The wonderful poster of the FFN


Le Bonheur de Vivre Nu, the Happiness of Naked Living, cannot be more suited to to this site, as happiness and nudity are its themes. This is the tagline of the new poster of the French Federation of Naturism. This poster shows normal people enjoying this wonderful lifestyle.

Nudism makes people happy or, to the least, contributes to their happiness. Wonderful initiative of the FFN! Beyond the poster, if you are a naturist, join your federation (here’s the link to join the FFN). The more people joining, the stronger the federation. We need all naturists! Our federation will work to allow more beaches, bring more people to naturism and organize naturist events.

Naturism has many benefits: social, physical, psychological and political. For a very low cost, naturists adds a wealth of benefits provided by their federation. We, naturists, love our lifestyle. We also know it’s not well understood and accepted by many, mixing social nudity with sexual activities. Our federation helps promoting naturism with a clear and concise message. It helps us talking to our friends and acquaintances about naturism, and promoting naturism.

I strongly believe naturism is for every body and everybody. Nobody should be left behind and we should not be afraid to ask people to join us. Our federation helps in this endeavor. So, do yourself and your lifestyle a favor: join your federation now! And if you are not sure where to find your federation, go to the international naturist federation site;

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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