Nudity Is Our Natural State


There are two important words in this title: natural and nudity. For hundreds of years now, human beings have tamed nature. It has transformed forests into crops, destroying the habitat of many indigenous species. It has pumped gas and released carbon into the atmosphere. It has grown wild animals into domestic ones. But nature rebelled: global warming, food poisoning, and increased inequality.

Stopping and Reflecting

At the same time, we are told the world is better than ever. Better than the last thousands of years we have an archive on, with increased education, healthcare and peace. And yes, there are many reasons to be optimistic and hopeful. We will continue to tame nature, but in a better, more respectful way. We will continue to protect animals, plants and overall our beautiful planet, because there’s no plan B, despite efforts by many to conquer Mars or other planets.

Even if we were in a position, in many years, to go and colonize other planets, most human beings will have to stay on planet Earth. So, we have no other choices but to collaborate and protect our speck of sand in the vast universe.

Going Back to Nature

One of the most crucial aspects of this protection starts with the understanding of our place in nature. Yes, we are special because we can think and reason, but no, we are not special, as our living mechanism is the same as most of other living creatures, at least mammals. Do a simple experiment if you can. Pack a rucksack and go to a nearby forest where you can walk for hours without meeting any housing. Spend a night if you can, alone in nature and reflect on your experience.

If the weather is good, the experience will be pleasant, although some aspects of it may not be as pleasant as you may have expected. Insects will have crawled on you or bite you. You may have run short of water or food. You may have got lost. Nature is not as friendly as it seems. Although, if you learn how to read its many signs, it will become your friend and will help you. Despite some uncomfortable experiences, nature is our friend if, and only if, we respect it and understand how to benefit mutually.

Enjoying Nudity

If you can spend that weekend in the forest, try to leave your clothes at home. Yes, spend the weekend in the forest totally naked. You will be in the same outfit as all the animals of the creation. None of them was born to be dressed with clothes. Neither are we. We are born naked and get dressed to get protected from the cold and other dangers, then because society has decided that clothes were necessary for modesty.

Nudity is a perfect natural state. Not only it’s natural, it’s comfortable. Our birthday suit was made sur-mesure! The more time you spend naked, the more it becomes the best clothing choice. Of course, it’s not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It’s not about refusing the benefits of our modern society. It’s about keeping what’s good for us and nature, and deliberately refusing what’s bad for nature and in the end bad for us.

Are clothes bad? Yes, mostly. Most clothes contribute greatly to pollution and global warming. Clothes are used to show social status and contributes to inequality creation. Again, not all clothing is bad. But clothing should be natural and used for protection. It’s a matter of great respect for nature. Nudity should be our first and preferred choice. Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle. Let’s, together, chose naturism!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by David Whitehall – Flickr: Nature, CC BY-SA 2.0


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