Back to the new normal. Now what?


In a lot of countries, lock down rules are softened and places are starting to reopen. Not all of them, unfortunately, but they will eventually. What will the new normal look like? Will we wear masks at the nude beach like we’ve seen or heard in some countries. Will we just stay 1 or 2 meters away from our friends as recommended by authorities (an example of which is Bare Oaks limited reopening)? During confinement, a lot of people tried staying home nude. Will they continue when the confinement ends?

All those questions are legitimate ones and have the merit to exist and be asked. But what will really happen to seasoned and neo naturists around the world? Well, my feeling is there has never been so good a time to preach about the many benefits of naturism for strengthening our immune system by exposing our bodies to natural light, by lowering our CO2 emission by using less clothing (clothing is a huge greenhouse gas emission industry) and by promoting simple and frugal lives.

Naturism is a healthy lifestyle

I’m not saying that all naturists are healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. Like everybody, naturists come in many shapes and colors, hence, some are healthier than others. However, being naked in social settings carries many psychological, physical and social health benefits. Here’s a list of some articles that have been written about health benefits of naturism, by general press and naturist one:

Now, if you had all those direct health benefits and the ones that you can derive from having a healthy lifestyle by looking at what you eat, how much you exercise and other behaviors, you increase your chance of having an ill-free life.

Naturism is an eco-friendly lifestyle

10 years or so ago, The New York Times, ask the question How Green Is a Nudist Vacation. Also, they did not provide a definitive answer, they gave ideas about why naturism is an eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • More nudity means less clothing. Last year, CBS stated that the Fashion industry’s carbon impact bigger than airline industry’s. Less clothing simply means less carbon.
  • Less clothing means less laundry and less detergent. The site brings interesting facts about detergent usage, pollution and hazards to our health and our environment: Chemical Water Pollution Caused by Every Day Detergents. By wearing less, you wash less, and by choosing eco-friendly detergent, you just limit your negative footprint.
  • Less laundry also means less water usage. And we know water is probably the next oil for many countries.
  • It’s interesting to note that a lot of naturists discover the health benefits of organic food as well in naturist environment, another benefit to the planet as no or less chemicals are used to grow organic food.

Whether you’re a seasoned or a neo naturist, I encourage you to have a look at your personal carbon footprint and find additional ways to improve it, having in mind that being a naturist is already moving in the right direction.

Naturism is a normal lifestyle

For many non-naturist, being naked is a private matter, only to be entertained behind close doors. With the Covid-19 catastrophe, a lot of people discovered naturism by staying naked at home. Some found it pleasurable and comfortable.

Being naked is entirely normal and the shame of the naked body is taught.

Some will try to be naked in a naturist setting and may decide to become naturists, and this is great news. Time will tell if the number of naturists increase. Now, if you are in that group of people, I encourage you to get close to your naturist federation and become a member! If you do not know your naturist federation website address, go to the International Naturist Federation list of naturist federations.

Being a member of your naturist federation carries many benefits, and the most important one is to be able to be recognized as a member of a legal organization! Yes, naturist federations exist within a legal framework and help normalizing naturism. The more members a federation has, the stronger it is to defend its rights and its members’ rights, the first being to be naked! It also helps policing naturism to avoid predators and sex amalgamation.

So, what the new normal will be after the covid-19 catastrophe? Well, we may be forced to wear masks in public places, like beaches and shops. We may be forced to practice some form of social distancing. We may be more cautious about cleaning and disinfecting goods and places. But overall, we may continue abandoning our clothes inside our wardrobe and staying naked whenever and wherever we can. On top of other things, we need to continue promoting naturism as a complete normal, natural, comfortable abd eco-friendly lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong being, staying and living naked, time to tell it loud and clear around ourselves! Lead by example!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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