How Nudism Positively Affects Cognitive Function & Mood, Backed by Science!


Nudists know how freeing simple and plain nudity is. For many of us, getting undressed brings a certain level of well-being, both physically and psychologically, particularly when we are outside. If you wonder why this is so, an article published by mindbodygreen and illustrated by many scientific studies explains this fact. It also sheds some lights about why nudism is a potential solution to enhance life. Let’s start with the article, entitled, How Vitamin D Affects Cognitive Function & Mood, According To Research. It explains that vitamin D plays an important role in supporting our brain for various functions. It focuses on and scientifically proves three:

  1. It supports the health of our nervous system
  2. It helps maintain cognitive function as we age
  3. It provides mood support and promotes emotional well-being

In other words, vitamin D is essential to the functioning of our brain, helps us age while keeping or brain faculties and, icing on the cake, makes us happier. There are few elements in life that brings all these benefits together. Vitamin D is one of those.

Getting your daily dose

Of course, the first question that comes to mind is where to get Vitamin D? The National Institutes for Health provides us with a quite detailed and scientific answer. You can get vitamin D from:

  • Food, particularly from fatty fish, like salmon or trout, fish oil, beef liver, egg yolks, cheese, and mushrooms, to name the more important ones. The article provides daily quantity to get your dose of D.
  • Sun exposure. It does not need to be long. Actually it should not be long: 5 to 30 minutes everyday, around midday preferably, is enough for vitamin D synthesis. It will vary depending where you live, and further north will require longer periods of exposure. One of the main benefits of sun exposure is that it’s completely free!
  • Dietary supplements. If you cannot find the right food, nor get enough sun exposure, supplements is your choice of vitamin D intake.

Naked under the sun

Of course, sun exposure speaks to nudists who love to go outside frolicking naked in the sun. But why naked? In an article from Health Digest, Dr Lushen Pillay, dermatologist, provides the missing link: [by being naked], “you put more skin cells in sunlight. From a health perspective you’ll get more vitamin D, and a quicker quantity of Vitamin D from this point.”

We know that sun exposure needs to be limited in time to avoid getting sunburned. In fact, when sunburned, the production of vitamin D is lowered. The same happens when you put sunscreen on. But how to limit our exposure to a healthy one, while getting our share of vitamin D? You get it: by exposing as much skin as possible, and this is why getting naked is the best way. 20 to 30-minute sun exposure while entirely naked will bring us our right level of vitamin D for a healthy body and mind.

We now have all the chain links: getting naked under the sun (limiting your exposure to 30 minutes maximum) will help your body metabolize vitamin D that will feed your brain and bring you joy and health. So yes, if you want to be healthy and happy, become a nudist! This may also explains why nudists seem friendlier than textiles. They’re enjoying a level of vitamin D production that textiles ignore. If there were a rational reason to become a nudist, vitamin D production is one you should know. You will find many others in my forthcoming book, Becoming a nudist. Stay tuned!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Image by Monsterkoi from Pixabay


  1. I was low in D and well tanned all over. D is made in the body using a good cholesterol substance found in eggs. I began to add one raw (carefully sourced organic fresh live living food) egg to my smoothy each day. With the sun, my body has everything it needs and my numbers have been up for years since. The body produces D much better than trying to eat mega doses of supplements.

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