in 10 to 15 minutes and stay naked the remaining of the hike as long as you keep walking at a steady fast pace. One key aspect to nudism in winter is to protect the head, the feet and the hands. The rest of the body can be bare while being really comfortable. Anyhow, nudity is the most comfortable outfit when you start sweating.

So jump in the cold, a few seconds at a time and enjoy the different feeling of cold on your bare body.

2. Wear Shoes

I often get cold from the feet, this is why I always wear slippers or flip-flops indoor and comfortable warm shoes outdoor, including on naked hikes and runs. Cold is coming from the feet, the head and sometimes the shoulders. Indoor, wear a comfortable pair of slippers or use a footrest when sitting at a desk, like the one below:

Whether you keep a pair of socks or slippers or are barefoot, a footrest is a fantastic way to enjoy a great time naked while keeping your feet rested and warm. It’s a low-cost furniture that will enhance your winter naked life!

3. Cover Shoulders

If your feet are well taken care of, you may want to keep your shoulders warm. One of the best pieces of winter nudism is a warm shawl, like the one featured below.

Wrapped around your shoulders it will warm you up gently while allowing you to continue working at your desk. It will eventually accompany you during your hourly move (see below). It’s also very easy to put on and off. A poncho can play a similar role, although it’s a little bit more cumbersome to take off.

4. Go Commando

If you really need to wear a short or trousers, go commando. I’ve not been wearing underwear for years and I’m feeling great. Of course, the question of hygiene is front and centre, as well as the one about the fabric used. I try to pick comfortable natural fibre like pure cotton and wool, and wash my shorts on a regular basis. I know a few people who are wearing kilts, which is a great alternative. Of course, for women, a simple skirt may do the trick.

5. Move every 45 Minutes

Immobility not only makes you cold, it also freezes your neurones. Well, not quite, but it has now been proven again and again that physical exercise, even 5 minutes every hour or so boosts your brain. When you’re working naked, sitting at the office, moving every 45 minutes or so allows to walk or exercise for a few minutes to reach two goals: keep your body warm and your brain functioning at its peak.

I’m using a time to work in chunks of 45 to 50 minutes, then doing a 10 to 15-minute break. During this break, I go on a brisk walk or do some stretching exercises. It felt a little bit weird at the beginning, but it started to make perfect sense after a little while, when I say my productivity increase almost twofold!

So, stay naked and go move!

6. The Comfy Robe

I love a nice robe. When the temperature goes a little bit chilly indoor, instead of pushing the temperature up, I prefer put on a velvet or silk robe. I already told you that I’m a passionate nudist and nudity is my preferred state of dress. However, I’m climate conscious as well and don’t want to increase my energy bill by pushing the indoor temperature up. So, covering my body with a robe provides this extra coverage that transforms the cold experience into a comfortable one.

This is my preferred piece of clothing in the morning when preparing breakfast, or when I cannot move enough to get my body warmer. With a robe, as soon as I get a little bit warmer, I can loosen the belt and eventually take the robe out. It’s a convenient piece of clothing that will make you feel good and will allow you to get naked quickly as soon as you’re warm enough.

7. Have Your Hot Beverages Pot

Whether you like coffee, tea, herbal tea of hot chocolate, prepare a thermos of it and have it on your desk. It’s great to indulge with a cuppa when working and it’s a great way to get a little bit warmer, when the atmosphere gets chillier, for instance at dusk. I’m a coffee drinker in the morning and a green tea one in the afternoon. So I generally have a 1-litre thermos full of my beverage that I prepare in the morning for the coffee and just after lunch for the tea.

8. Lit a Fire

If you happen to have a fireplace, it’s a wonderful way to get warm and create a cosy atmosphere in the room. Being naked indoor in front of a fireplace, when it’s cold outside is a wonderful feeling. I love working in this atmosphere that creates the extra level of focus that I need when deep attention is required.

A fire also allows to slip smoothly from work to chill. When my day’s over, I can grab a bottle of wine or get a glass of whisky, and spend some quality time with my spouse. We all need to relax after a hard day at work, and being naked in front of a fire with your significant other is a piece in the happiness puzzle.

One may think that nudism is a warm weather only lifestyle, but you can enjoy nudism in winter as well. All it needs is to get a little bit organized and prepared, as we have seen with these eight tips. When, like me, your mood is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing you wear, nudity is the first choice, irrespective of the temperature. However, as we need some coverage, we adapt while keeping our indoor temperature below 20 degrees Celsius to save on energy and reduce our carbon footprint. So next time you discuss nudism or think about getting naked in winter, ensure that you’re prepared, get naked and enjoy winter nudity!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Marc. We live in one of the coldest parts of the northern hemisphere, northern Wisconsin, and we live nude as much as possible. We already follow many of your tips, and they really do work. Of course, we’ve grown up here and have raised our family here, nudist all the way. The benefits of this area far outweigh the minor inconvenience of 25 below zero temps.

    Love your posts.

    Dean and Sharon

    • Thank you Dean and Sharon for letting readers know that, yes, you can be a nudist and enjoy your lifestyle in the middle of winter (although 25 below zero is serious cold…)!

  2. I really loved this post sharing 8 important tips to enjoy nakedness even in winter. Actually I was looking for such information to protect from cold weather & even to enjoy nudism passion simultaneously. Though here in India the temperatures don’t drop to freezing except for a few locations & though here in India we nudists can’t enjoy outdoor nudism because of the laws, the article is very much helpful to enjoy the nudism passion atleast within my home during the winter days.. Sincere Thanks Marc for these lovely tips.. Looking for the next article from you.

  3. Good tips, thanks for putting them together. Its always worth extending the amount of time we can be nude in my view. I tend to combine the making a hot drink with the moving regularly tips. I’ve been told that I do more around the house in winter when I’m doing physical things so as i can stay warm while naked! I respond that I’m not the only one who does this. It possibly takes one nudist warming up to recognise another one here!

  4. I have been practicing getting used to colder New York mornings with a robe on my back patio. Once the sun rises higher, warming me, I remove my robe, drink a hot coffee for about an hour before I go to work. I agree, keep moving quickly.

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