What? When you’re working from home, you are not naked?!


I was reading articles about people working from home and various tips and tricks related to remote work habits. It was a normal day for me, or almost normal, as I’ve been working from home for years now. Not everyday, except these days, when the exception became the norm, but twice or three times a week. And on a work-from-home day, the one thing that goes away are clothes. Work from home means work entirely naked, at the exception of two notable items: a pair of slippers or sandals and a towel or sarong.


Even in winter with a correctly headed room, you can stay naked all day long. However, there’s one tip of my body that keeps getting cold and those are my feet. My house is tiled so the floor can become quickly cold. You may not have this issue. However, I always find comfortable even on carpets to protect my feet from dust with a good pair of slippers. There are many type of slippers and the short selection below may just provide some basic ideas.

However, as I’m traveling from time to time professionally, I often find a pair of spa slippers that are complimentary in the room. I almost every time take them back with me and I use them as home slippers. They don’t last very long, but as they are part of the room fees, it would be a pity not to use them. Furthermore, as I bring them back, the whole family can have their own pair.


The second necessary item is a towel. Of course, you can just use a towel you already have, but over the years, I came up with 2 very comfortable choices: the microfiber towels and the sarong. Both are illustrated in the choice below.

The microfiber towel is, IMHO, more comfortable to sit on than a normal towel, so it’s generally my preferred choice in the cold season. Why in the cold season, because, I can also put it around my shoulders if I feel suddenly cold. It will act as a blanket too. In warmer times, I prefer wrapping myself in a sarong and opening it on my chair, so I can stay naked, while having something to wrap up in case somebody pops up unannounced at the door (despite the fact, that I’m generally opening the door butt naked, having totally forgotten I’m naked).

What else?

Well of course, you need to have a complete work environment, equivalent to one you would have at an office. Working from home is no different. This is generally something people do not appreciate enough. They hear more “home” than “work” and do not create a special place where it feels work. Where you can be quiet, focused and productive.

But if you need to have a video call, you can’t stay naked, can you? Well, it depends, but generally, I have a polo shirt or a dress shirt close to my desk, that I can just wear to look casual smart on video. No pants? No! You don’t need one, except if you need to stand up during the call. But generally, you can cut the video feed and put it back when you are sitting again. You get used to it very quickly. And for some people who knows I’m a naturist, I stay bare-chested. No need to hide under a piece of garment to be smart. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Beyond those considerations, I really cannot consider working from home differently than entirely naked. Not only, it cuts the volume of washing, it’s incredibly comfortable. The additional effect is that working naked does not feel like real work, although it is. I do not know why doing things (even chores) entirely naked make them seem lighter, faster and easier. It brings a level of levity that you cannot have when clothed.

Now, two final words. First, you need to try. If you are not (yet) a naturist, I encourage you to follow my 12 steps to become comfortable with nudity. It will help you getting completely comfortable naked, particularly if your education has taught you nudity was bad. Second, it’s highly addictive. Once you started and get this incredible feeling of levity and comfort, there’s no turning back. To the point, that you may end up in a naturist village so that you don’t have to get clothed even for shopping.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo from PxHere

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