101 activities you can do naked


Here are 101 activities you can practice entirely naked. Some are riskier than others and require some form of knowledge, but most are just simple and fun to practice naked. So go for those you like and/or can do, and have fun!

  1. Showering – this one seems obvious, but in some sport environment or at the local public swimming pool, it may be a problem.
  2. Swimming – once you try, you’ll never want to wear a swimsuit again.
  3. Surfing – If water temperature permits, this is a treat.
  4. Kitesurfing – Nudists kitesurfers are a rare breed, but it’s a blast!
  5. Windsurfing – Same as surfing or kitesurfing, once you tried, you do not want any suit.
  6. Scubadiving – this is a tricky one because 60 feet below surface the water can be chilly, but if conditions permit, do it!
  7. Gardening – A no-brainer. Excepting if you need protection, gardening is the perfect naked activity.
  8. Cooking – Beware of oil or hot water. An apron can be necessary.
  9. Cuddling – Skin to skin is the best.
  10. Paddling – Stand-up paddle is far better naked, weather permitting.
  11. Canoeing – Like most watersport. If water is warm enough, no clothes necessary.
  12. Tanning – No tan lines. Do not forget sunscreen though!
  13. Eating – No need to dress to have a meal, no?
  14. Shopping – At the Naturist resort, enjoy naked shopping.
  15. Running – A very pleasant activity that may require breast support for women and nothing for men, but shoes.
  16. Hiking – Enjoying nature the way it should be.
  17. Having a drink – Pour yourself a glass of your preferred beverage and enjoy!
  18. Playing cards – easy and fun!
  19. Driving – If driving in public place, have a cover-up handy.
  20. Playing pool – many Naturist resorts have a pool table, no clothes required.
  21. Playing volleyball – Get some sweat!
  22. Playing tennis – Who needs shorts and shirts to hit the balls?
  23. Playing Petanque – The perfect summer Naturist activity.
  24. Playing bowling – More and more Naturist clubs are organizing naked bowling, simple and awesome in the buff.
  25. Sailing – if weather permits, why wear clothes on a ship?
  26. Skiing – This is tricky as snow can actually burn the skin. To do only if you are a seasoned skier.
  27. Waterski – Hitting the water badly can hurt, but if you are not taking risks, this s very pleasant.
  28. Wakeboarding – Same as waterskiing.
  29. Having a meal – Stay naked and enjoy some social around breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  30. Sleeping – The best way to sleep is naked. Full stop.
  31. Lounging – Sit on a couch and chill!
  32. Dancing – You’ll love it, complete freedom!
  33. Browsing the web – No clothes required to sit in front of a computer or use a tablet.
  34. Washing the dishes – Watch warm water, otherwise, this is just obvious.
  35. Doing chores – How to make chores pleasant? Get naked!
  36. Writing this list – This is so obvious…
  37. Watching TV – Like sitting in front of a computer, why being clothed to watch your preferred series.
  38. Painting – On a canvas, your house, objects, it’s funnier to be naked.
  39. Repairing –Whatever you have to repair, except if you need protection.
  40. Knitting – One of those activities that does not require any form of clothing.
  41. Visiting a museum – Some museums allow nudity, jump on it!
  42. Parasailing – This is one of the naked activities on my To Do list…
  43. Parachuting – Joining nudity with exhilaration of parachuting.
  44. Skydiving – Falling naked at 200 km/h. It may require some clothing though.
  45. Snorkeling – Swim with the fishes in the same clothes.
  46. Partying – This is a great feeling. You can laugh, dance, have fun, sweat and feel awesome.
  47. Reading – A good book, a comfortable couch, what else do you need for a great reading session?
  48. Making love – Body to body. Nothing comes close to this.
  49. Picnicking – Enjoying shared time in nature.
  50. Rock climbing – Ropes and rocks can burn your skin. Reserved to experts only.
  51. Sculpting – If you are an artist, why getting clothed, your body is art.
  52. Blogging – My computer does not care if I am naked, so I am.
  53. Taking pictures – Look, press the button, voilà! It does not require clothing.
  54. Filming – Action! Much better to be relaxed to admire your creation!
  55. Mowing the lawn – You’ll get sweaty fast, so wear your best suit, your birthday suit!
  56. Having a sauna – It’s like swimming, it’s far better nude!
  57. Coding – Computers do not judge you by your clothing. Wear none!
  58. Cycling – One of those sports that do not require anything but your body.
  59. Shaving – You’re in the bathroom, no clothes allowed.
  60. Phoning – Allo? I’m naked but you don’t know!
  61. Playing a musical instrument – Music relaxes you, relax your body by letting him breathe.
  62. Painting your nails – Wanting to look better, love your body!
  63. Ironing – Yes, you have some clothes and you need to iron them, useless to use more clothing for this.
  64. Brewing coffee – That’s a smelling sensation, get free to be even more relaxed.
  65. Scrapbooking – A great indoor activity that requires no clothes.
  66. Having a chat – Naked chats are soothing. Look me in the eyes!
  67. Thinking – I’m thinking about thinking getting naked!
  68. Practicing yoga – Naked yoga is the ultimate form of freedom of movement and consciousness of your own body.
  69. Meditating – Ommmm! Breathe and enjoy the sensations and the freedom.
  70. Going to Bay to Breakers – This one is on my To-Do list. Naked of course.
  71. Fishing – You’ll be wet and fishy, so wear nothing.
  72. Camping – This is a great experience to camp naked.
  73. Going to the beach – No comment. No swimsuit allowed at the beach.
  74. Cutting wood – You’ll get sweaty fast, avoid spoiling clothes.
  75. Picking mushrooms – They will not blush. Enjoy nature.
  76. Daydreaming – What a wonderful relaxing activity.
  77. Listening to music – A good record, a comfortable couch and you’re away.
  78. Flying a kite – The wind can be chilly, but a kite can be fun.
  79. Running a shop – On a Naturist resort, run your shop like your customers.
  80. Playing board games – The bishop and the queen are fine that you stay naked.
  81. Pampering – Take care of yourself and appreciate your body.
  82. Going to Burning Man – This one’s on my To-Do too, on the clothing optional side.
  83. Working out – No pain, no gain, sweat evaporates faster.
  84. Playing video games – This is a no brainer.
  85. Doing a conference call – One of the best feelings. If they can’t see you, stay naked, if they can, just wear a shirt and a tie, or a blouse for women.
  86. Walking the dog – Your dog is already naked, so are you.
  87. Skateboarding – This one can hurt if you fall. Only for seasoned skateboarders.
  88. Barbecuing – Watch the fire, an apron may be required.
  89. Golfing – Great activity to practice in the buff.
  90. Riding horse – The contact with a leather saddle may be quick uncomfortable, so no saddle?
  91. Working – Let’s hope you have a naked office.
  92. Playing music – Great performers are appreciated on their performance not their clothes.
  93. Go to a costume party and be Adam (for men) or Eve (for women) – A great way to come out as a nudist.
  94. Posing – Nude posing is popular.
  95. Getting married – A popular form of wedding in nudist resorts.
  96. Demonstrating – WNBR or other demonstration to show our fragility.
  97. Motorbiking – On a hot day, it’s exhilarating.
  98. Quadbiking – Go in the countryside and reach unreachable sites.
  99. Bungee jumping – woooooaaaahhhhhh…
  100. Walking on a slackline – Find the right balance and enjoy.
  101. Body painting – It’s called body painting, not clothes painting.

Photo by Erik Dungan on Unsplash


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