4 Reasons to Celebrate the International Nude Working Day on February 4


Every year, early February, the world celebrates the international nude working day. Yes, I know, another international day! But this one is a great one for naturists and nudists all over the world. But why? Here are 4 reasons to celebrate the comfortable day.

1. It’s comfortable

Quick update on my 2022 nude goals. I planned to spend at least 20 nude days per quarter. With Feb 4th, that is planned as a nude day, I will have reached my 14th day for quarter 1… I feel so good about it, because I’m on track to exceed my quarter 1 target, hence my yearly target (fingers crossed), and it’s my best way to be really productive on my creative work.

Nudity is my most comfortable outfit and is for many nudists. As you can guess, I’m naked in my office while writing this post. As I have shared multiple times, nudity is my first choice for working from home as it is the outfit I’m most comfortable in and I can be in the flow for creative work. My productivity just skyrocket when I can free my body from clothing. Don’t take my word for it, try it. It may feel weird at the beginning, but you’ll get used to it quickly and will never ever go back to working clothed. If you want to know more about working naked, I encourage you to read my post Everyday Is Working Naked Day.

2. It’s an opportunity to talk about nudism

Have you shared with your friends and family that the International Nude Working Day exists? It’s a wonderful opportunity to share that you will be celebrating it by working naked, and open a conversation on nudism and why you are a nudist. It’s an opportunity to separate nudity from sexuality by showing that you can carry a day-to-day activity like work while entirely naked.

Many people don’t realize that nudism is not only for holidays, but can be experienced daily. Most activities can be practiced entirely naked, as long as they do not require some form of protection. I wrote 101 activities you can do naked, that you can find in Kindle format, paperback, and hardcover from Amazon. If you don’t know how to start a conversation about nudism, go and read A Simple Method to Share Naturist Activities With Others.

3. It’s environmental friendly

No clothes, no washing machine, no detergent… Yes, a little bit of heater if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, hence some CO2 emissions, but overall, nudism is one of the solutions to climate change by adopting an attitude of buying less clothes, washing less and using less detergent. The clothing industry is the second most polluting on the planet. Nudism and minimalism work well together. Reducing clothing is one of the many ways to reduce personal carbon footprint. Embracing nudism helps the planet, and our mental health.

4. It helps normalizing nudism

Nudism is normal. There’s nothing wrong in being nude, our natural outfit. Nudity has been made wrong by people who wanted to control others and police society. You don’t need to clothe people to police them, you need to educate them. Nudism is a fantastic equalizer. Nudists are generally more respectful, funnier and friendlier than textile. If you doubt, go to most nudist resorts and be prepared to meet very cool and friendly nudists who share the love of nudity in a serene and respectful setup. International Nude Working Day provides another opportunity to show that nudism is normal and should be widely accepted.

Let me end this post by thanking you for being readers of this blog. I started this blogging journey seven years ago, as I wanted to spread the joy of nudism and naturism, this incredible freedom and lifestyle. Since then, this site and its French counterpart (Nu et Heureux), had millions of hits, hundreds of thousands of readers, dozens of thousands of followers, thousands of comments, mostly positive or very positive. Thank you! Enjoy nudism, naturism, and simple nudity!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash


  1. Thanks Marc for your unremitting work in favor of nudism. Not only is it normal to go naked, it brings us closer to nature. I became a nudist 4 (almost 5) years ago and since then my life has changed for the better. Nudism has improved the relationship with my body, it has made me understand that respecting oneself and one’s body is achieved by undressing and not covering up. Furthermore, by going naked, I discovered a different relationship with nature. A more authentic relationship. Lately, in the last 3 months due to the excessive cold I get dressed. But from April to September I live naked and it is so beautiful and liberating that every day I thank the nudist who convinced me 4 years ago to try nudism.
    Thank’s for your job. It is important to spread nudism and make people understand how positive and healthy it is.

    • Thank you Federico for your message and nice words, and glad you discovered nudism and decided to embrace the lifestyle. I’m really grateful to the nudist who introduced you to nudism. If every nudist would do this for their friends, nudism would become more accepted and could spread even further. Nudists unite!

      • In fact, I was very critical of nudists and saw them only as maniacs and swine. I know it doesn’t do me honor to say these things, but I had no idea what nudism really was.
        Despite my position, this nudist named Marco (just like you but with the final “O”). He continued to be kind, understanding and never aggressive, his kindness, spontaneity and convincing words left me disarmed. And somehow he convinced me to try nudism. I thought it was just a transgressive way to sunbathe, but undressing for the first time I felt great freedom, despite the embarrassment and all the well-known problems of those who undress for the first time. When I got dressed I clearly felt that freedom was missing, I felt the discomfort of the clothes on the skin. From that day a (short) path began that made me become a nudist, with the nudity that gradually grew day by day, until I was always naked. At that moment I realized how much nudism had actually transformed me completely and how it was not at all a simple summer transgression. By freeing myself from fear, shame and nakedness it has enhanced my body. Listing how it transformed my life forever, improving it in every aspect would be too long. What I know for sure is that I now LOVE nudism.

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