Naturist Lock Down Idea #1 – Setup a Naked Daily Routine


Whether you realize it or not, when you have a normal working day, you generally have a sort of a routine. Now, that you are confined within the walls of your home, this routine has changed dramatically sometimes. If you were used to work from home from time to time and it has now become your new normal, time to adapt and look for anchors in your day. Time to set up a new routine and what I propose is to set up a naked daily routine.

Benefits of Having a Routine

Northwest Medicine tells us that having a daily routine helps in the following manner:

  • Better stress levels. A routine helps me not to think about activities, and to decrease my mental load. Once an activity is on my routine, I do not think about it, I just execute it full stop. It also helps me to start my day with a high level of energy and a positive mindset.
  • Better sleep. The author of the incredible book, Why we sleep, explains that we need to go to sleep at the same time every day and to put ourselves in the right mindset to go to sleep. Having a sleet routine (see below) can greatly help. Sleeping well is the key to great days and great health!
  • Better health. With a routine, you plan your workout and your breakfast, making conscious choices of what is good your mental and physical health.
  • Good example. Defining and sticking to a routine increases your self-esteem and shows others, starting with your family members, the way to go in a healthy way.

Nudity will add the following benefits, as per MDs interviewed for

  • Healthier skin. As the Dr. Michael Fiorillo says in the Today article, “[being naked] helps the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall blood circulation.” Working out and sweating while naked is actually far more comfortable than when wearing clothes. In the same article, Dr. Lance Brown, a dermatologist in New York City, adds that “wearing restrictive clothing can cause excessive sweating which may lead to inflammation of the skin follicles, rashes and breakouts. Going bare gives your skin a chance to breathe.” Still not convinced?
  • Better sleep. I’ve been sleeping naked for ages now and I can say that nothing beats being naked in a bed for sleep. Not even the finest of the finest pajamas. The best pajama is no pajama !
  • Better body sensations. Have you ever felt the air on your skin, I mean on every inch of your skin? It’s such a great feeling. By being naked, you will rediscover your body. “Spending time in the nude is a great way to get in touch with your body,” Dr. Jenn Mann, relationship expert and creator of the “No More Diets” app, int Today’s article.
  • Body acceptance. Body shame has become a real epidemic increased by social networks like Instagram. By being naked, particularly with others, you will get in love with your body and accept its flaws. Nobody’s perfect or has a perfect body. Being naked helps you greatly being in peace with your own body and actually loving your flaws.

A Routine Example

Working by example, I am sharing my naked daily routine. It works for me, you may adapt it for you, depending on where you live, who shares your space and the time you have. However, this will give you an idea.

  • Early wake up. I generally wake at 5 AM on weekdays and 6:30 on weekends. Though I adapt my wake-up time to get, at least, full 5 sleep cycles (each cycle is around 90 minutes). If I cannot get 5 cycles, and for instance only 4, then I plan a nap in the afternoon.
  • Water and coffee. My first set of actions after waking up is to go a drink a glass of lukewarm water, either with some squeezed lemon or boiled ginger. Then, it’s coffee time. I have prepared the coffee machine (filter coffee) the evening before so I switched it on and let it percolate, bathing the kitchen with a wonderful smell. Time to switch the computer.
  • Writing and reading. In the quietness of the early morning, I write and read. I generally have a couple of articles I put aside on various topics, then I write on this blog or other stories. It’s time for me and nourishing my soul.
  • Breakfast. I am the one who prepares the breakfast for everybody in the household, so that when everybody wakes up, their breakfast is ready for them!
  • Workout. Generally, everybody dashes out from home after breakfast, either for work or school. I can work out for an hour, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the time I have ahead. It’s rarely not less than thirty minutes, but it happens that I need to skip this if I have a meeting that I need to attend to.
  • Meditation. While still sweating, I lay down and meditate for ten to thirty minutes. I love this moment, when I’m focused on my breathing, then on my daily visualizations. I end this period so pumped up that I know my day ahead will be great whatever happens.
  • Shower. Time to care about my body. A good shave, a shower, some lotion, perfume and I am completely ready for a full working day. This is also the moment, I need to get dressed if I have to go out. Otherwise, I stay naked for as long as I can.

