4 Key Reasons Why Nudism is Needed in Our World

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Most of us want a peaceful world. Most of us want a world where people would be well fed, schooled and healthy. Most of us want a world without hatred, war, and violence. Nudism may be an answer to a more respectful and accepting world. It’s not the only answer, of course, but if nudism were widely understood and accepted it would help people to embrace their differences, to decrease their anxiety, and to increase their life satisfaction. Here are four reasons explaining why nudism is much needed in our world and provides a way to live in peace and harmony with each other and our environment.

1. Respect

If nudism is about being naked alone and with others, it’s also about respecting diversity. By being naked, you’ve nothing to hide. Everybody can see the whole of you. Although the first time, it can be intimidating, even frightening, you quickly realise by seeing others naked as well that you’re not different from them. Most people don’t have the body we see in magazines or ads. Most people are not photoshopped in real life.

Respect also comes by realising our own fragility. Being naked means we are totally exposed to the environment. Nothing comes between the air, the water and our skin. It’s a wonderful feeling that empowers us and makes us realise that we are not that strong. Respecting our body and our environment comes quickly and is an integral part of the nudist experience.

2. Acceptance

By being with other nudists, we not only accept our flaws, we accept others’. Nobody’s perfect and no bodies are perfect. We accept seeing people as they are. Many textiles have a rejection for nudism because they don’t want to see naked people. I truly believe they don’t want to see naked people because they cannot accept who they really are with the flaws and imperfection.

The more I discover nudism, the more I love seeing naked people. Not for sexual reasons, mind you, but because I marvel as the incredible diversity of bodies. Bodies are far from being the Photoshopped perfection the media are accustoming us. But bodies are the envelope of people’s soul. Seeing naked people, accepting them as they are physically is a wonderful gateway to discovering who they really are.

3. Impact

We are explained that we need to reduce our impact on the planet by consuming less and paying more attention. Nudism, although far from being perfect, can play a huge role. No, or less, clothing means less textile production and transport – textile being the second-biggest polluter of the planet – and less washing, hence water and detergent consumption.

Being naked makes us realise our fragility and increase our consciousness of the environment. It’s an incredible pleasure to wander naked in nature. It’s empowering too. However, it also reveals how fragile we are: we need protection from the environment. If we want to survive, we need to be more aware of the beauties and the dangers of our surroundings. Being naked helps us on this awareness path I believe.

4. Well-Being

This is probably the most thought of benefit of nudism. This sensation of well-being when naked is just incredible. Every nudist will tell you that they cherish the moment they get naked after a clothed period. I cannot think of writing those blogs or working on my nudists threads while being clothed. Nudity is an integral part of my life and of who I am. I am really happy when entirely naked. Nudism makes me, and millions of nudists, happy.

It’s not only a physical well-being. It plays on all dimensions: emotional, psychological and spiritual, as I’ve explained in my book, Becoming a Nudist. It sometimes takes a little bit of time and requires some conscious efforts to discover all dimensions, but the moment you open the door to it, you embark on a never ending journey of discovery. As I often say, nudism is not only a lifestyle, it’s a journey.

There are many other reasons why I believe nudism should be more accepted and widespread in the world. I have written extensively about it in my book of the Nudism series:

If you’re not already a nudist, I encourage you to discover what nudism is really and how it can be beneficial to you and your beloved ones. If you’re a nudist, just enjoy and thank you to contribute to making the world a better place.

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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