What Is Naturism For You?


While chatting with other naturists, browsing naturist websites and reading the writings of naturist writers, I realized that naturism means different things to each of us. Even, and above all, when we talk to textiles, naturism is defined, perceived and understood differently. I’ll try to go through these views.

Even though it’s not about putting labels or putting people in boxes, it is interesting to consider different points of view to better understand the differences and live better together in harmony. Naturism is not the answer to all the evils of disrespect or the answer to more tolerance in the world. It carries with it values ​​that are necessary for a more peaceful, gentler and more respectful world. Understanding the point of view of others allows us to better meet everyone’s expectations and to contribute to this listening if necessary.

The disgusted textile

“Me naked, never. It’s good for animals and crazy people.” How many times have I heard a sentence like this? Not only it degrades the concept, it reduces the concept of naturism and it does not seek to consider a different point of view, it above all closes the door to any open and benevolent discussion.

Nudity is then seen as dirty and shameful, and its practitioners ostracized, labeled as uneducated people. The textile then looks away, shocked by this nudity exposed for all to see. This person will close the bathroom door and come out only dressed. There is usually no point in trying to convince her with rational arguments. Her mental construction of nudity is firmly anchored by religious, social, cultural or moral principles.

It will then be almost impossible to undress in the presence of such a person. The only hope is then to make him accept nudity and to make him admit its harmlessness. In short, to transform it from disgusted textiles into disinterested textiles.

The disinterested textile

The disinterested textile is one that social nudity does not interest, but she does not interfere with. He sees no reason to undress alone or with others and is comfortable with his or her clothes, even a simple swimsuit.

However, this textile will not be too bothered by the sight of naturists and will be able to coexist with “naked butts.” She shows a form of respect. She stays dressed while those around her enjoy the freedom to be naked.

These are the people naturists are looking for first. They allow them to live naked while respecting their desire to be clothed. Respect is then mutual and harmony can be found. Disinterested textiles can also, in contact with these happy naturists, be tempted by the experience of nudity. He then goes into the camp of curious textiles.

The curious textile

A textile becomes curious and questions this need to be naked and the benefits of simple and shared nudity. The naturist will then be well inspired not only to answer his questions, but above all to offer him a try.

The first experience is often decisive. Being accompanied by one or more seasoned naturists is a big plus for your comfort. Surrounded by experienced nudists, the curious can have immediate answers to her questions and feel confident.

A point that seems crucial to me with the curious is to help him transform his attempt at naturism. For example, by offering him another outing, for example a barbecue or a stay in a naturist resort. Naturism needs more regular practitioners. Help him to pass on the bright side of the force and to become a convinced naturist and at least for the moment bohemian.

The bohemian naturist

Naturism is practiced in a naturist area with other naturists. If this statement is true, it is well suited to new naturists who wish to practice this art of living on weekends and on vacation. It is then bohemian naturism, which is experienced in a regulated and authorized space.

This is very good and it seems to suit a majority of naturists. This helps bring naturism and naturist spaces to life, including beaches and free spaces like the one in the Bois de Vincennes in the East of Paris.

If the bohemian naturist likes to be naked in the middle of other naturists, she does not necessarily consider practicing her naturism elsewhere. It is then the meeting of a comfortable or hard-working naturist who can present him with the other alternatives available for the practice of naturism and that he becomes completely comfortable.

The comfortable naturist

The comfortable naturist becomes comfortable when naturism becomes a real art of living that begins at home. Transforming your home into a naturist haven is a major step in installing comfort.

Making your home a naturist place makes nudity a daily art of living. Almost nothing at home requires the wearing of clothing apart from some hazardous work such as frying food. It is therefore possible, even in winter, to live naked and only dress for going out.

New perspectives open up, for example that of transposing this everyday nudity to any place. A trip to the countryside? Naturist! A weekend with friends? Naturist! A short stay away from home? Naturist! And here is our comfortable naturist on the way to relentlessness.

The relentless naturist

The last type of naturist is the one I describe as relentless. For him or her, any occasion is good to get naked. The house is her naturist haven of peace, but any place can become it.

A forest is a naturist place. All the beaches are naturist places. All the hiking trails are naturists. As soon as the weather permits, the relentless is naked or seeks to be. The sight of a swimsuit gives her pimples. Clothing is a hindrance to their well-being.

If she respects textiles, she wants that respect to be mutual. sHe doesn’t hesitate to ask if she can get naked whenever she can. Nudity is her first choice of clothing. You could call her obsessed by naturism, I can accept that, because that’s what I think I am, but in a good way. Not something that consumes you, but makes you happy. Because naturism makes you happy!

Strip naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Photo Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash


  1. Doug the Nudest here with a comment about being a Nudest I have been a Nudest for at least 45 years and the one thing that I noticed is that when I take my clothes off at the Nudest resort my personality changes and always for the better p

  2. Good article. Reflects a “spectrum” I have often used myself to model how people react to public nudity. It ranges in 7 steps from aggressively intolerant folks thru people who are merely tolerant thru people who are fully engaged.

  3. I am a trapped naturist – by family – wife, son and his girlfriend – by the village I live in and where we live – darkest Essex where men nudists are viewed with the darkest suspicion and distrust and, I’m afraid with some fear.
    Is there anything I can do to avoid/reduce this?
    Better, does anyone know of a club local(ish) to Saffron Walden I could join?

  4. Hi Paul, I’m Ken from North Norfolk. I’ve been a naturist for many years, and live 2 miles from a naturist beach. There are lovely remote sandy beaches where I can walk naked and if I meet anyone, most people just say hello or may stop and chat. Very rarely anybody objects to me being naked, I’ve never been to a club, I prefer the beach, you can make it as private as you want it to be. There are various clubs and sites, and naturist beaches in East Anglia.

  5. Kenny, thanks for your reply. Your situation sounds ideal, I would love to live there myself. I unfortunately live up to 2 hours away from a beach – i think Jaywick south of Clacton on the east coast is my nearest, and I have had a look, but following instructions it takes an hour and a half to drive plus at least half an hour to walk from the car park. Not quite your stroll from your door!

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