Naturist Lock Down Idea #2 – Read and Share Naturist Magazines


Being locked down gives us plenty of time to read and discuss our readings. There’s a great way to join naturism and reading: naturist magazines. You may not know it, but there are dozens of magazine entirely dedicated to naturism. And no, I’m not talking about those magazines in which you will find top models posing naked, or porn magazine with explicit sex pictures. I’m talking about genuine naturism publications that show and talk about naturism, about questions naturists and non naturists ask, about naturist events, clubs and beaches, and overall everything related to naturism.

Naturist magazines have been existing since the 1930’s as per the American Nudist Research Library. Today, there are dozens of publications entirely dedicated to our lifestyle, most being available in digital format. This availability allows us to get them just at the tip of our fingertips. A click and we can read one on our computer, tablet or even smartphone.

Why reading naturist magazines?

The question was asked once by my beloved wife. She thought there was nothing to write about naturism. Naturism is just about being naked, so what’s the point of making a magazine about it. Well, when you stop and think about it, there so much more to naturism than just being naked.

First, nudity is just a means to an end, it’s not the end. Nudity is an integral part of naturism but naturism cannot be limited to nudity. This means there are tons on topic that naturism can relate too: psychology, family, nature, well-being, health, food, etc. That makes enough topic to publish a magazine on a monthly or quarterly rhythm.

Second, the naturist movement has federations, clubs, and resorts. A magazine is a great opportunity to talk about them, promote them and explain the positive economic impact of naturism on local economies. The naturist movement employs thousands of people.

Third, magazines are a great way to reach out to curious people, to new naturists who have questions about the lifestyle. They provide a wonderful way to make people aware about naturism, its various benefits and locations, and to push forward those who are shaping the present and the future of the movement.

In a nutshell, reading naturist magazines allow us to stay aware about our lifestyle, to discover new places and to realize that we are not alone. It’s true that, particularly when you’re new to naturism, you may wonder if you are normal being naked with other people and feeling so well. Naturist magazines help spread the word that communal nudity is not only normal, it’s healthy, natural and enjoyable. So, if you are a naturist, interested in knowing more about naturism and all the related topics, magazines are there to satisfy your cravings.

Furthermore, there are naturist magazines from all over the globe. If you are in France, for instance, like me, reading Au naturel, from the Federation of Canadian Naturists, allows me to know more about naturism in Canada. The same goes with H&E for Great Britain or Gonatural for New Zealand. In these days of lock down, it makes me travel and realize that naturism is alive across the globe.

Where to get naturist magazines?

Some can be found in your local bookstore or at the shop of your naturist club if it has one, but all can be ordered online. It’s the only way when you want to get the digital copy. Personally, as much as I like the digital format, particularly for foreign magazines, I love my paper copies of La vie au Soleil and Naturisme Magazine. I can take them with me at the beach, read them in the garden or close to the fireplace in winter.

The choice is yours, and you may even get the paper and the digital format, so you can leave your paper copies at home while travelling with your digital ones. On the question of where, I believe naturist magazines exist to be shared. Therefore, they not only belong to my library, but also to my coffee table.

Naturisme Magazine on my coffee table for my guests to grab and read

Putting naturist magazines on your coffee table, among other books and magazines, is a way to make a statement and be totally open about your naturist lifestyle. It always spark interesting discussions and has been a great way to introduce the topic of naturism to many friends and family members. Not that all will become naturists, but some have to my great pleasure. Once again, naturism is all about communal nudity!

What naturist magazine to read?

As shared, there are dozens. Here are some suggestions that you may adapt depending where you live and what magazines you have access to.

Start with you naturist federation

Some naturist federations have a magazine they distribute to their members, as an integral part of their benefits. For instance, British Naturism, the American Association for Nude Recreation and the Federation of Canadian Naturists, all have their own magazines for their members.

BN 204 Summer 2015 - Magazine - British Naturism
Going Natural Magazine Summer 2013 - H&E naturist magazine

Those federation magazines are a prime source of information and have a complete list of clubs and events. A great way to stay in close touch with what’s happening in the tiny world of naturism.

Get one local paper edition

Whether your federation has its own magazine or not, nothing prevents you to get a subscription for another magazine. A lot of countries have one or many independent naturist magazines. In the US, an example of such a publication is N, the magazine published by the Naturist Society. Whether you are a member or not, you can get a subscription and have N delivered to your door.

Another wonderful example in Great-Britain is H&E naturist, one of the oldest naturist magazines of the planet. One of the wonderful features of H&E is its European openness. It has correspondents in other parts of Europe who provides their vision of naturism in the place they live in.

If, like me, you live in France, you should subscribe to La Vie au Soleil and Naturisme Magazine.

Finally, if you’re not sure what magazines are available in your region, your point of contact should be your local naturist federation. If you do not know how to contact it, look for its details on the International Naturist Federation website.

Get one or two foreign paper or digital editions

Now, a last point that I would like you to encourage to consider. Although it’s great to be aware of what’s happening in our local world of naturism, it’s an eye opener to discover how naturism is alive in other countries as well. It’s an opportunity to practice a foreign language as well. The following examples show German, Australian and New Zealander magazines.

Image with no description
Past Issues - gonatural

Those magazines exist in digital format so you do not have to pay for expensive international shipping, although it’s still possible. They will allow you to plan your next nakation, for instance. A great way to discover new people while living your preferred lifestyle. Ask Nick & Lins, from Naked Wanderings, who are living the dream: travelling across the planet to visit all that naturism has to offer.

Share and Be Curious

As written before, one of the cool things about naturist magazines is that you can share them with friends and family. They are great ice breakers and offer a wonderful opportunity to discuss naturism with non naturists and naturists alike. It’s true that some people visiting you may not be comfortable with those magazines. For some people, nudity is so taboo, they cannot stand and understand naturism. It’s perfectly normal and should be respected. Not everybody is able to understand and appreciate naturism. This should not stop us to promote and show how naturism is one the best, if not the best, lifestyles available on the planet.

By reading naturist magazines, you will discover other points of view, other people and other cultures. It cultivates curiosity. Be curious and open to others, this is one great gift that life has to offer. It’s completely free and so satisfying. Along my wanderings about naturism, I came to discover 2 incredible sources of information about naturism: the American Nudist Research Library and the Western Nudist Research Library. The ANRL is located on the grounds of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida , while the WRNL is on the grounds of Glen Eden Nudist Resort in California. Both have thousands of books, magazines, audio and video recordings, newsletters and pictures, sorted and indexed to preserve the history of social nudism. So if you happen to visit those resorts, pay a visit to the library.

I do not know any equivalent of those libraries outside of the US, and if anybody knows anything about such libraries, let me know. I’m curious. These libraries show that naturism is not a new fad, is not something that has popped up with the internet. It has existed for years now and is more alive than ever.

If you do not yet have copies of naturist magazines, refer to the links above, and get yours today. It’s never too late to get one and share the love of this awesome lifestyle! Have a great read and share!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash


    • Most of the sites mentioned in the post offer a subscription to the magazine in digital format (H&E for instance). Have a look at those sites by clicking the cover.

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