7 Ideas for Matching Holidays and Naturism


This may seem like an obvious match. Naturism and holidays go hand in hand. For some, this is the case, for others, naturism is more than holiday, it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re a naturist during the holidays or throughout the year, here are some holiday ideas to spend completely naked with friends and families.

Holidays are usually a privileged moment, especially in the spring and summer, to practice naturism. Mild temperatures, the relaxed atmosphere, the generous sun are as much an invitation to stripping. So here are 7 simple ways to plan and spend a naturist vacation.

1. Pick a Naturist Place

There are dozens of camp sites, resorts and even naturist villages, identified by your local naturist federation. It there are naturist places on every continent, at the seaside, in the countryside or in the mountains. There are probably even a few kilometers away from you and it can sometimes be a great way to spend a long weekend with your family.

It’s not choices that are lacking and most naturist places are excellent bases to discover the region in which they’re located. The fact is that wherever you want to go, there is probably a naturist place to stay at. Check with the naturist Federation of the country or region you plan to visit.

If you’re in the US for instance, the American Association for Nude Recreation, lists all the naturist clubs. Wherever you’re in the world, go to the International Naturist Federation to find your federation and local clubs.

2. Choose Naturists Beaches

Sometimes they’re friends or family members who don’t wish to reside in a naturist resort. The right compromise is to choose a rental, a campsite or a hotel within walking distance of naturist beaches. You federation site may provide you with information about their locations.

The naturist beach is also a great way to introduce naturism to family members or reluctant friends. Start by identifying those beaches and then find a location or hotel nearby.

If you’re in the US for instance, the American Association for Nude Recreation, lists all the naturist beaches in the US. Wherever you’re in the world, go to the International Naturist Federation to find your federation.

3. Hike Naked

What could be simpler than going hiking and dropping T-shirt and shorts to hike naked! Whether you’re in the countryside, in the mountains, or at the seaside, there will probably be hiking trails nearby. By following the advice of my post on naked hiking, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in the middle of nature taking advantage of the freedom of nudity.

Naked hiking is also a great way to introduce friends and family to naturism. There are a few naked hiking clubs. Don’t hesitate to contact them to see if any naked hikes are organized around your resort. This is a great way not to hike alone and get acquainted with other naturists. If you want to learn more about naked hiking, I can only recommend you the excellent book by Richard Foley on the subject: Naked Hiking.

4. Rent a Naturist-Friendly House

There are hundreds of houses to rent, some without any close house or risk of being caught by passersby. This is an ideal way to live naked from evening to morning and allow new naturists to enjoy shared nudity safely, without being exposed to the eyes of strangers. The site Naturist BnB lists only houses and apartments where naturists are welcome!

5. Take a Naturist Cruise

Whether you know how to sail, it’s possible to rent one with or without a skipper. The boat is the place where nudity is self-imposed. With a skipper, you will have to check that the latter doesn’t see any problem with you being naked. Without skipper, the question doesn’t arise. You will undoubtedly need to dress in ports, but outside, you can be naked all day long.

There are also some exclusive naturist cruises, such as the Big Nude Boat which leaves from Miami at the end of February every year with 2000 naturists aboard. The travel agency Bare Necessities specializes in naturist cruises. There are also many boat owners and naturists who host people on board to make them discover how to sail.

6. Join a Naturist Association

Naturists have talent and in any case ideas. In Joining a naturist association near you, you will have the opportunity to share ideas to enjoy naturism and its benefits all year long. And if you can’t find the right one, you can always create your own association and federate other naturists around you!

To be a member of an association legitimates the practice of naturism and allows putting resources and ideas in common. It’s a simple and economical way to develop the practice of naturism around your home, while developing a spirit of camaraderie with people sharing the values of shared nudity.

7. Living Naked at Home

If you don’t have the chance to go on vacation, why not turn your home into a naturist place? All you need to do is to strip and spend your days naked, in complete freedom. Naturism often starts at home. A great way to keep it going in any season. By living naked and letting people know, you will also encourage other people to fall off the shirt, trousers and skirt.

Here are some ideas for your next naturist vacation. How do you match holidays and naturism? Share your naturist ideas and experiences in the box below. In the meantime, get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Clem Rutter, Rochester, Kent. – I, the copyright holder of this work, CC BY-SA 3.0


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