The NEWT 2018 in video


Pictures are worth thousands of words. Marten van der Zwaard, one of the participants to the Naked European Walking Tour (a.k.a. NEWT) 2018, has made a great job by capturing and editing pics and videos of the 2018 NEWT. Here are four videos that provide a great overview of what the Naked European Walking Tour and naked hiking are all about. A big up to Marten for having captured, edited and captioned those videos.

NEWT 2018 Preview – The trailer!
NEWT 2018 – Part 1
NEWT 2018 – Part 2
NEWT 2018 – Part 3

Here’s the official definition and guideline for the tour: “a NEWT consists of a week of one week of naked hiking in a European mountainous region. The first 15 years were based in Austria. We’ve used static huts, where many facilities are laid on, and mobile tents where each group member is much more self-sufficient, in both cases pooling together for main meals. The routes are in mountainous terrain, but will usually include a selection of shorter and longer routes to accommodate different abilities and to encourage the fairer sex to come along. A mixed group is always to be encouraged. We hike naked as much as possible, being practical taking priority. Most of the time we intend on being naked, along the mountain paths and across the summits too, weather permitting. Clothes are usually worn when walking through villages and/or visiting hostelries and gasthofs. “

If this sounds the kind of naturist activity you would be interested in and you want to learn more about naked hiking, I highly recommend the book Naked Hiking, by Richard Foley, the creator of the tour. We hope to see many of you on the Austrian trails in July for the Naked European Walking Tour 2019.

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