Catamaran cruise in Greece: naturism at its best!


A catamaran cruise is the perfect means to indulge in a delightfully liberating holiday in Greece. You’ve full freedom to escape to beautiful and isolated bays and discover unspoilt corners far from tourist attractions and crowds. Our skipper Nikos also loves to navigate these unique spots he knows so well. Secluded in the quiet heart of the Cyclades, you’re free to fully enjoy your naturist sailing cruise and experience an unforgettable adventure aboard the catamaran Emelia. So, say goodbye to your swimsuit, and step aboard the naked cruise!

A themed catamaran cruise? This year, it’s “naturist!”

Sailing in the Greek islands aboard a catamaran is an excellent way to spend an exceptionally relaxing and excitingly exotic holiday. Whether you choose this sailing cruise to enjoy naturism with friends or wish to take this opportunity to shed your threads and live more naturally for the first time, free rein is yours on board the catamaran, provided that nature and your surrounding environment are duly respected!

But how does a “naked” cruise work?

Naturist holidays on a sailing boat, just intimacy and nature

Our sailing boat Emelia is strictly private, and Nikos knows so well wild places with no other boat on the Aegean. Live naked, according to nature rhythm, when you are on board or in these isolated coves. Between sky and sea, enjoy swimming in the blue waters of wild Greek bays. Enjoy discovery and intimacy away from the summer crowds. Share these unique moments of total freedom as a couple, with your friends or family.

Naturist Activities on a Sailing Cruise

Unlike naturist trips on large cruise ships, a nudist cruise on a private sailing boat is organized with friends or family for a customized and intimate holiday in perfect harmony with the sea and its surroundings. Aboard the Emelia catamaran, freely bask in the sun and revel in a natural tan without lines! Nikos will steer you to small secluded beaches for naps in the shade or wonderfully naked hikes. What’s more pleasant than skinny-dipping in peaceful gulfs?

There’s no better way to spend beautiful days in complete liberty!

Enjoy nature

Holidays with respect to nature and… the sailing boat!

Savour the breeze as you sail along the Cyclades, live in rhythm with nature, discard your threads, and embrace the freedom of travelling light with the “bare” essentials! A nudist adventure and unforgettable nature vacation await as you discover Greece on a strictly private sailing boat manned by Nikos, your friendly skipper.

Skipper and owner of Emelia, Nikos passionately tends to his sailing boat to offer you the ultimate pampering experience as he takes you to remote wonders from island to island. This Greek sailing aficionado loves to navigate far from the crowds to ultimately reveal small coves or bays hidden away from the swarms of boats or tourists. First and foremost, a professional, he will not partake in naturism and ensures discreet respect of your legitimate pleasures, privacy and habits. Please respect his boat in return! This mutual courtesy will thus guarantee a great naturist holiday!

A delightfully different approach to a blissful nudist holiday!

No more restraints on swimsuits prone to leave tan lines and stick to the skin when wet! Farewell to dragging along heavy suitcases and bulky baggage weighed down with well-ironed clothes that will come out crumpled anyway… Finished is the search for ever-crowded nudist beaches where too often you must share your beach towel with a neighbour.

Experience living naked aboard and discover the benefits of nature: a free body in pure and exclusive contact with the air, the sun and the sea. Return to rejuvenating and reinvigorating sources for an energized body, a clear mind and a restored spirit!

Still hesitating? Discover 5 reasons to go on a nakation. You’re ready? So book your private cruise aboard our catamaran Emelia!


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