Naturist Lock Down Idea #10 – Have a Naked Drink


If you followed the naturist idea #4, Have a nude coffee chat over a video call, you already have the technical infrastructure to have a call and share a drink with your naturist friends. But a drink may be fairly more of a fun moment. If you love gathering at your local pub or bar, it’s different from having a tea, isn’t it? So, let’s make this drink a fun and naked moment!

Decide the Date and Time

Where and when do you meet your friends for a drink? Well, you all agree on a date, a time and a place. And on the agreed date and time, you all meet at the agreed place. Easy, no? The same thing can happen online. Have a chat or send a mail to a bunch of your friends to set a date and time for your drink, and decide.

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It may not be that easy. It seems people are pretty busy these days. It’s true that if, unfortunately, some people have lost their jobs or are idle at home, many are working from home and have to juggle with kids, chores and work. But if you focus on early evening or even weekends, I’m sure you’ll find a convenient date and time for everybody.

Set the Scene

Right! You have a date and time. What about making the scene of the drink a little bit more looking like a bar or a club? You can play with lighting, have a couple of bottles and glasses lined up, maybe an ice bucket and some music. Your house does not require to be painted or decorated, just a little bit of imagination so it feels like a place to have a cool evening.

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Another way to make the time more festive is to look for new cocktails. Sure a glass of good wine or of an old single malt can do the trick, but what about preparing new cocktails. The site offers great ideas and recipes. And if you can afford some purchase, why not getting some bar items to add to the fun? You can find some ideas below, from martini glasses to ice buckets and a variety of snacks.

Let’s make this time really fun!

Have Fun (and Drink Reasonably)

Your bucket is full of ice, the bottles and the glasses are lined up, the mood is up and the light down? Dial in and let the fun begins. Of course, the cameras of all participants should be turned on and everybody should be naked; otherwise it defeats the purpose, it should be a naked drink!

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You can start by sharing what you are drinking, the reasons you chose this drink and describe the taste of it. The later will probably seem more difficult than the former. It’s easy to have somebody taste with a straw what you’re drinking, it’s harder to describe the taste of it, but it’s fun and can lead to funny jokes and discussion. Once the ice is broken, let the party goes. You can decide on who sets the music on, and you can also play games. The idea is to let people unwind their day and have a good time with each other. But why naked then? There’s not other reason than comfort! Being naked is comfortable and sharing naked time with others is what naturism is all about. When is your next naturist drink?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Kaizen Nguyễn, Lukas Blazek, Nick Fewings, and Andrew Knechel on Unsplash

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