Everyday Is Working Naked Day

Minimalist day, ready for every day working naked day

February 5th, 2021 was the official working naked day of 2021. Well, this day, the first Friday of February was declared Working Naked Day some years back by Lisa Kanarek, a home office expert, at a time when working from home was not so common. She created a website named Working Naked (now renamed Home Office Life). Its aim was to help people shifting from corporate life to self-employment, in other words, working from home. Hence, working naked was a metaphor to freedom from the corporate office.

However, as naturists know, you can really work naked, entirely naked I mean, wearing no clothes at all, like, I am, for example, while writing this post. And because Lisa declared the first Friday of February the official working naked day, naturists and non naturists all over the world, celebrate it by working entirely naked, be it from home or from the office if this is made possible.

If it’s a great initiative to celebrate freedom from the rat race and of the body, every day can be naked working day! I’m often working from home, have been doing so for over ten years now, and am always naked. I’ve refined my working-from-home practice and here are some tips and tricks to be really productive while working from home, naked.

Make your space comfortable

First thing first, you need to be comfortable to be productive. I have two working spaces while working from home: my desk and a couch. My desk is equipped will all the necessary IT equipment to get focused, with a very comfortable office chair. I work there when I need to write, create, answer email or carry conference calls for instance. My couch is were I sit when I need to read or think.

My desk space is well equipped with external keyboard, extra screens and enough space to put all my papers and books. It has also an external webcam and a sound bar for conference calls when I do not want to wear a headset (more on this later…). It is well lit (from my left, as I am right handed), and has all the necessary stationary. Last but not least, I always stock enough coffee, water and snacks to make my day enjoyable.

When spring comes and if temperature is comfortable, I happen to also work outside in the shade. This is one of the benefits of living in a quiet place where I can stay naked outside and wander in my garden in the nude. The most important aspect of all is to really be comfortable and ready to have a focused and productive day.

Towel, shirt and cover-up

As a naturist, hygiene is top of mind when it comes to sitting. I always sit on a towel or, preferably a sarong, that I also use as cover-up in case I need to meet somebody at the door who will not appreciate my nudity. My towel follows me when I go to my couch, if I make a break in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house, or go outside.

Now, I have also a handy small cover-up that I grab when going for a walk outside of the garden. I have the luxury of living in the countryside and can go outside of my garden with direct access to walking tracks. Therefore, I do not need to dress, I just go out naked as I was during my work day. I keep a cover-up in case I meet somebody, as some of the fellows in my region are not always nudist-friendly and I prefer to stay out of trouble. It has however been a good opportunity to talk about nudism with strangers and in most cases received a friendly feedback.

Conference calls are the only time I wear a t-shirt or a shirt, as I’m respectful of the people I’m talking to, if they are not naturists. Of course, no standing up during a conference call as my bottom is naked. I keep a buttoned shirt next to my desk that I can put on quickly before a call and take off as quickly when the call’s over. Now, it has happened more time that I can count that I stay entirely naked with people who know that I’m a naturist and are not offended by my bare chest. As usual with nudism, apply judgement and be yourself.

My work routine

Working from home can be stressful. So here’s my routine on a normal day to stay focused and productive while extremely happy.

  1. Get/Stay naked! I cannot explain why, but my productivity goes to the roof, my focus is more intense and my joy is increased when I work entirely naked. When I say entirely, I sometime wear a pair of slippers, particularly in the cold season as I tend to get cold from the feet. Beyond that pair of slippers, I sit on a sarong, both for hygiene purpose and as a cover-up if I need to go and open the door for a delivery for instance (although I tend to open the door simply naked, my home, my rule).
  2. Make a fresh pot of coffee! Whether you are a coffee or tea drinker, make sure you have enough at hand for a cuppa when you need it. Prepare as well a couple of liters of water, preferably at room temperature, and some healthy snacks like nuts.
  3. Put some soft music in the background! I love the humming of music in the background. It helps me to focus. It happens I switch it off to appreciate the silence or the sound of nature.
  4. Set my time cube! This is probably the secret of my productivity. When I need something done, I set my cube to 30 minutes and am laser focused until it rings (more on this below). If you do not have one, it’s the best productive investment you’re going to make.
  5. Plan my day! A working day is a day when you want to get things done. For this nothing beats planning it with tangible goals and actions. I schedule in my calendar all the tasks I want to accomplish for the day, hour by hour, and tick each tasks done in my to-do list. For those tasks I did not plan well and did not allocate enough time, I keep the task open and reschedule it in the coming days.
  6. Work in 30-minute sprint! When I start a task, I launch a 30-minute timer on my cube and keep my focus for the next 30 minutes. Nothing can disturb me. Then when the cube rings, I go for a 5 to 10 minute walk or stretch. If the weather is nice, I go around outside. If not, I just do some yoga moves. In all cases, I stand up and move my body. And in case you’re asking, yes, I do stay naked even if I go outside. Isn’t it what naturism is about?

