The Ultimate Nudist Valentine Gifts


Welcome to the second edition of Nude and Happy’s monthly product recommendation series! Last month, we share The Ultimate Nudist Starter Kit, which was highly successful. Whether you’re new to nudism or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find the products that every nudist need to have to enjoy nudism and naturism fully. As shared, we understand that choosing naturism isn’t just about embracing a lifestyle; it’s about aligning every aspect of our lives with the principles of respect, simplicity, and authenticity. In this post and continuing the spirit of making 2024 the nudest possible year, we’re introducing a set of Nudist-oriented Valentine gifts, carefully curated to make your naturist journey as loving and caring as possible. Share the love of naturism with your beloved ones end enjoy our selection of gifts.

Skin and Body Care

Plain products are natural and vegan. They are sulfate & parabens free and safe for kids and babies. They contain only non-GMO Ingredients and are perfect for sensitive skin. Icing on the sustainability cake, their sustainable refillable bottle can be returned to be reused for free, eliminating single-use plastics!

EcoTools Start The Day Beautiful Makeup Brush Set Includes: (1) Angled Foundation Brush, (1) Blurring Brush, (1) Define Crease Brush, (1) Angled Liner Brush, (1) Full Blush Brush, and (1) Storage Tray. They’re handcrafted with eco-friendly materials and lightweight bamboo handles.

A full-metal razor made from premium high-end blade materials. This WEISHI shaving tool won’t burn your pocket and will make your skin baby-smooth. And it carries a lifetime warranty!

Active Wear

Even nudists need some form of clothing. When it comes to getting clothed, let’s aim at protecting our planet so we can enjoy nudism more! The below products are made from recycled or upcycled material, aiming at creating zero waste!

RE/DONE is a company that specializes in selling upcycled products, which is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways of buying clothes when you need them.

The Girlfriend Collective gets creative with old plastic bottles, fabric scraps, and even fishing nets to make whole new items.

Renowned for making durable outerwear, Patagonia is making its way towards zero waste clothing. Traveling as a nudist requires just a carry-on. This one fits our purpose nicely! Of course, the brand has many other sustainable items.

Bed Linens

Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets (viscose from bamboo) are the world’s softest sheets guaranteed. The ultimate bed linen to sleep naked! Cosy Earth material is all made from bamboo fibers, it’s sustainable organic bedding you can rely on for a great night’s sleep.

Yoga Accessories

Here’s a sustainable yoga mat made out of organic cork & biodegradable TPE base. As it’s non-slip & waterproof, it’s ideal for naked yoga and good for our little planet.

The perfect addition to your gym bag and workout gear to wipe up sweat, cover a workout bench, hang on the bike or treadmill, use as a yoga towel, and more.

Aozora Yoga blocks are made from environmentally friendly cork and provide you with an incredibly soft grip! They are also incredibly durable and slip resistant, and have been carefully designed to help you with your naked yoga workout for years to come.

Fitness Accessories

Track your progress with this workout journal. Effectively track both daily and weekly workout goals up to 8 months as meticulously as you desire, plan next week’s workouts, and celebrate your success with ease. Stay focused and always work out naked!

Amp up your workout with this Workout Equipment System. It comes with various workout equipment attachments: foldable Push up board, 3-section Bar, 6 Resistance Bands, 2 Ankle Straps, door anchor, an ab roller wheel, which can fulfill most of your workout needs in the gym, without leaving your home so you can work out naked.


Wear these anklets at the pool or at the beach! It’s not because you’re naked that you should let go of subtle jewels to ornate your body.

A mens handmade leather bracelet made of high-quality leather and stainless steel materials. This handwoven bracelet is tightly woven with a special durable stainless steel buckle. It will complement nicely your birthday suit!


Pablo Picasso’s line art drawings are some of the most recognized works of the 20th century. Characterized by multiple strokes of chalk or a pencil, this female artwork is stunning in its simplicity and evokes emotions of an untold story. An eye-catching silhouette poster with a mysterious vibe, this Picasso poster features a charming minimalistic style that will add a touch of elegance in your living room, bedroom, office, or entryway walls, while reminding of the simple beauty of nudity,

This set of 3 naked male minimalist drawings will add a touch of minimalist naturism to your interior, celebrating the beauty of nudity!


Although we are mostly using our phones to take pictures these days, why not creating picture books of our nakations?

Guidebook on Nudism

Embarking on the journey into naturism can be both exciting and unfamiliar. If you find yourself new to this liberating lifestyle, my book “Becoming a Nudist” serves as a comprehensive guide for newbies and seasoned nudists, offering a passport to navigate the wonderful world of nudism with confidence. This book goes beyond the basics, providing valuable insights into discovering nudist-friendly locations, understanding the nuances of social norms within the community, and equipping you with the knowledge to embrace the liberating spirit of naturism.

The hardback edition of “Becoming a Nudist” makes the perfect gift to enlighten, inform, and empower the reader as he or she embraces the transformative experience of nudism. Let this book be a trusted resource as you embark on a path of self-discovery and liberation within the nudist lifestyle.

We’ve curated this selection of Nudist-oriented Valentine gifts to infuse love and care into your naturist journey. As we strive to make 2024 the nudest possible year, these carefully chosen products align with our principles of respect, simplicity, and authenticity. Let these nudist-friendly Valentine gifts be a symbol of love, liberation, and shared moments in the spirit of nudism.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

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