10 Extraordinarily Simple Ways To Get Healthy and Happy


MindBodyGreen published an article entitled 9 Extraordinarily Simple Ways To Get Healthy & Happy. While I totally agree with these 9 ways, as a nudist who knows and lives health benefits of naturism, I want to add a 10th way and provide some tweaks to additional benefits of the 9 ways:

  1. Get Outside. Get outside and drop your clothes, do what is recommended entirely naked if you can: swim, take a walk in the forest, picnic in nature.
  2. Do some green exercise. Do it in the nude. You do not need clothes to surround yourself with nature and greenery.
  3. Enjoy some sunshine. Offer your entire body to the sun (with safe sunscreen). Let the sun shine on your naked body is a wonderful experience.
  4. Eat wild. No clothes needed to have a wild lunch or dinner.
  5. Sleep luxuriously. You may have read on the health benefits of sleeping naked, if not do, and in all cases, forget your PJ and sleep in your birthday suit.
  6. Hydrate. Drink water, a lot!
  7. Have fun with your friends. Throw a naked party, get nudists friends to share good time at the nude beach, in other words, share your love and your fun, naked!
  8. Get Dirty. Garden naked the feet in the ground, paint with your fingers and get dirty, play with your kids all naked and have fun.
  9. Unwind. Grab a book, lounge in your sofa, live slowly, all forgetting your clothes.
  10. Join a naturist club. Get nude! My best holidays are always naked. Once you’ve tested nude time, you’ll never go back to the textile world.

All in all the MindBodyGreen article is extraordinary and spot-on on simplicity, no rocket science, anybody can do this! Add the nudity dimension to those ways and enjoy a healthy and happy life in a whole new way.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


  1. Unwinding is always the best way for me destress and clear my mind. I think it is the best one for me out of all the things listed. Thank you for sharing!

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