So you will ask, what if I have a conference calls with non nudists? I just wear a shirt that is always prepared next to my desk, as I shared previously. Taking of conference calls, we’ve all discovered Zoom fatigue during confinement periods. Although conference calls are extremely useful and I’m still using them a lot, here are two tips I’m using to avoid fatigue:

  • Never plan back-to-back calls. Always allow 10 to 15 minutes between them. This allows to go for a quick walk or stretching.
  • Switch the camera on as much as you can. Yes, I find it more pleasant to talk visually to people. Furthermore, it forces you to get focused and eventually makes call shorter.

When my day’s over, and they can be long someday, I take at least 15 to 20 minutes to go out for a walk or do some gym. My body need movement and it helps me transition from work to family time, a little bit like a commute time. When coming back, I take a welcoming shower and head to the kitchen to prepare dinner with my spouse.

I’ve refined this routine over the years, but the main elements are now well in place to allow very productive days. A final word on nudity. Why is it part of my working days when I’m home? Well for all the reasons I am a nudist:

  • First and foremost, it’s comfortable. I cannot explain, it’s the way I’m feeling best and feeling good makes me more productive and focused.
  • Second, it’s the way I prefer being dressed. Again, it’s a conscious choice driven by unconscious feeling. Give me the option of being naked, and I will always chose this option.
  • Third, it’s the most sustainable option to live for our species. We are born naked, only invented clothes to get protected from the cold and then from the imaginary notion of modesty. Clothes are one of the most polluted industry, so the less clothes i wear, the less I need to purchase and to wash, hence the more sustainable I behave.

Every day can be a naked working day. No need to wait for the first Friday of February to declare a naked working day. Make it every day you can. Share your experience below if you’re working from home or from your office if it’s in a naturist resort, I’d love to know more about people who share naked working day!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on working, and living, as a naturist.
    2 thoughts – You say that the first thing to do is “get naked”. I would think this is the best place to reinforce a naturist lifestyle. I don’t “get naked” at the start of each day. I simply “stay naked”.
    This makes the point that naturism is not about getting naked, so much as not getting dressed in the first place.
    2nd – You use the term “stark naked” when describing answering the door for deliveries. I find that interesting that being naked while answering the door is somehow different than when out on your walks. “Stark” is certainly different in context than “simply”.
    These are not intended as criticisms, more discussion points. Keep up the excellent posts.
    Stay Safe, Stay Bare,

    • Safebare, thank you for taking the time to comment the post and sharing your thoughts. I’m totally with you on point number one. Getting naked implies that you are clothed before. Actually, I “stay naked” all day, so no need to get naked. Having said this, it happens I need to go out in the morning and come back later, so I actually get naked. Yes, it’s subtle, but will need to update the post to make sure it covers both cases. On the usage of stark, you are totally right. I had in mind the fact that when I answer the door, I was staying naked, so it was somehow “unexpected”, but the usage of “simply” does not carry the same “shocking surprise” and is more appropriate to normalise nudity, as the intent is not to shock but to make nudity as simple and normal as it should be. Is it different from nude walks or nude runs? Not at all! Therefore, update required. Thank you once again!

  2. We are retired, and living outside the States! We dress when we need to, and stay nude the rest of the time! We are living in Costa Rica for 2 years. We live on a finca, or coffee plantation, Our land lords live behind us, so we are able to stay nude most days.

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  4. For the first 15 years of my software development career I wore the uniform of business suit and tie. The exceptions were weekends, casual Fridays (when that became the custom), and when working at a client site where business casual was the rule.

    When I first starting working from home about 25 years ago, I wore walking shorts and a shirt. Basically, golf clothes. The idea of working nude was not something I had even heard of, much less considered for myself, even though I loved being nude at the beach. Because my Florida home office would get warm from the computer equipment and the direct sun, after a few months I decided to remove my shirt for comfort. I had never worked shirtless. It took a while to get acclimated. I kept my naked chest to the grindstone.

    Being physically more comfortable while working was something I enjoyed. It was not much longer when I decided to try working without clothes, figuring more comfort would be even more enjoyable. And it was. Another advantage of working nude is not having to make any wardrobe decisions in the morning. Get out of the shower and become a productive member of society.

    I don’t work nude all the time. If it is not convenient due to going outside a lot because of our dogs or comfortable in cooler weather, I’ll be clothed. Also, my wife now works with me from home. In the past, to foster a more professional atmosphere, I wasn’t always naked at the keyboard. But over the years, with her getting accustomed to my non-sexual nudism, it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I’m nude or not.

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