Naturist travel – Where and How to start?


Thinking about going on a nakation (naked vacation) but don’t know where and how to start? This post is for you! Fortunately, naturism is gaining popularity and it happens we are seeing a surge of resorts, campings, hotels and even villages dedicated to naturism, where you can spend your whole holiday, or the rest of your life, in the comfort of your birthday suit, with like-minded people.

Nude and Happy is partnering with Naked Wanderings to help you!

To help you organize your next nakation, my naturist friends Nick & Lins have decided to offer 15 of their famous naturist travel guides to the first 15 naturists who will put their name and email address in the below form. This form will remain active until May 10 (closed now!). We will announce the 15 winners the third week of May and all will receive more information about naturist travel right in their inbox!

You can get a fairly good idea about those guides by clicking on the below links.

Because, let’s put it simply. Your nakation starts the moment you have decided where to go. It may be a little bit difficult to make a decision right now due to the lack of clarity about transportation, but we advise you the following two ideas:

  1. Pick a destination that is close enough to go by road or train, as you choice number one. There are chances ground transportation be available before flights.
  2. Pick an ideal destination that may be possible to reach once the lock down is over. When you have more clarity, you can go ahead for your preferred choice, but still have a fallback position with your first option.

Get Prepared

One of the cool thing with planning holidays is you can think about them, plan them, check what you will be doing, think about what you will be packing, etc. Nick & Lins Naturist Guides provide a ton of information about the various spots to optimize your stay and make new naturist friends.

If you happen to go with a bunch of friends, organize a naked drink (check how to to this here, if you’re not sure) to go over the different options, share opinions and come to a decision. It’s a fun way to start the nakation with some staycation (well, this means that you are already naked at home which I hope you are).

What I really love about planning my nakation is to decide on what NOT to pack. Yes, you read well. I do not plan what to pack, I plan what NOT to pack. For instance, I may make a conscious decision of not taking a sport short to force practicing sports only naked, including hikes and jogs outside the resort. I may also decide not to bring underwear or a swimsuit in case there’s a non nudist beach we would like to visit. In this case, we may decide not to go, or go there very early in the morning to be able to get naked, or just go there and see if we can get naked (that happens that others are naked and we can be naked too, who knows). But deciding what NOT to take and make a list beforehand is fun and adds to the challenge of total nudity to the holidays.

Get your guide(s) and start planning your next nakation, it’s fun and you’ll spend a good amount of time thinking about your nude future! And don’t forget to enter your first name and email in the form above to stand a chance to win one of the free guides offered by Naked Wanderings!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

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