5 Activities to Discover or Enhance Naturism


Whether you’re a naturist who want more nude time or a non-naturist who think about giving naturism a go, this post if for you! For many, naturism is about getting naked. However, as I outlined in other posts and in my book, Embracing Nudity, nudism is a journey, not a destination. It’s not about getting naked, it’s about enjoying our natural, simple, and normal nudity in many if not a vast majority of activities. Nudism is made of encounters and discoveries. In this post, I unveil five activities that will make you add a new dimension to nudism and naturism. Something you may not have thought about or may not have had the courage to do. Here are five opportunities to discover nudism and naturism is a formidable new way.

1- Swim

This is how many people discover the incredible comfort of nudity. Skinny-dipping is pretty popular, particularly with friends when everybody has forgotten his or her swimsuit. However, the moment you’re in water, what strikes you is the incredible comfort of it. There are three simple ways to discover nude swimming: skinny-dipping, nude beach, naturist slot at a local swimming pool. For skinny-dipping, what works and has worked on multiple occasions for me is to plan a hike with friends that you know will go near a lake or a river and purposely don’t take a swimsuit. On site, propose to skinny-dip and leverage the occasion to talk about nudism.

There are hundreds of nude beaches, pick on, ask friends to join and go. Of course, it goes beyond just swimming and is a great way to discover naturism for many, including you. It’s one of the routes to nudism and naturism, with, icing on the cake, the possibility to swim naked. For the naturist slot at the local swimming pool, the best point of contact is generally the local nudist group or the national naturist federation.

2- Cook

I love to cook and I love even more to cook naked. Well, actually, I love to do anything more when I can do it naked. However, cooking has a special place as I love to take time, discover new recipes and share the results with friends and family. Cooking can take a few minutes or a few hours. Cooking naked is a simple way to have an activity that one may not think doing naked, only wearing an apron, if you intend to fry food.

Pick a recipe, go and buy what is required and, naked, prepare your recipe. It may feel weird at the beginning, particularly if you’re not used to be naked outside of a beach or your bedroom. Quickly, you will not only forget you’re naked, but you will realise that cooking doesn’t really require clothing, like many other activities.

3- Garden

To me, gardening, like any outdoor activities, is a naked-by-default activity. The only thing that transforms it into a clothed activity is the cold. And even this, if you’re active enough, you can undress. Depending on your country legislation, if your garden is visible to neighbours or people passing by, you may not be able to garden naked. Otherwise, it will become your number one naked outdoor activity. Beyond the comfort of nudity and the realisation outdoor activities are better when done naked, all is required is a shower to clean yourselves. No dirty clothing, at the exception of your gardening gloves.

Don’t forget the hat and sunscreen if the sun is out.

4- Hike

Another obvious naked activity, although depending on where you’re it may not be possible to hike naked. I’ve extensively written about naked hiking: 10 Good Reasons to Hike Naked (and Not Only On Naked Hiking Day) and 11 suggestions on where and how hiking naked. If hiking and naked seem two words that you have difficulties putting together, I encourage you to put your hands on the wonderful book, Naked Hiking.

Naked Hiking, the book, was instrumental in my hiking practice and explained the reasons I was hiking naked. It not only showed me that naked hiking was a real activity done by thousands of people, it made me appreciate it even more. The best way to hike naked is with a group of naked hikers. Not only does the group effect make the hike safer, but it allows you to discuss naked hiking with seasoned hikers and make new nudist friends.

5- Lounge

Reading a book, watching TV, day dreaming, doing nothing are activities that should always be done naked. There’s no need to wear anything, when nudity is the most comfortable outfit, temperature allowing. If you’re a reader or subscriber of this blog, you know that I’m naked at home more than I’m clothed. I’m comfortably sitting naked on my couch to write this post. Lounging naked allows you to appreciate the simple and powerful comfort of nudity.

Being naked the naturist way doesn’t have any sexual meaning or objective. Naturists enjoy nudity for its simplicity, its natural and its comfort. They aren’t naked to exhibit their nudity and create a sexual atmosphere. We’re naked because we believe nudity is a simple, casual and normal state of being, free of any other idea. Nudity is our natural state. Having activities while naked help us take nudity back to what it really is: our natural state.

I hope those five activities will help you realise that naturism and nudism are wonderful ways of life. They’re lifestyles shared by millions and will free your body and your mind of useless rules and ideas that have brainwashed human beings for centuries. Enjoy the comfort of nudity!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Picture diluvi.com Anna i Adria www.diluvi.com, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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