Adding naked meditation to my morning routine


I liked Fabien’s article on meditation. Although my decision to add naked meditation to my morning routine is not linked to this article, I wanted to share the thinking process that led me there and the current benefits I am seeing. Let me start by saying that we are all creatures of habits and like all of us, I have many. Some good, like working out or running every day, some less good, like drinking too much coffee, some bad, like losing my temper too fast. I have been working on replacing bad habits with good habits, since I started meditation courses a long, long time ago. Although I am still working on replacing bad habits, I dropped meditation a while back.

Now, one of my bad habits is losing my temper too fast. I wanted to work on this for a long time, finding a way to get calmer and answer stress with calm and positivity. Because I do not believe in random encounters but believe life throw things at you when you are ready to get them, it happened somebody (I believe it’s my in-laws or my wife maybe) dropped the Art of Meditation audio book, by Matthieu Ricard, a famous Buddhist monk, in my car. Some days ago, while I was looking for a CD to listen, I found this audiobook and started to listen to it. It immediately reminded me of my meditation courses. After fifteen minutes or so, it became obvious to me that, after my morning workout, instead of waiting 15 to 20 minutes to stop sweating before taking a shower, I could use this time to meditate.

So approximately two weeks ago, after a morning naked run (yes, I run naked and if you wonder how and why, read this), I drank a glass of water, grabbed a towel and sat in the garden, facing the sun, starting meditating. All that I learned long time ago came back almost instantaneously and my mind started quickly to wander, ideas spreading from all over the place, and I was coming back on my breathing, feeling the air coming into my nose and out of my mouth. Shortly, I felt good, in peace, soaking the energy from the sun irradiating my body. Enjoying the moment, I could hear the birds, feeling the wind on my body and the flow of pure energy in my body. Finally, I ended up my meditation with the recitation in my mind of my day goals and my big ones for the year, using visualization techniques to see my objectives realized. I came back to the world by touching and caressing my body, nothing sexual but sensual, feeling each square centimeters of skin to appreciate my body and what it was doing for me.

I was hooked. I was feeling so well that I decided to add naked meditation to my morning routine on that day. Since them, I am meditating every day, 15 to 20 minutes, closer to 15 than 20 actually. The immediate effect of these morning naked meditations is a clearer mind, an increased concentration, the faster realization of goals because of the increased focus and the decline of caffeine consumption, replacing coffee by green tea (a wonderful green and jasmine tea I discovered in my kitchen cupboard). I will see if I continue in the long term, but this seems to be part of putting in place a new habit.

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