Nude Beach Etiquette


Heading to a nude beach for the first time? Wonderful! I’m almost certain you will have a great time. But there are a few unwritten rules that prevail. Therefore, let me help you in making your day a real blast!

1. Get naked

It may sound obvious to get naked on a nude beach, but some people don’t seem to realise they are on a nude beach. If all beaches were clothing optional, this would not be a problem. However, as there are nude beaches, nudity needs to be respected. The only exception would be suit bottom for women and bathing suits for teenagers. Beyond those two, just get naked!

Now, if some people are clothed, go and have a discussion with them, explaining this is a nude beach and nudity needs to be respected. If they want to stay clothed, they can do so on the textile section. Do it, of course, while naked and with a large smile. It has always worked for me, resulting in people leaving or undressing. A nude beach is not a a clothing optional beach, it’s a nude beach. Hence nudity needs to be respected.

2. Don’t stare

Don’t look at people with intensity as you were inspecting every detail of their body. Respect starts with leaving people live their life the way they want. Staring makes people uncomfortable. I had to confront people who were starting multiple times. Of course, they always denied staring, which resulted in either them stopping or just leaving.

Of course, you can’t see people. Just look at them and move your eyes elsewhere. In the case, you see somebody that you think you know but are not sure, just walk to him or her and go to introduce yourself. I have a couple of people doing this over the years, some I knew, and discovered they were naturists, some I did not, and they became naturist friends. In all cases, it’s a great way to make new friends.

3. Take pictures with permission

Pictures are controversial on a nude beach. Some say you should never take some, some say you should do what pleases you. I sit in the middle. I love taking pictures and always make sure nobody is photographed unless they are aware and agree being photographed. Hence, if you want to take a picture of your family or friends, make sure there’s only your family and friends in the frame.

If you have strangers in the frame, go and have a discussion with them, asking for permission. They may say no; hence, you’ll need to rethink your pictures, but in most cases, they will agree and you’ll be able to take your pics.

4. Don’t have sex

A nude beach is not a swinger’s party. It’s not because you’re naked that you’ve the permission to have sex on the beach, alone or with others. Actually, in most cases, it’s a punishable offense. If you’re on a guarded beach, alert the guards. On an unguarded beach, you may want to gather a few naturists with you to have a discussion with the guys who have a sexual behavior and ask them to stop.

But what if you’re a man and just have an erection? Don’t think about it. Having an erection is normal, although unlikely. If it happens, just lie on your towel, grab a book or listen to music until it subsides. It’s a fear for many newbies, and even though it’s totally understandable, there is little chance it’s happening. Just behave normally, stop thinking about your penis and just have fun!

5. Have fun

Going to the beach is fun and relaxing, going to a nude beach is the same. To me, the big difference between a nude and a textile beach is, of course, the added freedom carried by nudity. But nudity being a standard feature at a nude beach, you can carry on with the standard beach games, be it beach volley, frisbee or stand-up paddle, or just relax, read and perfect your overall tan.

In the end, there’s really no more difference between a nude beach and a textile one, but the required nudity. Just get naked and have fun. One last advice, though: next time you go to the nude beach, invite friends and family to join. Let them know you’re a nudist, that you’re heading to the nearest nudist beach and that you’ll be happy if they join. You’ll kill two birds with one stone: you come out as a nudist and you spread nudism around.

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Image by Pedro Márquez from Pixabay


  1. Pretty great post! I have only been to one nudist beach, many years ago and before I began adopting naturalist practices, so I was busy doing quite a few of the don’t-do’s that you mention. I didn’t stay long and no one had to reprimand me, thank goodness, but this is a great post for those that just didn’t know otherwise! Hugs, Marie

  2. I enjoy being clothes free but wife is against it. Only time I am nude is when wife is gone and after my shower. We have no nude beaches here in Minnesota, but i wish we did. I have never been to a nude beach but that is on my bucket list and hope sometime to go to one.

    • Nudists and naturists must come out without being ashamed of what they do. Many keep the nudist life a secret, and if they are ashamed, how can we expect to convince others.
      Second point, you must focus only on the beaches with optional clothing. Continuing the textile beach / nude beach division only makes matters worse. And let us remember that textiles are much much much more numerous than us. Is it worth going to the fight? .

    • You should have a discussion with your wife about nudism, what it really is and what it means for you. It may take time, but it’s worth it. Have a look at my latest post about convincing reluctant spouse.

  3. I believe that the only real way to go is that of the beaches with optional clothing. No strings attached. No obligation to undress or to dress. I think it is also the best form of education, instead of continuing to divide textile beach / nude beach. Forcing a person to undress just because they are on the nudist part of the beach is wrong. This is not the way we will be able to educate others about the nude and the normalization of the nude.

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