Your nude resolutions, where are you?


It’s been a month now we entered 2022. If you commit some nude resolutions for 2022, where are you at? If you haven’t committed to any nude resolutions for the year, it’s not too late and you can read my post on How to Set Nude Year Resolutions That Work. If you have committed, it’s time for a quick review. The best way to see whether we’ve made progress is to honestly review our goals, tap on our back (with a small gift) if we’re on track and correct course if we’re not.

The monthly review

Monthly goal review is a fairly simple activity that should not take more than 30 to 60 minutes. Personally, I grab a cup of coffee, sit at my desk, open my goal sheet and assess where I am, goal after goal. In my post How To Set Nude Year Resolutions That Work, I shared my two nudist goals for Q1:

  • Edit and publish the book Becoming a Nudist
  • Spend at least 20 days naked

I look at those two goals and assess where I am. On the edition, I’ve edited 4 chapters out of 9, so it feels I’m on track to finish editing by early March, that will left me a full month to finish the setup of the book. Definitely on track to get it published before end of March! On the days spent naked, a quick glance at my nudist calendar shows that I spent 11 nude days in January (ND stands for Nude Day on my below calendar). Once again, I’m on track to hit my 20-day goal.

The course correction

Regarding my nudist goals, I’m in a good position. But what if, I would not have been? Let’s imagine I would have only edited 2 chapters and spend 5 days naked. What should I do? First, just recognizing that things don’t always work according to plan and this is called life. No big issues, just a hick-up on the goals path. Second, look at what did not work. It could have been an external event, or bad planning, or a lack of discipline. It could also mean these goals are not at the top of your agenda. The first question to ask yourself, with complete honesty, is: do those goals matter to me? If not, change them. They have to matter. If they don’t, you have no incentive to reach them. It’s alright, we all make mistakes. If they matter, then, look at what derailed them and address those.

One very important aspect I generally see is either a lack of planning, or a lack of discipline to execute as per the planning. So the first course correction action is generally to look at your calendar, estimate the time it will take to come back on track and book time accordingly. Yes, block times in your calendar. Once done, ask yourself what derailed your discipline. It could be a lack of motivation, external commitments or you just forgot. In all cases, I encourage you to review your calendar daily (I generally do this every evening before calling a day a day) and weekly (I generally do this on Sunday morning or evening to plan the week ahead).

Daily review takes 5 minutes, weekly one barely 15. it’s a small investment for a big return. You will see increased discipline in getting things done and satisfaction in having done them. Furthermore, you’ll feel better and more motivated doing the monthly reviews knowing that you made tangible progress.

Of course, if this simple methodology applies to nude resolutions, it applies also to any resolution. One last piece of advice though. When setting resolutions, i advised to share them and celebrate. Share you progress too. Having an accountability buddy helps tremendously reaching your goals. Once you’ve done your review, give a call to your buddy and share your progress. This could also been done over a glass or a dinner, particularly if you have some achievements or progress to celebrate. Feel good about your progress and feel even better about celebrating or course correcting them. It’s just awesome!

I wish a wonderful month ahead and look forward to sharing my next monthly nude review with all of you! Happy Nude Resolutions Achievement!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Photo by Lola Russian from Pexels


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    God was not wrong; He created mankind without sin.
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