Naturist Lock Down Idea #5 – Watch Movies You Never Had Time to Watch


Who does not love cinema? There are so many movies, new and old, you never had time to watch. With all the streaming services existing today, not having the time to go to the shop to rent a DVD or Bluray is no longer an excuse. And who still have a DVD machine? Everything has become digital. It’s the perfect time to look for the movies you did not have time to watch or to watch again those you loved.

The perfect setting

A TV set or a projector, a comfortable couch, a bottle of good wine and some good snacks, and you off for a good moment, in front of a great movie. Should I add a great sound system if you have one? Wikihow has an article on how to enjoy a movie at home that you can read to get an idea on how to setup your space.

Among the advice the give is the one about dimming the lights and turning the phone off. A dim light will make the colors brighter, particularly if you have a projector that is not very powerful. Turning the phone off, or at least turning the ringing off, will allow you to be in what you do at 100%.

flat screen television with tower speakers

If you are a seasoned nudist, you will have a towel handy to sit on. If you are new to nudism, think about it. For hygienic reasons, we sit on a towel, even at home. This is the only piece of fabric allowed when staying at home naked. It’s an essential one though!

Picking the movie

You may have a list in mind or are just clueless. It happens that we know there were movies we wanted to watch but could not remember which ones. I personally keep a list on To-Do. Every time I remember a movie, a book, a song or a magazine title, I note it down on To-Do lists that are always prepared for this on my phone. It takes 30 seconds, and I know I never run out of ideas when it comes to watching a movie, reading a book, listening to a song or buying a magazine.

turned-on flat screen television

The site Rotten tomatoes has a list of 200 essential movies to watch, from Citizen Kane to Inception or the Big Lebowski. It’s a great source of inspiration and I’m sure there are many movies on this list that can make yours. Of course, if you are not alone, you will need to find a movie that pleases everybody. Here a simple method to come to a decision:

  1. Pick a genre. Do you want comedy, horror, science fiction? If you cannot decide on a common genre, you have three options: a. if you have mutiple TV set, split (not recommended though for a fun time together), b. decide that you will have multiple movie days so you can pick a genre one day and another one tomorrow, c. pick at random. If I were you, I would go for b.
  2. Browse the movies and pick one. If you cannot decide on one, great! You have multiple choices for multiple days!

Let the party begins

You love going to the movie theater and it’s always fun. Well, let’s make this movie watching session a fun one. We’ve seen in the idea #4 how to have a coffee with friends over a video call. Why not having a movie over a video call too? You can propose to friends to watch the same movie together at the same time and have a chat session open on video call software so you can share your impression.

As said previously, prepare some wine, beer or any of your preferred beverages and some snacks. Think about taking an intermission, like during a play. You can stop the movie halfway, have a snack and a stroll before going back immersed in the movie.

flat lay photography of sliced apples, sausages, chips and brown sauce

After the movie, you can continue having a snack and seize the moment to discuss about the movie. What you did like, what you did not, which actor inspired you, what was your preferred scene. There are so many things to share. It’s a great opportunity to, may be, pay more attention to details that you generally miss: the light, the scenes, the secondary characters, etc. But overall, get naked, have fun and enjoy a great moment.

Thank you to share your experiences of naked movie nights in the comments part below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Alex Litvin, Loewe Technologies, Glenn Carstens-Peters, and Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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