Throw away all your swimsuits…


…and never purchase swimsuits, ever!

Swimsuit is one of the dumbest inventions! It gets wet and dry much slower than your own ski. It traps sand and other unwanted objects or animal. It’s a trap for germs. Its two uses, modesty and fashion, can just be disdained in most of the situation when you are a naturist. If you stop wearing swimsuit and embrace naturism to go to the beach or the pool, you will immensely embrace the various benefits of naturism, but most of all, you’ll avoid potential infections, sweat gland blockage and itchy red bumps.

Swimsuits Make A Lovely Home To Yeast And Bacteria

The famous fashion magazine Cosmopolitan claims it in an article entitled 13 Clothing Items That Are Secretly Ruining Your Health: “A warm, moist bikini bottom makes a lovely home for yeast and bacteria to flourish”. It backs it up by a quote from an MD. And it offers the following advice: “change into dry bottoms as soon as you step out of the pool”. So not only you need to have a bathing suit, but you need to change it to a dry bottom as soon as you get outside of the water! Don’t you think it’s a double punishment for a piece of clothing that utterly useless? To avoid this, just drop the swimsuit completely and bath entirely naked.

What if you cannot get naked, in a public pool or on a textile beach, for instance? Well, there’s really not a simple answer to this dilemma and you’ll probably have to keep one swimsuit that you will be using in those situations. Just keep one and toss it away as soon as you can.

Take Action and Get Naked More Often

Here are three steps to take action to avoid swimsuits at all costs and rip the many benefits of swimming and sunbathing entirely naked:

1. Open your closet and lay down all your swimsuits on your bed. All of them! (I picked this process, and adapted it to naturism, from Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.) Choose one, and one only, the one you love the most (or dislike the least), the one that “speaks to the heart,” as Marie Kondo advises. This is the one you are going to keep on those occasions you cannot go naked. Put all the others in a bag and sell them on eBay or give them (don’t throw them away, they need to go to people who want/need them or be recycled).

2. Make a list of all the nude and clothing optional beaches in the area as well as public pools who have open hours for naturists, and pin that list on your fridge or in a place you can view it easily (and yes every visitor will see it as well, be open about naturism). It may not be easy. You may live in a place where there are very few nude and clothing optional places. Go to your naturist/nudist federation web site, call your nearest nudist club, you will find for sure happy nudists willing to help you in your search.

3. On the next occasion somebody proposes to go to the beach or pool, insist on going to one of the nudist beaches or pools you listed. If it’s a private party, ask the pool owner if it’s OK for him or her, if you bathe naked, as you are a naturist. If no option is available, pack your only suit (and a change), and seize any opportunity to drop your only suit. Even on a public beach, sometimes nudity is tolerated, or if the beach is big enough, you may annoy nobody if you get naked.

Easy as Ready, Get Set, Go!

Here’s what to do right now to make sure that you can “survive” with one swimsuit only and maximize your opportunities to get naked on the beach or at the pool. Don’t delay by thinking about it. Go to your closet and execute action one above. Don’t think twice, just do it! Then, switch on your computer/tablet and browse the Internet looking for nude beaches and pools. The web site of your nudist/naturist federation is a good start if you don’t know where to look for the information. If you want to be proactive, invite your best friends to join you for a naked beach party over the next sunny weekend. You’ll kill two birds with one stone: let people know you’re a naturist and enjoy a day at the beach in your birthday suit. There are great chances that most of your friends will join and you will expand your naturist friendship. And of course, let us know how it went!

How many swimsuits do you own? Did you get rid of all of them? How did it go? How did you let others know that you prefer swimming and sunbathing naked? Leave your comments in the box below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash


  1. I think it must be 30+ years since I owned a cossie. Horrible garments! If I want to swim I’ll go to a nude beach or lake in countryside and I will never support anywhere that forces you to wear anything!

  2. “Swimsuit is one of the dumbest inventions!”

    I agree and took it a step further on my Website, “The swimming suit (shame suit) is the stupidest invention of all time that people actually buy and use.” Sure, there have been dumber inventions, but nobody uses them.

    Having said that, I admit that I own more than one. I’ll fix that today, thank you!

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