Naked meditation is bliss!


Meditating has many benefits. If you meditate regularly you get a sharper mind, sleep better and benefit from an increased awareness of situations. With meditation, you drop anxiety and decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve added naked meditation to my morning routine some years ago now and have since then been meditating almost everyday wearing nothing.

Scientific studies have demonstrated the many benefits of meditation. This post from for instance gives 12. Stress reduction, self-awareness enhancement and sleep improvements are three among many. Everybody can meditate. It’s not a matter of science or of learning a set of specific techniques, it’s a matter of taking a quiet moment for yourself, stopping the constant washing machine of your brain. There are dozens of websites and apps that will help you. Personally, I’m using the Calm app on my iPhone, but the choice is yours.

One major difference in my meditation practice, from many people who meditate, is I meditate entirely naked: no watch, no jewels, and, of course, no clothes. I am a naturist, and as you’ve read on this blog, I tend to spend as much time as possible in the nude and perform most of the actions, sports included, entirely naked. So, meditation is not an exception to my nude lifestyle. Mindfulness and naturism were made to meet.

Here are seven reasons that come to mind when I think about nude meditation.


This one is almost a no-brainer for any seasoned naturist. Nudity is very, very comfortable, temperature permitting, of course. Meditation is a lot about relaxation, letting go your stress and your incessant brain washing machine. Naturists accept their body and particularly their naked body as it is. They not put a “sex” label on their naked body. Therefore, a naked body is just a body that is exposed to the sight of others without preconceived idea of any nature. When you accept this idea firmly, your birthday suit becomes the most comfortable suit ever worn.

Every meditation practitioner will tell you to unfasten your belt, lose any tight clothing, so you can breathe freely. I tell you to drop all your clothes and seize the opportunity to drop all your jewels, watch, earrings, glasses, bracelets, so your body is entirely as it was at birth: plain naked. When you meditate, feel, and enjoy, the absence of those material objects. Make a conscious decision to embrace your naked body as the most comfortable outfit. You may resist this thought. Your unconscious who has been accustomed to see the naked body as sexual may resist. Don’t resist the thought, just change it! Make the conscious decision that nudity is comfortable and feel how this comfort manifest into an increased well-being.

Feeling Your Body

This change of thought will allow you to feel your naked body. It is not sexual representation or as no sexual connotation, it is just a wonderful creation that was designed to be naked, not clothed. When meditating and getting relaxed, feel consciously all your body parts: your feet, your calves, your legs, your buttock, your genitals, your belly, your breast, your back, your shoulders, your arms, your neck, your head, and all its parts, your chin, your mouth, your nose, your eyes…

Feel the air going around your exposed skin. Feel the floor under you and the points of contact with it. If you are sited, feel the cushion, the chair under your body, the floor under your feet. If you lie down, feel all the contact point with the floor and feel the arch of your lower back. Try gently to relax it so your spine fully touches the floor. Going from toe to head and head to toe is a wonderful experience to regain your senses. Your skin if covered with nerves that provides information to your brain on a constant basis. But we forgot about them. They are on an unconscious level. Bring it back to consciousness and be grateful of this wonderful body of yours.

Body Appreciation

Appreciate your body, love it! Yes, love it. Oh, I know what you think. How can I love a body with so many flaws? Look at my love handles! Look at my double chin! Look at my skinny legs! Keep those thoughts coming and replace them one after the others by I love my love handles. I love my chin. I love my legs. And I love them so much, I am going to take care of them deeply so my love will increase every day.

It’s not about appreciating your body with sexual gratification, although loving your body and feeling it deeply may create arousal. Let the arousal come. There’s nothing wrong about sexual pleasure. Do not resist, enjoy the moment. However, you are not looking for sexual pleasure by appreciating your body, it’s a by-product, not the end goal.

Body appreciation during naked relaxation is loving this wonderful creation that is your body. Rejoice! Put a large smile on your face as you go around and tell each part that you live them. Feel the love flowing to your body and let it flow in you, so your relaxation deepens.

