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A question many newbie nudists ask relates to what shoes to wear in a naturist setting. Many are wondering whether going barefoot can be an option. As a start, I love being barefoot. I wrote a post about it: natural reflexology of barefoot walking. But let’s face it, sometimes, being barefoot is not an option. So here are some other comfortable options depending on the situation you may be facing in your naturist experiences.

Casual walks

If you are staying at a resort or at home and just need to do some short walks, the ideal shoe is the sandal or flip-flop. There are thousands of models and like the one below, you can find ones that fit your tastes.

You can even have multiple pairs to fit your mood, the moment of the day or your sarong for fashion-conscious ladies. My wife has probably six or seven pairs of flip-flops with various colors, heel height and fabric. There are many other styles of sandals, although I have a real preference for flip-flops, you need to find the one you are best with.

Going in water

If sandals and flip-flops are great on beaches, they are not really comfortable to go into the water. Sometimes, you’ll find rocks, coral or sea urchins in the water that you do not want to step on. A pair of comfortable shoes that go into water is a must in any beach resort.

There are also welcomed aboard boats. Here again, there’s a variety of options and you can choose among many models and colors. I personally like versatile shoes like the one above with which you can walk confidently and comfortably, without really feeling them, and go into water.

Running and hiking

If you intend to hike or run and want to keep your footwear to the minimum, I really encourage you to get a pair of Vibram Five Fingers or equivalent. I have a couple of pairs, one for running and one for hiking or walking more casually. They are really awesome and you feel almost barefoot.

One of the first on the minimalist shoes, Vibram Five Fingers are quite expensive (although I’m keeping mine years and am always pleased with the way the fit). Other brands have started to appear those last years, two examples of which below.

Ideally, I would encourage you to visit a brick-and-mortar shop before purchasing online. You need to try many models and brands before finding the one that really fit your feet.

Going out

It would seem really strange to wear leather suit shoes while naked; however, there are very sensible options both for men and women, to stay naked while wearing a nice pair of shoes. We may think women have more options. As Marylin Monroe said: “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” However, even men have a lot of options. Here are some.

As for the ladies, well, the choice is endless, and depending on what you like, you’ll find a nice pair of heeled or flat shoes that fit your nudity in style. The selection below is just to give some ideas. You may want to add some jewels to your nude outfit. I will cover this in a subsequent post.

Going barefoot with style

Women who want to walk barefoot have a very nice option with barefoot sandals.

They make perfect gift and look gorgeous during day and night. And gents, Valentine’s day is around the corner.

So, footwear is an important clothing item for any nudist who do not want or cannot walk barefoot. We’ll see in subsequent posts that there are many other important clothing choices for nudists, like hat or sarong, that are much needed to cover up or protect from the sun. I think that you can be a nudist and be clothing conscious and want to “dress” well while staying naked.

Finally, if like me you love shoes, you may want to learn more about their history. Our partner Best Shoes Rated has a blog post, The History of Shoes, that will enlighten you. Walk this way and stay naked!

What is your preferred footwear when you’re naked? Share your ideas and comments below. We love when readers share their ideas and preferences with us.

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Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

Post updated from an original 2020 post.


  1. I have been a naturist since I was a teenager. I am retired now and live a naked lifestyle indoors and outside wherever I can, I love walking naked along the beach where I live, and a unofficial naturist beach near Great Yarmouth. I sometimes go to Holkham beach, but it’s not so nice nowadays

  2. I love being barefoot, so to me it seems a little ridiculous to be shod while naked, of course it depends on the circumstances, if I know I’ll be hiking where there may be thorns, I’ll be wearing some sort of shoes. It also depends on how trained are your feet.

  3. Begin an avid naturist and barefooter for me they both go together and even if i cant be without the clothes then i’ll be barefoot as much as i can in what ever the weather. It just feel natrual to me with lots of benifits for not having shoes ect on the body is not ment to be covered it needs to breath.

  4. I too much prefer to be barefoot when naked but if I can’t do this then flip-flops will be my choice, I’m not sure about being naked with training shoes or something similar as even with crocs when naked i feel ‘dressed’ or at the very least too dressed. At times when I can’t be naked I still prefer to be barefoot as it grounds me and a small part of me is in my natural state.

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