Finding the Courage to Embrace Nudism in 4 Hacks

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The world wants you to be a nudist! I don’t know a nudist that would not love that you become a nudist. As a nudist, I want more nudists around me. More nudists mean more nude time, more nude places and more nude acceptance. This is why we need you to become a nudist and embrace the nudist philosophy and lifestyle. But you still hesitate. You wonder how your friends and family will react if they know you’re a nudist. You wonder if nudism is right for you. You wonder if being a nudist is really what you want.

A few words before we jump into the hacks I will talk about to jump into nudism. Nudism is just plain fantastic. Fantastic as a lifestyle, fantastic as a community, fantastic as the many benefits come with it. You can go over this website and others. You can read my books and others. You can discuss with other nudists. In other words, you can make your own judgement call. However, if you came here, I believe you have the answer to your first question: Yes, become a nudist! Yes, take the plunge! Yes, join the nudist community!

Now, how do you execute this idea to become a nudist? Here are four simple hacks to take action and enter the fantastic world of nudism.

Join a nudist community online

There are dozens of nudist communities online and dozens of nudist influencers. However, the world of online nudism is plagued by pornography. I have nothing against pornography, every adult being responsible about his or her relationship with sexuality, but nudism is not pornography. Nudism and naturism are, in my opinion, or should be, asexual and family oriented.

I was having a discussion recently with nudists about what makes nudist content. My point was that for content to be nudist it can be shared with kids. Of course, by saying this, many people will shout that nudity or display of nude people should not be shown to kids. I totally oppose this point of view, as long as those naked people are photographed or displayed having non-sexual activities. Showing naked people at the beach, on a hike, relaxing, chatting, having dinner or swimming is totally fine and represents what nudism is.

If you’re with me on this nudism point of view, choosing a nudist community online should not be big of a problem. I’m biased though as my preferred naturist community is A Naturist World.

I’m a lifetime member of A Naturist World, although I have no other commercial interest. Anna and Steve, and their two boys, are doing an amazing work to promote naturism, while keeping a community alive, protected, and respectful of the spirit of naturism, while embracing its plurality of personalities. In such a community, you will find support, answers to your questions and members happy to share their experiences. It’s a great way to take a step in naturism and discover its numerous benefits, starting with a supporting and caring community!

Go to the nearest nude beach

If you want to try nudism without anybody knowing, the nearest nude beach is your safest bet. Just pack what you would pack for a day at the beach, without any bathing suit. One word of cautious, though. Some nude beaches have a nefarious reputation, with voyeurism and exhibitionism (this is the case of the famous Cap d’Agde for instance). If you want a genuine naturist experience, look for a family beach or, even better, a watched nude beach.

With the right beach, you will experience nudism in a non-sexual context, with plenty of naked bathers who have a good time at the beach in the simplicity of nudity. You may want to know more about what to expect and how to behave at a nude beach. Read my post about Nude Beach Etiquette to discover what to do and what not to do. But overall, don’t behave differently than you would on a textile beach. The main difference is your lack of bathing suits.

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A tip that I always give to friends who agree to join me for the first time at a nude beach is to avoid the trap of overthinking. What I mean is that it’s easy to delay the moment you will drop your swimsuit. You may want to get used to nudity around you before dropping your suit, for instance. However, it’s a trap set by your own personal fear of being seen and judged. On a nude beach, everybody is naked and everyone is expected to be naked. Therefore, don’t think, don’t wait, just drop your clothes and get naked. You may not be immediately comfortable. Sit or lay down until you build enough confidence to walk around, at least to the water. As a famous brand says, just do it!

Contact your nearest nudist group

Naturists and nudists are welcoming people. Every nudist I know wants to welcome more nudists. Hence, you’re almost certain to be welcomed when joining a nearby nudist group to learn more about it, its activities and membership. The best source of information is your nudist federation. Here’s a list of such groups in English-speaking countries:

If you’re not sure about how to contact your naturist or nudist federation, the International Naturist Federation is a good source of information. You may wonder what to ask or how to start the conversation. The best way is to say that you’re interested by naturism and would like to experience it with like-minded people. Get ready to discuss about your motivation to discover naturism, as well about your fear(s). Most federations and clubs have ready FAQs and documents they can share to ease your journey to naturism.

Once the contact is established, your next step will be to book an appointment to visit the club or to meet its members at their next outing. As with the beach option, don’t overthink. Once you made your decision, just go and drop your clothes. Most nudists went through the same journey and will make sure you’re at ease.

Book a holiday at a nudist resort

Now, if you’re on the shy side, are not entirely sure nudism is for you, don’t want to commit to a club and want some structure, a nudist resort is your go-to strategy. As for the club, you nudist or naturist federation is your closest ally to find the right place. Now, if you really want to be sure about the best possible pick for you, I would really advise that you join a nudist community online first so you can ask the community about their experience with the resorts you picked.

Of course, what pleases someone can displease someone else. However, if you’re clear about what you’re looking for, in terms of amenities, patrons, and atmosphere, you will be able to ask the right questions, get quality answers, and forge the best possible opinion.

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One very important aspect of nudist resorts concerns the “lifestyle” ones. Lifestyle is often synonymous to sexual atmosphere and swinging. If you’re looking for a genuine nonsexual nudist resort, lifestyle resorts are a big no. Ultimately, it’s your call, but for a genuine discovery of what nudism and naturism are (nonsexual social nudity), lifestyle resorts should be discarded.

Like clubs and beaches, don’t compromise. A lot of nudist resorts are clothing optional. They generally adopted such a policy to get more customers, who may sit on a fence. However, I encourage you to drop your clothes as soon as you reach the place and only get them back if temperature goes down or places (like restaurants in the evening) enforce clothing. In all other cases, just stay naked and enjoy the comfort of nudity! I wish you a great stay!

I may sound like a broken record but, I truly believe that nudism and naturism are awesome ways of living. Their biggest caveat though is they cannot be fully explained. They need to be experienced. This means that you need to go to a nudist place, undress and meet other naked people. The above four strategies are simple and proven to allow you to test the water and decide if nudism is for you, which I believe it is if you’re just reading this post and are curious about it. Don’t overthink, just do it. There are big chances that once you try, you will become a believer!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. I love to be a nudist but as of now I am a in home nudist only when wife is away she is totally against . I wish there would be places close to me that would have either a club or beach for nudist to go to but we have none.

  2. very well said in simple words, Marc. As you said rightly in the last para of the article, “the happiness which we have by practicing nudism can’t be described in exact words, it just needs to be experienced” is very true.

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