Quality of the Relaxation

Depending on the day, on your stress level or on any other factor, the quality of your relaxation may vary from day to day. Some day you will reach deep relaxation in a matter of second, some other day, you may never get your mind from spinning. However, by getting naked, by feeling and appreciating your body and the sensations on your bare skin, I discovered that the quality and the depth of my meditation increased.

Your exposed skin, vibrating in harmony with the nature and the universe is probably linked to this quality and depth increase. With deepened meditation and relaxation, you let energy move more freely and you feel it.

Energy Flow

Chi, or vital energy, animates the body. This energy is central to martial arts like Tai Chi and to medical practice like acupuncture. Meditation is a way to let the energy flow around the vital canals. By meditating naked, energy is not stopped or hindered by tight clothes.

During a naked meditation session, you may feel like streams of electricity along your legs, arms or entire body. You may feel your muscles contracting or relaxing automatically. You may even feel movements that you did not start. All of them is a manifestation of chi rebalancing itself along its canal, the meridians. Naked meditation allows this natural rebalancing of chi.

Freeing the Body Helps Free the Mind

Meditation helps the mind to calm down, to focus and to regain control. Naked meditation helps to realize that a free body leads to a free mind. Our body does not need any cover to be who we deeply are. The same applies to the mind. We often play a role, dictated by society to fit in. This is superfluous. It’s immensely more satisfying to be who we are instead of playing somebody else’s role. By freeing your body of society’s contingencies, you free your mind of useless thoughts and behaviours.

By meditating naked, you free your body and your mind. You slowly find your true self and realign your life with the core values of respect, love and benevolence. You quickly realize that nudity is our complete normal and natural state of being.

Nudity Is Our Natural State

We were born naked and if you let children choose their clothing, they will choose almost exclusively nudity when they can. It’s the parent’s behaviour that will form their conception of nudity. With naked meditation, you can unfold the reality of our body being a wonderful creation that does not need any cover. The wonderful sensation of air around your skin, amplified by the relaxation of the naked meditation confirms quickly, sometimes even during the first naked meditation session that nudity is a complete normal and natural state.

It’s not a surprise that most indigenous people live entirely naked with no shame. Being closer to nature that our civilization has become over the years, they know nudity is the most comfortable clothing option. Our skin is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Our body was made so we can live naked, like all the other animals of the creation and evolution. By meditating naked you are rediscovering this potent truth.


Breathing is a key element of meditation and, as such, of naked meditation. However, a lot of us do not breathe correctly when it comes to enhancing our naked meditation practice. Due to stress, our breathing is generally too shallow and does not contribute completely to a deep relaxation. The Breathing Techniques Guide by Groom+Style will make you understand how to breathe and develop a good breathing technique to increase the depth of your meditation.

Starting naked meditation

How can you start your naked meditation practice, you may ask? Here are four simple steps to perform to get all the benefits of naked meditation:

  1. Identify a quiet place in your home where you know nobody will disturb you. If need be, lock the door and put a sign on it to warn potential people that the door is temporarily locked. You may have to let your spouse, your kids or your roommates know that you will lock yourself to meditate in this room. If you can meditate outside, it’s even better. Just make sure nothing will disturb your meditation.
  2. Get to your silent place and disrobe completely. Drop all your clothes, your watch, your jewels and your glasses. You may keep your wedding ring or your piercings, but the more you can drop the better.
  3. Sit or lie comfortably. No need to use a special posture. The important point is to be comfortable. You may need to add some pillow or cushion to be fully comfortable.
  4. Launch your app or your timer if you want a guided meditation or just a timed one and meditate!

Naked meditation does not cost you a dime but rewards you greatly. Here’s what you should do, right now! Identify the right quiet spot where you can do your naked meditation, download a guided meditation app if you don’t have one, find a slot in your calendar and schedule your naked meditation. Be sure to ring a reminder so you can rip the benefits of naked meditation!

Share your experience of naked meditation in the comment box below. In the meantime, get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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