Being naked makes you happy!


The year 2021 has arrived. We can wish it will be beautiful, happy and naked! In any case, it will be placed, for this blog, under the sign of the happiness of shared, accepted and appeased nudity.

Some time ago, I published the series of articles entitled the comfort of nudity (available for free as an e-book). This morning while going to prepare breakfast, naked as every day, it is the happiness of being naked that invaded me. Being naked makes you happy. Anyway, it makes me happy. Having let go of my paranoia a long time ago now, I know it makes thousands, if not millions of people around the world happy.

Our Natural State

We come into the world naked. All children, as soon as they are old enough to walk, have a natural tendency to stay or get naked. For them, nudity does not yet have that dirty and inadequate connotation that society, culture and religion attribute to it. The young child is comfortable with his or her nudity. And that’s all there is more normal, since it is about our natural state. There is nothing wrong, inadequate or dirty about being naked. It is the mental projection of nudity that makes it bad, inadequate, or dirty.

Thousands of pages have been written about the many physical and psychological benefits of nudity. When you ask naturists what it feels like to be naked, almost all of them will tell you that they feel amazingly good. Doing dishes, tinkering, or all of those necessary but tedious tasks become lighter when done naked. It is for me, part of the happiness of life. Naked, we feel good and happy. This is the origin of the name of this blog, nude and happy. Being nude makes you happy or, in any case, contributes to happiness.

Nudity and Society

Society as a whole has an ambiguous attitude towards nudity. On the one hand, it accepts it “parked” in naturist and nudist centers, on the other, it maintains laws which suffer from interpretation and which do not always go in the direction of peaceful naturism. On the one hand, it defends the right of women to be topless on a beach, on the other, it does not really defend the ones who would like to sunbathe and bathe naked outside naturist centers. On the one hand, it lets the body be excessively sexualized in the media, on the other, it takes offense at cyclists who want to demonstrate naked. On the one hand, it displays paintings and sculptures of naked men and women in museums, but doesn’t tolerate me walking around or getting naked in an urban park on a spring day.

As a result, the practice of simple nudity is a nightmare that can end at the police station. However, a naked man or woman who walks in nature, mow the lawn or does his or her housework is not a danger to society. It is this ambiguity that associations like APNEL in France or BN in Great Britain are fighting, so that simple nudity can no longer be considered reprehensible.

Shared Nudity

To strip naked, to be naked, to live naked, to hike naked, to tend your garden or to clean your clothes naked, you take the risk of being seen. In a naturist environment, nudity is the state of affairs, but outside a naturist space, it can be misinterpreted and subject to prosecution. However, being naked is not dangerous, on the contrary.

To be naked is to expose yourself in all your fragility. To be naked is to expose yourself without make-up and without artifice. To be naked is to experience the happiness of rediscovered simplicity. The happiness of this rediscovered simplicity is even more intense when it is shared. It is to this shared nudity that I invite you. Without fuss, without ulterior motives, without prejudices, we, quite simply naked. Being naked makes you happy!

Strip naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Photo Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash


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