Natural reflexology of barefoot walking


According to Wikipedia, reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

Image result for reflexologyIt is not scientifically proven that reflexology is medically useful. A Study by the Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, Exeter, United Kingdom, emphasized that “the best evidence available to date does not demonstrate convincingly that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition”. However, a study of the University of Songwon In South Korea and one from the University of Minnesota in the United States have demonstrated an improvement in sleep, a reduction in fatigue and an increase in well-being.

An increase in well-being

Just for this increase in well-being, reflexology is proving to be a gentle and effective practice. You can go to a practitioner to massage your feet or hands. There is yet a simple and free practice: walking barefoot.

Barefoot walking, especially on various surfaces, seems to have the virtues of reflexology. Indeed, the latter uses the acupuncture meridians, which are all connected to different organs. By stimulating them, we often experience positive effects. Walking barefoot would therefore have the same effect, pressing these energy zones.

An article from the website also sheds light on the 10 therapeutic benefits of barefoot walking. This goes from reducing pain to better sleep, to increasing well-being.

Barefoot Parks and sensations

One way to discover the benefits of barefoot walking is to go to a “Barefoot Park“. There are many across the world. They are designed as amusement parks targeted at walking barefoot.

They offer sensory paths of a few hundred meters to regain our sensations. The site Barfusspark offers some ideas of walking barefoot. It also lists its numerous benefits.

Image result for naturist barefootNo need to go to a barefoot park to practice walking barefoot. This can start at home, then out in the countryside, on a path or in a field, taking some precautions to avoid getting hurt. By looking where you walk, you will avoid most pitfalls. Be careful not to overdo it, especially at the beginning. You will find more advice in this article from Do’s And Don’ts Of Barefoot Walking

In fact, you will soon find very pleasant sensations. However, if you are used to shoes, your body has developed a clean musculature to walk with shoe. Walking barefoot will make other muscles work and change your posture. So cramps are possible. It is necessary to go gradually and to alternate shoes and barefoot.

Bare foot, bare body

Barefoot walking can also be the beginning of a naturist experience. In fact, walking barefoot opens the discovery of nudity. Walking barefoot provides several immediate benefits. The first is not to be seen as ostentatious. You are just barefoot, this will not shock anybody. The second is to find again lost sensations. The third is not to cost anything.

But it is these sensations that can make you want to go further. To drop the shirt in the first place to let the sun and wind caress your torso and your back. Then give up the pants to let your whole body breathe. The feeling of those primitive sensations is often disturbing.

In fact, society imposes on us the standards of clothing and footwear. By abandoning them, we let our primitive feelings return to the surface. Are these times of ecological awareness not ideal for returning to these simple feelings? I think it is and it can start barefoot. Try and let your feet guide you to a unique and fulfilling universe. You have nothing to lose except your clothes. And so much to win!

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