A Nudist Halloween

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Halloween is a great opportunity to get dressed in a spooky costume and have fun all night long. As with most activities and parties, Halloween can also be a nudist party. Being naked does not mean being serious and not having fun, while dressing up a little bit with spooky accessories.

So this autumn, why not inviting your nudist and textile friends to a clothing-optional Halloween party? It’s also possible that your nudist club sets a big party for Halloween which makes the festival even bigger. In all cases, Halloween means witches, devils and ghosts, a great opportunity to have fun, be scary and enjoy a bonfire, while sharing the comfort of plain nudity.

Dare to bare at Halloween!

Because Halloween is an opportunity to get dressed in costumes. Although it’s fun to wear a costume, being naked is comfortable, so why not joining both? Yes, you read it well: being bare while costumed. Furthermore, Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to be a little bit crazy, so being naked on that day may be less frowned upon and can be a great opportunity to introduce nudism to textiles.

However, the best way to make a get naked at Halloween is to organise your own Bare as you Dare party, with nudists and textile friends. Grabbing any opportunity to put nudism forward is a funtastic way to show textiles that nudism is normal, natural and totally acceptable!

Body Painting

An activity that is very popular among nudists is body painting. Don’t use any kind of painting of course, as you want something that will not harm you and will be easy to remove. You will find special body paint palette, like the one below

Even if you’re not an artist capable of painting something like the awesome example above, you can still color your body with the right colors that go with your costume, or just draw scars and blood.

Another option, that has my preference with the face masks (below in the costume section): tatoos. Either totally realistic or fun, you have plenty of choice to bare it all and be really scary for this Halloween

Women can also use breast pasties to be bare with a touch of costume!


Oh my, there are so many possibilities for costumes at Halloween. While I was preparing this post, I thought first about witches and devils. Here are a few costume sets I found that will allow partial or total nudity.

However, if you’re not in witches and devils, there are many other alternatives, like the ones below.

The Adam and Eve costumes are for those who would love to be naked but don’t dare (yet). And if you dare, a fig leaf or a cheetah thong will work perfectly!

If you want to stay incognito, you can also wear just a face mask and nothing more. By being scary, most people won’t even realise that you’re naked, as they will focus on your face!

As you can see, it’s not really difficult to find ways to get costumed while enjoying full or close to full nudity. Halloween is the perfect nudist party time, don’t you think?


Having a party is enjoying fun activities with your friends. All seasoned nudists and naturists know there are no nudist activities per se, there are activities that nudists and naturists just do while naked, whether it’s playing snooker, having a drink or dancing. It’s the same with Halloween activities. However, since Halloween is one-of-a-kind party, why not try new and fun things for this party. Here are a few ideas for adults, families and kids:

  • Murder Mystery Party
  • Frightening Feel Box
  • Halloween Candy Guessing Game
  • Blair Witch Short Films
  • Make a Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Decoration
  • Turn Your Home Into a Haunted House

Here are a few sites that will help you find ideas for a fun and spooky party:

20 Creative Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

39 Free Halloween Party Games for Adults

47 Fun Family Halloween Activities for Wicked Good Times

Halloween Bucket List: 30+ Fun Activities & Things to Do

Here we are, after reading all this you may wonder why making a nudist party for Halloween? Well, simply because we need more nudist activities. We need to explain that there’s nothing wrong with the naked body, that nudity is our normal and natural state, and no it does not have to be sexual. Furthermore, Halloween being a crazy party, I think it’s the perfect occasion to be foolish and get naked. A great occasion to “shock” while demonstrating that nudism is real and normal. So, ready for a Bare as you Dare Halloween Party? I sure am! I wish you a great one and have fun!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. As rightly said in the last para of the article, Halloween parties can become one more occasion for the nudism growth. Though here in India halloween parties are not a regular part of social celebrations & secondly the most important aspect is that outdoor nudism is not legally allowed, we can’t enjoy it. Anyways Best Wishes for your Naked Halloween Parties. Very well written article. Awaiting your next article Marc.

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