There’s still a quarter to achieve your nude resolutions!

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At the beginning of every quarter comes the time of goals and resolutions review. For those who might wonder what’s this is about, I encourage you to read How To Set Nude Year Resolutions That Work and Your nude resolutions, where are you? At the beginning of each year, I set my personal, professional, financial, fitness and nudist resolutions. Those are the five categories I decide to challenge me on every year, to be able to grow in each of those dimensions. For this, year, here were my nude resolutions:

  • Q1 (Winter): Edit and publish the book Becoming a Nudist
  • Q2 (Spring): Edit and publish my four French nudist novels
  • Q3 (Summer): Spend a week in a nudist resort and do 5 day-long nude hikes
  • Q4 (Autumn): Prep and write a new nudist series, ready for Nanowrimo in November 2022
  • Spending at least 20 days per quarter entirely nude

Here’s where I am

  • Q1 (Winter): Edit and publish the book Becoming a Nudist – Done!
  • Q2 (Spring): Edit and publish my four French nudist novels – Started, but long overdue
  • Q3 (Summer): Spend a week in a nudist resort and do 5 day-long nude hikes – Did not spend a week in a resort (short on cash), but did spend a week at home and did 5 nude hikes, so considered Done!
  • Q4 (Autumn): Prep and write a new nudist series, ready for Nanowrimo in November 2022 -> This is the goal for Q4, added to my Q2 one (a little bit extra planning required)
  • Spending at least 20 days per quarter entirely nude – Did it in Q1 and Q3, but lagged in Q2 and am now 18 days behind, so need to catch up if possible in Q4, with 38 days nude. It started well with a naked Sunday, let’s plan to continue.

While reviewing my resolutions and their achievements so far, I love to note my thoughts on paper. Though I capture everything on my computer, jotting notes on paper is fast and easy. It feels more natural than typing on a keyboard. Although I happen to take notes on my iPad, a paper notepad helps me to be more creative and productive when it comes to generate ideas,


I don’t feel great about Q2, where I lost track, due to other priorities on one side and some urgent family challenges that required more attention than planned, and had some effects on Q3 as well. It’s a reminder that life happens and that you cannot always control everything. On the other side, I think I lost the discipline and focus in Q2, and took me all of Q3 to regain them. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, but will see if I can plan better in Q4 so I recoup my shortfalls.

Definitely spending more time naked will be pleasurable, but will require some extra planning to be able to save more time. There are 13 weeks in Q4 and if I want to reach my 38 naked days goal, that’s almost 3 naked days a week. Not impossible, but challenging. The only way to get to it is to plan them early!

As for the books editing and writing, I need to save and plan additional time in my calendar. This means making choices and potentially deprioritizing some activities. However, I’m conscious that with 24 hours a day, I need to keep my calendar balanced, so after careful planning, I may need to reschedule some resolution. However, let’s see how I can balance all activities. I have just put a two-hour slot in my calendar to revisit my overall schedule and project plans.


I brew some coffee, made myself comfortable in my home office (this means, of course, that I’m enjoying the comfort of my own nudity) and revisited my quarter calendar. Here’s my methodology for ensuring my plan could fit in the quarter and my resolutions have all the chances to be achieved.

  1. I planned the naked work from home days. Knowing that I needed at least 3 naked days before the end of the quarter, I had to plan 2 naked work from home days and one naked weekend day. Weekends are sometimes difficult due to errands to run, family or friends to visit, but nothing’s impossible. I have managed to plan 32 days until the end of the quarter leaving some space for last minute change.
  2. I’ve set periodic slots in my agenda for tasks that require consistency, like book editing or blogging. They will each appear on my calendar on a daily basis to ensure I instill the discipline to act upon them. However, I have to reschedule my next books for next year. There’s no way to deliver quality work the quarter.
  3. I’ve set daily task review every day, weekly task review every Monday morning and monthly task review every first working day of the week. This will allow me to review my days, weeks and months, track my progress and review my activities if necessary.
  4. I’ve set project steps in my To-Do list with reminders and deadline, so I can easily plan my days and weeks without forgetting anything.

When all was done, I contemplated the work done and felt great. But, as all planning, it was just the beginning, and I wanted to celebrate and ensure stickiness, so I laced my running shoes and went for a long one-hour naked run! It provided me the right level of energy and thinking space to feel even better about what I had accomplished.


Planning, rescheduling and getting ready for action are a fantastic way to feel good and energised. At the brain level, it goes with the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that gets you a shot of chemical satisfaction. However, this does not last (like many chemical reactions) and transforming this boost into action creates a wonderful virtuous circle. Hence, to be and stay in the flow, I’ve set up a simple powerful routine:

  1. Once the plan is clear, from planning and scheduling perspective, I plan 70 to 80% of each day by 50-minute chunks. Devoting 50-minute full attention followed by 10-minute exercise (walk, stretch) is the best way to boost my own productivity. I have my dopamine boost every hour or so.
  2. I put on my shoes and go for a morning naked run or do a naked workout, 6 days a week. With exercise, endorphins boost your brain activity, and of course, exercise has short- and long-term benefits.
  3. I reflect every evening on the work done and come up with at least three things I’m grateful about during a short 5 to 15-minute meditation and journaling.

To ensure I set the right timing, I’m using a timer like the one below. It’s a great way to plan time in chunks and track where you are and how you’re faring.

Energy does not happen, it’s a choice and a discipline. Along with the above points, I ensure I eat healthy organic food, fast one day a week and get enough sleep (at least 7 hours). I know it sounds almost like a military discipline, but it’s not once you get used to it. Of course, some weeks are better than others, so I stay gentle with me and ensure I course correct when I deviate, without beating me up. This discipline has allowed me to be consistent with this blog, to published five books on nudism, to have written four others that will be published soon and embraced a nudist lifestyle that made my life fulfilled. A little effort at the beginning for a lot of daily joy.

So here I am, after a genuine review and planning exercise. If there are some aspects I’m happy about, there are some that really require improvement. When I think about them, it all boils down to rituals, routines and discipline. Discipline is a loaded term, often considered negatively. I don’t see it this way. Discipline is actually a simplistic way to create habits. There are 2 tricks that work for me: 1. not wanting to do something is a signal this is an important activity, 2. planning 80% of your daily activities including those mentioned in the first point is a key to resolution achievement. Where are you with your nudist life and your nudist resolutions? I wish you an excellent end of the year, as naked as possible!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. It’s a wonderful & genuine review. The way you are planning, reviewing & rescheduling it on micro levels is really inspirational. As you rightly said, only discipline is the way to create habits. Because of your dedication & discipline towards nudism, many aspirant naturists like me were lucky enough to read your nicely written book “Becoming A Nudist”. As I have started this fabulous journey in July 2022 & as I am a relatively new nudism practitioner, I didn’t set any resolutions in 2022. However after reading this article, I have decided to plan my nudism resolutions for 2023. Best wishes Marc for your 2022 Q4 rescheduled resolutions & its accomplishment.

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