5 Tactics to Convince a Reluctant Spouse or Friend to Try Naturism

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So, your spouse or your best friend knows you’re a naturist. You’ve asked them to join you on a naturist expedition (beach, pool, resort, hike…) and they gave you the weird look and said “Nooooooo!”. Is it the end of the world as you’ve imagined it? Nope! If they had said yes, of course, your life would be easier, but because they said no, this does not close the door to naturism. One day, sooner or later, they’ll probably join you, and may become avid naturists and nudists too. But how can you achieve such a result? Here are 5 simple tactics that have proven to be effective to have others try naturism and nudism.

Five Whys

As Wikipedia explains, “Five whys is an iterative interrogative technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem. The primary goal of the technique is to determine the root cause of a defect or problem by repeating the question, ‘Why?’ five times. The answer to the fifth why should reveal the root cause of the problem.” It’s very effective to dig deeper in a problem and allows to drive the discussion to a point where there could be a decision or at least a consensus. I find it particularly valuable for emotionally charged discussions, like some related to social nudity for some person who cannot separate nudity from sexuality, at least at the onset.

Here how such a conversation could go:

– Me: Would you join me to the nudist beach?

– Other: No way.

– Me: Why?

– Other: Because I don’t want to be naked at the beach.

– Me: Why?

– Other: Because you can’t do that.

– Me: Why?

– Other: Because I don’t want people to see me naked?

—Me: But everybody will also be naked, why wouldn’t agree to go naked?

– Other: Because I’m not a supermodel and I will not be at ease.

– Me: Why should you not be at ease if everybody else is also naked?

– Other: I don’t know, it does not feel right.

– Me: If you stay in your swimsuit, would you agree to come with me to the nude beach and decide when there?

—Other: Well, okay, I can do that. You’re sure I will be able to keep my swimsuit?

—Me: Hundred percent sure. Thank you. If I give you a book about nudism, would you read it? This may help you understand what nudism is and why it feels completely right.

– Other: Sure.

Voilà. Of course, it’s just an example and things can go completely differently. However, the five whys technique allows you bring the conversation forward and uncover the root cause of the original no. In this dialogue, I also used two other tactics employed: clothing optional and books, as we are just going to see now.

Clothing Optional

Many textiles refuse nudity for themselves, but don’t care about others being naked. Or at least, they say so. If you’re fine being naked with clothed people, then clothing optional is definitely a good option. Going to a nude beach? Get naked, have your friend or significant other keep their swimsuit. Going to a naturist resort? Get naked as soon as you arrive, let your friend live her or his life clothed, until he or she’s more comfortable and understands nudity is acceptable.

Nudism is not about imposing people to be nude when you are. Everyone has their personal history with nudity and peeling the layers of unease may require some time. Most nudist resorts allow people to keep minimal clothing until they understand nudity is more comfortable and chosen by all other patrons. Hence, the rule is to live and let live. Don’t impose, just propose and let the miracle happen.

It may require multiple attempts, and it’s fine. I’m a passionate nudist who strips as soon as I can. However, I respect people who may not be at ease with their body and will keep their swimsuit, short or shirt. I will, however, live as a nudist and demonstrate there’s nothing wrong in being nude. I will also let them know that if they are ready to let their clothes go, they just can do so, at their own pace. If they do, I will encourage them welcome them in the wonderful nudist extended family.

The Group/Friends Effect

I discovered along the years that the best way to bring people to nudism is to immerse them into a group of nudists. If you happen to have nudist friends, go and have a nudist day or nudist holidays, along with your best friend or spouse. Of course, apply the second tactic above related to clothing optional. Nudity and clothing shall remain optional until fabrics disappear and nudity becomes obvious.

Here are three activities to do naked while letting your spouse or friend stay clothed:

  • Swimming pool day. Whether at your own pool or at a nudist friend’s, be naked and enjoy the day, while proposing your spouse or friend to strip, but not imposing.
  • Barbecue day. I love naked barbecues! Just relax, chill, and have a wonderful time with friends.
  • Beach day. Get a bunch of nudist friends to spend a full day at the beach. Pick the day, decide who brings what and enjoy the day at the beach.

While immersed among naked people living their lives without shame in the best possible suit, your spouse or friend will realise at her or his own pace that nudity is normal and natural. She or he will come to it sooner than you expect. A trick with friends is to have a same-sex friend as your spouse or friend to have a discussion about nudism. Ask for help and you may see a miracle unfold.

