7 Ideas to Make your Home a Nudist Haven

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Many nudists, me included, are naked all day long, temperature and activities allowing. However, I did not come to being a 24 × 7 nudist overnight. As I often say, nudism is a journey. It expands, it transforms, and it morphs into something that is bigger than just being naked. Whether you’re a home nudist, and discovered nudism in the privacy of your home, or a social nudist, and go to nudist resorts and beaches, here are 7 ideas to make your house a nudist haven where you can live naked and share nude time with your beloved ones, in a comfortable way.

Clothing Optional

A nudist haven is, to me, a clothing-optional place that respects all sensitivities. If you come home, there are good chances I’ll be naked. I’ll invite you to join me, but will respect your choice whatever it will be. If my nudity makes you uncomfortable, I’ll cover-up to show respect and will go into a discussion about nudism and simple nudity to see if there’s a chance that you accept my nudity.

People need to know they enter a clothing-optional place where they can meet naked people. A simple sign at the entrance of your property will inform visitors. A search on “clothing optional sign” in Amazon brought back 125 results. I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit in your environment.

But people will know that I’m a nudist, might you ask? Sure. Of course, depending on where you live, you may want to keep this a little bit secret and hence not announcing it right at your doorstep. Make sure you have cover-up handy if you receive a visit then. Otherwise, I encourage to put a sign right next to your doorbell or on the gate of your garden. Visitors will not be able to say they did not know and you’ll be able to wander naked without a second thought.

Nudist Magazines

Have nudist magazines and books and leave them all over the place. There are not “private” publications that need to be hidden. Nudist books shall be in your library easily accessible and nudist magazines shall be on your coffee table or any place they can be easily picked. I’ve had many textile friends who discovered I was a nudist by finding nudist books and magazines at home, and asking questions about nudism.

This requires that you’re completely at ease with being a nudist and letting people know that you are. More on this later. As I’m passionate about nudism, I’ve a ton of books and magazines about it. Having them available allows people to understand that there’s more to nudism that just being naked. They allow to dig deeper into wellness, respect, acceptance, diversity and comfort. They open discussions about many topics that extend far beyond simple nudity. This is probably why nudism is so fantastic, it’s a gateway to well-being and happiness.

Holiday Pictures

If you have pictures of your nudist holidays, weekends and activities, print some, make albums and hang the best. Like the clothing optional sign, you may claim that people will see you and your beloved ones naked. Yes, so what? If you’re naked inside your home and announce that it’s a clothing optional zone, what do your visitors expect? Nudity, isn’t it?

As a nudist, I find nudity normal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about intimate or sexual pictures. It’s about simple, casual, and social nudity. Of course, you may want to hang clothed pictures of your beloved ones. Nudism can be a passion, it does not need to transform into an obsession. But a picture at a beach, on a hike, with friends can be a really nice picture that deserves to be hung on a wall on display or set on a console. If you and your friends are naked, so be it. It should make a difference.

The question remains about visiting people that don’t know you’re a nudist. How will they react? Some may be surprised at best, shocked or even horrified at worst. I have a very simple philosophy about this. I want to be surrounded by people who understand and respect nudism. They may not want to be nudists, and I respect this, but if they totally disagree with nudism, they’re not welcome in my circle of friends. Harsh? Maybe. At the end of the day, we have only one life and respect is front and centre of the life I want to live. I respect others, whatever they think and do, as long as they respect me, my family and my nudist friends.

Neighbours’ Awareness

Do your neighbours have a direct look in your garden or into your apartment, invite them for a drink and share that you’re a nudist. I know this is putting off a lot of people as they don’t want to share that they are nudists. But allow me to tell you this is the only way to be able to be at peace with yourself and go away from the schizophrenia of hiding that you’re a nudist.

If you don’t know how to introduce the topic, here’s a simple way to do it: “I wanted to tell you that I/we am/are nudists. Are you familiar with nudism?” Here is a great introduction to the conversation so you’re able to explain that nudism is not sexual, is normal and is social. “I’m glad that you understand and are now familiar with nudism. Would you be put off if I/we would be naked in our garden and apartment?” Because you introduced the topic and ensured your neighbour understands what nudism is about, you will most probably get No (meaning that your neighbours are fine with you being naked in and on your property).

However, there are some people who will set some reservations, particularly when it relates to kids. Some people don’t want kids to see naked people. This is fine and another great way to have a conversation about kids and nudism. Having said this, I respect this reservation and would advise that you abide by it. You may leave it as an open discussion for later, and will agree to be vigilant. However, having this honest and respectful conversation is a great starter for a peaceful relationship with your neighbours.

Ready Towels/Sarong

Have towels and sarong ready for your guests’ usage. A good hygiene at nudist places requires that you sit on towels. I personally prefer sarongs to towels. There are fantastic ones for women and men. They provide great cover-ups and are easily untied to sit on. Furthermore, they come at a relatively low price and you can have a set both for your female and male visitors. The following examples have been found on Amazon.

If you prefer towels, so be it. In any case, have a pile ready by the entrance and another one in the bathroom where your guests will undress.

Embrace Nudity

Commit to nudism daily. The day you start may feel awkward. Except if you’ve been raised in a nudist family, being naked around your house may feel strange at beginning. It will rapidly disappear and you will wonder why you did not do this sooner. The strangest feeling is probably to stay naked while some people are clothed around you. This feeling too subsides.

The first times, some of your acquaintances will be puzzled by your nudity, and maybe not really comfortable. Your actions will determine their reaction. Act normally without thinking you’re naked, as you would normally do if nobody were there, and they’ll forget sooner than later that you’re naked. Textiles need to understand nudism and exhibitionism are too different things. Nudists are not naked to receive sexual gratifications like exhibitionists do. Nudists are naked because they believe nudity is normal and natural, and are totally comfortable naked.

Nudist Events

When you set an event at your place, make it a nudist event. Inviting friends for a drink or dinner? Make it a nude drink or dinner! Inviting neighbours over for a barbecue? Make it a naked barbecue. The idea here is to really embrace nudism as totally normal and acceptable lifestyle, which it is.

The same goes to events at your friends place. When possible, ask to be naked. A crucial thing I discovered over the years is that the most difficult thing to do is to ask. But once done, in most cases, your nudity is accepted and you feel so good, not only because you can enjoy nudity, but also because you pushed your comfort zone. My wife often say that I keep wanting more and keep pushing the enveloppe. I agree, I want more nudism, I want more nudist and I want more opportunity to live naked.

I believe that wanting more is a deep inherent human trait. When you want more of something that has no negative effect, I believe it’s a good thing that contributes to your happiness and well-being. You may also say that wanting more of something is the direct path to addiction. And it’s true that you must pay attention not to fall prey of addictive behaviours that have social and personal negative consequences. Can nudism become addictive? Probably, as it probably releases dopamine (the feel-good neurotransmitter). I recommend reading Dopamine Nation, Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence. It’s a fantastic way to understand addiction and find the right balance in your life, where nudism can play a central role.

Voilà, we are at the end of this post about making your home a nudist haven. Embracing the nudist lifestyle is a great way to enhance your life with simplicity, honesty and comfort. Ensuring your home allows to live naked daily and enjoy nudist friendship are fantastic ways to move forward our the nudist journey. Nudism goes beyond being naked. Nudism is a journey of intense and wonderful discoveries that develops respect, openness and happiness!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. Excellent article about home nudity. I have a sign as you suggested, but my wife who is not a nudist is uncomfortable about it. I have talked to my neighbors, and no one is offended by my nudity allowing me to be naked on my porch or even in my yard – weather permitting.

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