Now is the time! Spend the whole weekend naked!


It’s almost Friday evening, I have barely worn any clothing the whole week, being locked down at home and I’m getting ready for a weekend. A weekend when clothes won’t again be worn. A weekend that I will spend naked, once again. While that thought came to my mind, I thought about all my readers (and others) who are still sitting on the fence with naturism.

When I started this blog, a long time ago now, I wrote a post about the 12 reasons why I am a nudist. If you’re still hesitating, I encourage you to read this post and do a life experience over the coming weekend, spending it naked! yes, you read it well. I challenge you to spend the weekend entirely naked to experience your own nudity in the confine of your home, so you’ll me ready to experience naturism with others when the lock down is over. Here are 7 steps you can take for this challenge to be a complete success.

  1. Commit to your decision to spend the weekend naked! You don’t risk anything. You’re stuck at home, so just do it! If your neighbors can see you inside from outside, pull the curtains so your privacy is protected.
  2. Read 12 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity. It will give you idea of how to do it and what to expect when you can go out and visit a nude beach or a naturist resort.
  3. On Friday night, after showering, stay naked! And… sleep naked. If you’ve never slept naked before it will feel strange and you may want to set another blanket if you fear to get cold.
  4. On Saturday morning, when you’ve woken up, get up and go take a shower and prepare your breakfast naked! Yes, again, if you’ve never done it before, it may feel awkward, even taboo. It may feel you’re breaking the law. You may get sexually excited, it happens to newbies and even to seasoned naturists after a long clothed period. It’s normal!
  5. Once your breakfast’s over, stay naked! Generally, you may feel the urge to get dressed as your brain will keep telling you what you’re doing is wrong! But no, there’s nothing wrong. What is wrong is the urge to cover your skin when the temperature is adequate to stay naked. There’s nothing wrong with being naked and spending your day naked. Every time you will feel the urge to get dressed, resist and stay naked!
  6. Have your journal or a piece of paper ready to write about your experience. Note down how you feel, the positive and negative feelings. Journaling has proven to be a very effective way to let your ideas get structured and your feelings to be expressed in a positive way. Just keep telling yourself you are not doing anything wrong and that something goes wrong with you. No! Being a naturist is totally normal, natural and healthy.
  7. Once your first day is over, carrying your normal activities, repeat until Monday morning! And if on Monday morning you work from home, think about continuing the experience the whole week if possible!

Of course, you will have some questions. Here are some I could think about answered for you, so you keep cool and stay firm to your commitment:

  • Q: What if I need to go shopping?
  • A: Get dressed as light as possible. No underwear, just a shirt and short or a light dress and sandals. Undress as soon as you come back home.
  • Q: What if I live with other people?
  • A: Propose them to do the experience with you. If they don’t want, obtain their approval for you being naked. If you can’t have a serious conversation about naturism. You can read and share the post, 4 ways to explain to friends and family why you are a nudist. And try just for a day.
  • Q: What if I expect a delivery?
  • A: Have a robe ready by the door to get your delivery and undress as soon as the door’s closed.
  • Q: What if my neighbors see me?
  • A: You may have to draw the curtains to keep your privacy if the law does not allow you to be naked indoors and seen.
  • Q: What if I feel aroused by being naked?
  • A: Sex is a normal activity for human beings. You can have sex over the weekend if you feel aroused. Ensure though, you are making a conscious difference between simple nudity and sex. Read Why we need to distinguish nudity from sexuality and the journal article you will find inside the post.
  • Q: What if I loved spending the weekend naked? What are the next steps in my naturist journey?
  • A: Congratulations! You can continue staying naked the week to come and look into booking your first naturist holiday.

Voilà, I hope this will have inspired you to try and spend your weekend naked, discover a piece of naturism and want to experience more of it. I wish you a great time!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. Loved reading the post, it’s me 100%. I love being naked, it is lovely walking naked, and swimming in the nude. I very rarely wear underwear and I am in shorts and flip flops in the summer months

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