Books and Magazines

With online publishing, nudist magazines and books have become easily available. If you’re a member of a naturist organisation, there are chances you receive their publication or are offered to subscribe to one of the available naturist publications. Make sure those magazines and books are visible and accessible. Offer to read them and discuss later on.

I cannot but recommend my own books from the Nudism series, of course. However, there are a lot of others and you may discover some in the books page.

You can also gift a naturist book. Personally, my naturist and nudist books are in my personal library, grouped so I can find any easily. The latest edition of naturist magazines like H&E, La Vie au Soleil, and Naturisme Magazine, are on the lounge coffee table for all to catch and read, among other magazines. Not only, it provides a great ice breaker for friends and family, it’s a great way to start a conversation about nudism in a simple way.

The Place to Go

The last tactic relates to weekends and holidays. I’m sure there are places you always wanted to visit. For your next weekend or holiday, pick one that you’re both excited about and propose to find a nearby naturist/nudist resort to stay. It’s a middle ground that should be easily accepted. Of course, if you can, apply the second and third tactics, it’s even better. Life is always made of compromises. You can weave nudism in many activities that you want to share with others, including your beloved ones. It may sometimes require little effort, but it’s worth it.

If you put nudism and naturism front and centre of your activities, spouse and friends will come to it eventually. Naturism is misunderstood and the only way to really understand it is for you to be open about being a nudist and to propose that they try before saying no. Being with other nudists is the best possible experience to discover what naturism is and to realise that undressing is neither gross, nor wrong, but really comfortable, relaxing and liberating.

There are two caveats, though. The first one is naturism is not for everybody. Well, it is for everybody, but some people will totally refuse it, plain and simple. The ban of nudity is so deep under their skin, due to their education, culture or religious beliefs, that they will never accept nudity. It’s a sad reality you have to accept. The second is it may take a lot of time to have somebody change her or his mind and accept nudity for her or himself, and even for others. You may need to be patient, open to dialogue, while not giving up on naturism and nudism.

I truly believe naturism is an extraordinary, simple and respectful lifestyle. It’s vastly misunderstood and requires a lot of pedagogy. However, as nudists and naturists, our duty is to explain what naturism is, why it’s important to be able to accept simple nudity in our society and how it can benefit everybody and every body.

If you have other tips and tricks to transform textiles into nudists, just let us know in the comments below!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. I believe the most effective way to turn others into nudists is to simply let them try nudism. I was textile 5 years ago. When I met the one who made me become a nudist, it was not his arguments to convinced me, I was convinced that it did not make sense to undress and I wondered why to refuse to wear at least the underwear, why also the naked genitals?. But the thing that convinced me to try was his kindness and calm in explaining his reasons, his remaining calm and peaceful even when I attacked him with my arguments. Only after trying did I begin to understand why nudists undressed, the freedom of nudity, the well-being of being without clothes, “infected” me immediatly, and only at that moment did I also begin to undress, even if not every day as I do now. . Now I undress as soon as, I’m naked now and I can and feel myself completely nudist and naturist. And the nudist who convinced me to try was also very happy when I told him that I was now a nudist too. Even when I managed to convert two people to nudism, the change came only after they agreed to try nudism, seeing two textiles (one man and one woman) transform into nudists was the greatest joy for me. The difficult part is try nudism…”only by trying it do you begin to feel the annoyance of the clothes and the freedom of nudity” (words of the two people who become nudist with my little contribution). Nudism can only be explained by trying it on your own skin. Explain in words why I undress, often had a negative effect on the interlocutor or at most generate indifference, (“ok undress if you have to, but I don’t want to undress myself”). My little experience taught me that just by getting textiles to try, even once, is there a good chance of seeing them gradually become nudist. The idea of ​​the “5 because” it is valid, because it forces them to see the conditioning that society has imposed on them and increased the chance to try nudism. However, getting them to try is the hardest part, but personally also the most satisfying one, because spreading nudism and seeing someone start undressing is a great joy for us nudists. We must be kind and friendly when we speak with textiles, this is a very important thing if we want the textiles try nudism.

    • I totally agree with you Federico. Naturism cannot be fully explained with words, it has to be experienced. Kindness and friendliness are definitely great ways to express oneself. Bringing people to naturism requires three steps: 1. explaining what naturism is and its many benefits. 2. Have the other party to agree to “try”. 3. Have the other party to get naked.

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