In the evening, the evening routine, prepares for a good night sleep.

  • Winding down time with family to reflect on daily activities and gratitude. I love ending the day by sharing my learning with my wife and kids, and reflecting what and who I am grateful about. When we started this practice, it was a little bit awkward. Then we found value and pleasure in exchanging our days and gratitude. It’s a time I now look forward to doing.
  • Journaling and planning next day. I take fifteen minutes every night to journal my day. Not everything, but the achievement I’m proud about, the people I’m grateful for and the actions I need to improve. Then comes planning day to ensure I’m aligned with my goals and am making progress every day.
  • Shower. After a good day, a relaxing shower is a must. Time to get some wonderful fragrance for sexual arousal too.
  • Sex. Yes, naturists have sex. I love sex and so does my wife. Sometimes, it’s a quickie, sometimes it lasts, sometimes it’s soft, sometimes it’s a little bit more hectic, but it’s always a wonderful time to feel each other’s body and soul.
  • Reading. Since planning the next day, all my electronic toys are switched off or in sleep mode in my home office. It’s not time to read a good book. Reading not only relaxes the brain, it prepares it to sleep. My eyes generally start to close by themselves after a few minutes. The signal my body is ready to fall asleep.
  • Sleeping. It generally takes me less than 30 seconds to fall sound asleep. Nudity contributes to a good night sleep as emphasized by many medical advice.

Working Days and Weekend Days

A question that I’m often asked is whether you should keep your routine on weekends. My answer is a resounding yes. Routine works better when it becomes part of all your days. There’s no difference in days for your brain or your body. However, here are slight differences/adaptation to my routine.

Wake-up. If I went to bed a little bit later the previous day, I may delay my wake-up time. As shared previously, my guiding principle here is to have at least 5 sleep cycles (7.5 hours of sleep) and, better, 6 (9 hours of sleep) on week-ends.

Sex. Because of waking up a little bit later, we may have a soft sex session in the morning before getting up.

Workout. I generally make a break either on Saturday or Sunday to allow my body to recover from the week, and make the next workout twice longer.

The rest stays the same, particularly the nudity. It’s no-compromise. All my routine activities are done entirely naked, from sleep to breakfast, from working out to journaling. These days, because of lock down, most of my days are spent entirely naked too. The only exception is video calls with colleagues or customer, where I keep a polo shirt handy, next to my desk, so I can speak with style. However, for audio calls, nudity is a primer.

One last thing, I wanted to mention is the routine I am sharing here is the result of years of trials and errors, adaptation, and changes. My work days have changed, because of the lack of commute time. But overall, my routine has not really changed> it just got adapted to the fact that I have now to share the space with other family members for my workout. But I still perform it entirely naked.

Keeping Yourself Honest

Some day, I cannot keep up with the routine. I may have had a bad day and need to unwind more. Some day, I come up late and skip sex as I am really tired. Other days, I’m stuck with writer’s block and can find the words for my journal. It all happens. Should you forget your routine? Hell no, you just need to be honest that shit happens and you cannot perform at 100$ every single day.

We all are human beings and are doing our best. Skipping an activity or performing under par is part of being human. However, you need to get back on track, reflect on what derailed you and accept this temporary failure. I am not a psychologist, but intense work on myself, the acceptance of my flaws, failures and successes have all taught me the power of the routine. Some call it the miracle morning, others the 5 AM club, you may see who I am talking about. In all cases, having a routine is powerful. Having a naked routine is liberating.

Voilà ! I hope you will find ideas to adapt your daily routine, that you will make nudity an integral part of it and I look forward to reading your comments on how your routine goes and, particularly, how you plan to continue it when the lock down is over.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love.

Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash

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