A Simple Method to Share Naturist Activities With Others


A lot of naturists remain what I call closet naturists. They do not share their lifestyle with others, keeping it in the confines of their home, or going alone at the nude beach, without making nudist acquaintances. However, most closet naturists would love to meet other naturists and share their lifestyle with others, friends and families.

If you are a closet naturist or do not share with others openly your naturist lifestyle, this post is for you! If you are, however, a fully disclosed naturist who is very open with your lifestyle, this post may help you increase the number of your nudist friends by using simple and powerful psychological techniques.

If you learn and apply these techniques that I’m about to share, you will get more nudist friends, more acceptance of your lifestyle among friends and family, and more alignment with your deep beliefs. At the same time, you will avoid being considered as a pervert. Many people confuse nudism and sex, you will avoid shocking people by disclosing your lifestyle and you’ll avoid losing your friends because you shared your preferences when it comes to clothing, or the lack of.

Naturism is Backed by Science

The general rules that apply when you want to share that you are a naturist is that you need to agree to disagree. This means that the other people you will share that you are a naturist with may disagree with your arguments about why you are a naturist. You should be clear this should not have any impact on your relationship. The other person may disapprove your choice and may disagree to join you in nudist activities. Respecting other point of view is paramount of any balanced and healthy relationship. However, this rebuttal should not change your lifestyle, because this is who you are, and respect goes both ways.

Here are a few statistics that will bring confidence into disclosing you are a naturist. A 2015 survey carried out by the Naturist Education Foundation showed that:

  • 65% of adults agree that people should be able to enjoy nude sunbathing on a beach or other location that is accepted for that purpose.
  • 59% agree that people have the right to be nude in their homes or on their property, even if they may occasionally be visible to others.
  • 52% are not personally offended by the non-sexual nudity of others.
  • 35% have gone skinny-dipping or nude sunbathing with others.

So it seems clear that not only more than one third of the population has already bare all to go swimming of sunbathing, but more than two thirds are fine with naturism.

Furthermore, a team of researchers at Yale University, conducted a series of studies, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. They concluded that showing more skin makes others […] more sensitive and experienced. Of course, being true to oneself is an important step to living the life we aspire to. And being open with our naturist lifestyle to others is a key factor in psychological balance.

A Four-Step Action Plan

Here’s a four-step action plan to talk about naturist activities and increase your nudist acquaintances.

1. When possible, ask others about their naturist or nudist experience. Did they ever skinny-dip? Did they already go to a nudist beach? How do they see the naked body? Is nudity a private thing and why? The goal is to understand what their position regarding naturism is and to find a potential opening for step 2.

2. Suggest joining a naturist event by asking questions. If I were to suggest to come with me to a naturist beach, would you join? If I were to ask you to come with me to a naturist resort, would you join me? Be prepared to get a negative answer and move to step number 3. In case of a positive answer, jump immediately with enthusiasm to step number 4.

3. Provide a list of naturism benefits: naturism is legal and naturist federations are representing naturism in many countries; there are millions of naturists and thousands of naturist beaches, resorts and even towns; increased body acceptance and self-esteem; positive effects of vitamin D absorption; no more wet suits full of sand; no laundry; freedom of body and mind. Reinforce the acceptance of those benefits by asking questions on how they feel about them.

4. Set a date for a naturist event, beach, resort or just a simple barbeque in your garden if you have one. Explain that this will be a nude event, however, they may stay modest, as you will provide sarongs as cover-up should they wish. And to the men, explain that if they fear excitement, this is totally normal and should it happen, don’t make a fuss about it and stay calm and natural.

The Time for Naturist Activities is Now

So, do you want to be able to talk about your naturist activities, increase your nudist friends and get out of your closet? Here’s what to do right now to make sure that you’ll get to the results you want. Invite a set of friends to a dinner or just a drink at your place. If possible, ensure there are one or two other naturists among them, or at least one naturist friendly person you know. Leave naturist magazines or books prominently visible on your coffee table. They will play the ice breaker, as non-naturists will notice and make comments. If they joke about naturism, ask quietly and confidently why they are joking or making fun of naturism, then use their answer to start at step one above.

One important point to keep in mind is respect. You are not forcing your friends into naturism. Many people will not join you for multiple reasons, and you must accept this. However, if you do not talk to them about naturism, there’s almost zero chance they join you. And, in most of the case if they do not join, they will not care and it will not change your relationship, except you will be relieved that they now know you are a naturist. And this is priceless.

We love to read your comments. Please share your experience about sharing your naturist lifestyle to others and the best tips to do so.

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